Brand new! The next installment of my MvA series. I'm trying to make it as adventurous and exciting as possible. If it doesn't live up to your expectations: please don't sue me.

Contributions from gaq and Claws McDonald. Their ideas will be shown later on in the story.

Monsters Vs Aliens Vs the World

ONE: Heads Up!

18 years ago…

He fell to the floor, his only chance of escape now gone. He coughed as the smoke entered into his lungs, he tried to rise above it but the smoke was all around. The growing flames were the only sources of light he had. He was surrounded, trapped in the one room, all exits cut off.

Another explosion sent flames his way, they licked his skin and he fell to the floor again, screaming in pain. His skin was burning as the flames spread. He tried desperately to swat the flames away till finally they were out.

Now one side of his body was crying out in unbelievable agony, it felt as if the flames were still there.

With every ounce of effort he had left in his body he picked himself back up. Debris from the ceiling began to come down around him, beams and electric cables were visible through the smoke, blue sparks mingling with red flame.

How could this have happened to him? He once had everything he desired; now it had all been reduced to a blazing ruin. His bloodied and burnt fist clenched tightly, even more blood now pouring onto the floor. He looked up to the burning sky above and screamed.


With that the room erupted in a fireball and he was gone. Presumed incinerated.

Mt Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

12:07pm, Present Day…

Screams and the thunder of feet filled the air as tourists tried to flee. What should have been a nice day for tourism had turned into a day of terror. An ETV (Extra Terrestrial Virus) had made another giant creature, this time made out of rock. It was stamping the ground with its giant feet, shaking the ground and making people jump in the air and land on their backs.

As they got up they immediately dived for the floor again as a fifty foot woman soared over them and crashed into the trees. Suzie sat up, dazed and covered in leaves. She grunted as she tried to get the twigs out of her hair. Then everything around her went dark, she looked to the sky and a second later her sister came crashing down on top of her.

The twins laid in a heap surrounded by broken trees.

"Nrrr…Sis, Gettof!" yelled Suzie.

Holly just mumbled and rolled off her. She touched her forehead which was spinning much like her sisters was.

"Uh, Suzie…how did we get into this mess?" Holly groaned.

"Well I wanted to go the mall but nooo, you wanted to work overtime and help out with this!" Suzie said crossly.

"Hey, it's not that bad!" Holly told her.


"And you're gonna get a lot worse if you don't MOVE!" came Cobra's voice.

The twins shifted and moments later a giant foot made out of rock came down on where they had been laying. The ETV loomed over them, bellowing loudly as bits of stone flew out of its mouth. Cobra was clinging onto the aliens head, trying to stab it in the eyes but its sockets were empty. So he tried to stab the area around it with his spikes.

Gryphon arrived at the scene after helping evacuate the tourists. Spitfire was right behind him, his mouth crackling with fire.

The ETV shook Cobra off and he landed next to his team. Spitfire swooped in and unloaded a firestorm at the rocky golem. It punched its way out of the flames and pounded the ground, narrowly missing the monsters as they jumped out of the way.

"Fire isn't going to do it!" said Holly, "None of Spit's attacks are!"

"We must smite this fiend before it causes more damage." Said Gryphon.

The alien swung again, this time hurling boulders at them. As they dodged, Cobra heard a child's scream; several feet away a little boy had gotten separated from his parents and was hiding under a bench. The flying rocks were going to crush him.

The reptile dived towards the kid and shielded him from the falling rocks, "It's okay. I got ya." He said.

He felt rocks hit him in the back, some sharp, some blunt. Some hitting harder than others. He looked up, thinking it was over and then saw a boulder the size of a car heading straight for them. He held the boy close and closed his eyes.

A thunderous boom sounded and dust surrounded them. They coughed as Cobra let the boy go, had the boulder missed?

He looked up and saw Susannah. She had thrown herself on top of them so the boulder hit her instead. She didn't look pleased as she hissed in pain.

"You're so paying for my outfit after this!" she said to him.

"Just take this kid to the others before he's flattened!" he told the giantess.

Suzie picked the boy up and headed for the evacuation point.

"Oh, and Suzie…" he called. She stopped and looked around at him. "…thanks."

Suzie gave a brief smile and carried on with the boy.

The remaining monsters regrouped whilst the ETV got itself lost in the dust it had disturbed.

"If we can topple it over then we might have a chance," said Cobra, "Spit, up for it?"

Spitfire shot a devilish grin and charged the alien with his horns. He slammed into it and the ETV staggered sideways but found its footing again. Holly then charged into the alien and it hopped sideways even more. Its arm crashed into the Rushmore Monument, breaking it.

