There is a loud thumping noise; everything seems mumbled under the thumping. What the hell is that? It takes but a moment for me to realize that it is the sound of my own heart beating and the blood rushing through me. I am frozen to the spot where I stand; I must have been hearing things. He did not just say that Paul says hello. No, I must be hearing things. I haven't heard that name uttered in years, it was on a very short list of things that were never to be mentioned in the Grey household, yet here I am racking my brain trying to figure out why the fuck Michaels has said his name.

Paul and I there was nothing really to say, he would ask me out and I would shoot him down, and he would admit defeat, well until next time he asked. But that was all before Christian, or I had hoped. I allow my mind to wander back to the last time I saw him in hopes of finding out what this may be about.

Christian, Teddy and myself are in the family room, Ted and Christian are on the floor playing with his train set. If it has an engine or is a dinosaur Teddy is all about it. I can't help but sit back and watch my boys play. I see the smile plastered on Christians face and fall even deeper in love with him. He is such an amazing father.

The ping of my Blackberry letting me know that I have a new email makes me regretfully pull my attention for my boys. I scoff when I read it, 'Seriously?' I mutter under my breath but not low enough where Mr. All Ears can't hear it.

"What is it" Christian asks as he pushes the toy train along the hardwood floor uncaring it may mark it up.

"Paul Clayton is in town and would like to catch up with me."

"No." Christian says without a hesitation never looking my direction.

"I haven't seen him in years, he was a dear friend of mine and I would like to at least see how he is doing." I say as I type up the email to Paul, I may let Christian dictate many things I do, but saying who and who I may not hang out with is not one of them.

"Ana, I am not letting you go see a man that wants in your pants. End of discussion."

"Too late Christian already told him yes. And before you dare raise your tone I will kindly remind you of your encounters with people I didn't want you to go talk to."

The scowl on that man's face could scare anyone, I half expect world war three to break out, "Fine but you're taking Sawyer." I win.

I told Paul that he and I could meet up at Bacca Café near Pikes Place Market for lunch. Sawyer is seated off in the corner. Most guards would try and make it seem less, what is the word I am looking for…. Creepy, when keeping an eye out for danger, but Sawyer makes it known that Paul is being watched like a hawk. It almost makes me laugh, if it isn't my overprotective husband, it is my overprotective body guard.

It is close to noon but the café is pretty dead, I would have thought more people would have been here, oh well. Paul and I talk like long lost friends, because seemingly that is what we are. We are enjoying our meal and laughing over things Mr. Clayton had implemented at the hardware store trying to bring it to the new age as he put it.

Paul reaches out and covers my hand with his, I go to pull it away but he just tightens his grasp ever so gently.

"HAND CHECK!" Sawyer calls out and Paul releases my hand, I pull it away quickly and rest it in my lap.

"Paul, we are friends, nothing more."

"I have seen you and that guy you're married to in the papers, you don't look happy Ana, you look like you are sick to death of being his arm candy, letting him flaunt you around like a sick twisted Barbie doll."

"First off, if you ever, and I mean ever, speak that way of my husband again I will personally kick your ass Paul. Secondly, I am over the moon happy, if you truly cared about me, then you would care about my happiness and would be able to see that I am happy." I motion for the waiter and slip him my card; I want nothing more to get home to my family.

"I am sorry Ana I didn't mean to upset you." I sign the slip as I stand to leave, Paul follows suit and Sawyer not that far behind us.

"Paul, listen, I know you didn't, but you can't go saying shit about my family like that. You are a wonderful man, and you're going to make a girl very happy one day and you will find the one you love."

He sighs and nods his head agreeing with me Oh thank God, I finally got through to him. I see Sawyer pulling up along the curb waiting and get out holding the door open for me.

"Hug" He asks holding his arms open. I walk into his embrace and return his hug. I back away as he rests his hands on my shoulders looking into my eyes.

"I already found the woman I love but she doesn't love me. You never even gave me a chance." Before I can respond his lips find mine, I shove him off quickly allowing my right hand to connect to his right eye.

"Don't you EVER contact me again Paul." I say as I storm off grabbing Sawyers arm as he was rushing towards Paul, I don't need him getting arrested for beating the shit out of him. I am just reaching the backseat as Paul shouts out to me.

"One day Ana, One day you will realize the mistake you made. We will end up together." The door closes and Sawyer hops in the front seat and we pull away.

"Mrs. Grey? Are you alright ma'am?" My eyes meet his in the rearview mirror and I realize I am shaking, he might think fear, but I know it is rage. How fucking dare he?

"Yes, yes I am. Can we not tell Christian? Please? I don't need his I told you so and I know I will never be allowed near the male species again, ever."

"Of course Mrs. Grey."

We get home and I hear Christian in his study, he clearly is pissed off to whomever it is he is on the phone with, I peek my head around the door and catch his eyes, his stern face immediately softens as I walk in and sit on his lap. I kiss his throat and nuzzle down into his embrace. Without saying goodbye he hangs up and looks at me.

"Everything okay baby?"

"Yup, just missed my husband, I love you Christian Grey."

Is he seriously attempting to make good on his half assed attempt at a threat from all those months ago?

I turn to meet Michaels gaze, the skin around his eye has already begun to bruise and the blood on his chin from his busted lip drying. Cracking under the strain of his fucking smirk. How I would love nothing more than to slap it off his fat face, but I know if I touch him I will likely strangle the fucker.

"What do you mean 'Paul says hello'?" I ask walking back towards him, I tower over him, glaring down my nose at him.

"Are you retarded or just stupid? I said Paul says hello. You do understand what hello means? Correct?"

"Whatever I will find out my damn self." I turn on my heels and start out of the billiards room, I hear Michaels yell out FUCK! Before Christian is once again at my side, I grab his hand and can't help but smile. I know he did something to get Michaels to call out in pain. My white and dark knight in faded jeans armor, actually that does sound kind of hot.

"Ana." He stops me in my tracks and pulls me into the tightest embrace that he has in a long while. "We still need to get Teddy and go, I don't like that there has been a breach in my security team and we don't know what the fucker Paul is up to. I have Charlie Tango all ready to take you, Teddy and myself as well as Sawyer to a hotel for a day or so until we can get everything changed out here."

"Sounds like a plan." I smile brightly up to him and he gives me a quick peck on the lips that starts to deepen. He breaks away and the lust in his eyes has once again returned. Nothing like drama to get this man going I think to myself.

I think we are going to head upstairs but instead he starts to pull me through the house, I see Gail standing in hallway and give her a smile which she returns, guess she knows what Christian has in mind.

"Mrs. Taylor, I need you to pack a bag for Teddy for a few days and have him ready to go in an hour." Christian all but barks as he never slows as he pulls me through the hall and out the backdoor.

We keep walking before he scoops me into his arms, his pace is determined and fast, he wants to make up for being interrupted from before, I see the helipad all lit up and Charlie Tango sitting proudly atop it. I look over at Christian and see the smirk on his face.


"Ready for another first Mrs. Grey?"

He want to christen Charlie Tango, I can't help but giggle.

"I love that sound."

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