"Aw hell," said Cobra, "That's coming right out of our wages that is!"

Gryphon quickly grabbed him and took off as Holly came crashing down. The ETV having thrown her off. It then grabbed Spitfire and threw the dragon into the cracked mountain.

The ETV thrust his hand down on Holly and attempted to press her into the ground, she pushed back with all her might but this alien was stronger than others she'd fought.

Gryphon and Cobra dropped on its head to try and make it let Holly go but it was having none of it.

Spitfire staggered out of the rubble and saw a large chunk of the mountain next to him. He had an idea.

Suzie came back and saw her sister was being squished; she charged forward and thrust her fist into the alien's rocky arm, then withdrew it and began shaking her hand as the throbbing started.

Gryphon dug his talons into the aliens head but only made minor scratches as Cobra kept punching the rocky surface with his spikes, "Like punching a brick wall!" he said in frustration.

"We cannot give up, comrade. We must prevail over this stony fiend." Said Gryphon.

"I know that! But we can hardly make a scratch on this thing! And those two down there are getting their backsides handed to them!"

"We need something harder than stone to vanquish this enemy. What can we…has it gotten darker all of a sudden?"

Cobra looked up and saw a giant head coming down on top of them; he pushed the hippogriff off as the giant head landed on top of the alien. The impact made the ETV crumble into a thousand pieces; all that was left was the arm that still had a grip on Holly, who could now break it off her.

Suzie helped her up as Cobra and Gryphon re-joined them, they looked closer and saw what it was that had landed on top of the alien and then they looked up to see Spitfire hovering above with a satisfied look on his face.

"Spitfire," called Holly, "You just dropped Abraham Lincoln's head on the alien!"

Spitfire roared.

"He says you're welcome." Said Spitfire.

Gryphon walked up to the mound of rubble and tapped it with his talon, "It appears to be dead. The day is ours once again, my friends."

Suzie shrank down and looked at her outfit; her red leather catsuit was covered in dust, dirt and leaves. "Hooray." She said sarcastically.

Holly reached into the rubble and removed the meteorite that had given the rock golem life; it was still glowing red and felt warm. "It's still active. We'd better get it back to General Buster."

"Oh relax," said Cobra, walking up to the rubble, "That thing ain't coming back. Once again we came, we saw, we kicked its extra-terrestrial-"


President Lincoln's nose landed on the reptile. Knocking him unconscious.


Cobra opened his eyes, his vision refocused and he saw he was lying down, looking up at the ceiling where lights shone dimly. He sat up and found he was in a bed with a monitor attached to it. Was he in hospital?

He looked around, no one else was around.

"Hello? Who spoke just now?" he called.

Why I did, dear boy.

He looked at what must've been the monitor machine; the voice had come from there.

"Er, monitor? Why are you talking?" he asked.

Come now, lad. Don't you recognise me?

The voice was indeed familiar, and then he realised who it was that was talking, "Dr Sprocket?"

Good to see you're finally up and about. You've been in a coma for some time.

"How long have I been out?"

Two months.

If he had been drinking he'd have spat it all out at this point.


It's what you get for being flattened by Lincoln's nose.

"Hold on a second, you live in a super-computer now. Why are you in this monitor machine?"

Before I answer that question you must hold your watch up to the screen.


Just do it.

Cobra held his digital watch up to the monitor screen and there was a brief spark. Cobra withdrew his hand quickly, thinking he was going to get an electric shock.

"What the hell?"

Aah, transfer complete. Came Dr Sprocket's voice from his watch now.

"Why are you transferring yourself from one technical gismo to another? What's going on? Where am I? Where is everyone?" he demanded.

So impatient. Just like your father. Make your way out of this room and you'll soon know everything.

Cobra walked out the room and was now in a corridor, he walked along it and passed more rooms all filled with people (humans) in beds, all appeared to be sleeping.

"What are they doing? Taking a nap?" he asked.

They are all in a comatose state. Like you yourself was. Every coma patient on the planet is here.

"Where is here?"

Walk up to the window and see.

Cobra reached the end of the corridor where there was a large room with windows, it seemed to be night time outside as he got closer. But when he came right up to the window, the view made him choke in surprise.

"We're in space?"

A month and a half ago all comatose patients, including yourself, were moved to this newly built space station. They were all classified as potential 'threats'.

Cobra was more confused than ever. And he'd watched the Matrix Trilogy.

"How can being in a coma be a threat to the planet?" he asked Dr Sprocket.

Because the world has come under new management since you've been gone. There's a new government, a new President and new global laws. Everyone on the planet is now under the influence of the new World Leader, even our fellow monsters.

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