Introducing the characters by gaq and Claws McDonald.

FOUR: Family Quarrel

Eclipse charged at Cobra, then she jumped onto a wall and began bouncing off the buildings. Cobra knew what this was, she was trying to throw him off, make him lose focus. But he wasn't going to fall for it. He was going to…


He found himself face down in the dirt. Eclipse had taken him from the side and ploughed him into the ground. He quickly recovered, narrowly missing one of her blades that slammed into where he had just been lying.

"You need to be punished, son. You must learn to love the master!" she said.

"Shut! Up!" he yelled.

Using his anger he managed to jump kick her. She back flipped till she was ten feet away and then engaged again, swinging her swords at him like a whirlwind of steel. He used his claws to block them and fend them off, but her metal was tougher than his bone and soon he had to retract the claws.

He fired a spike at her but she dodged it with ease.

"Very sloppy." She said.

"In fairness it was dad that taught me that." He said.

Eclipse suddenly dashed and then punched him in the stomach. He collapsed to his knees, winded. He could feel one of the Solar Blades on his shoulder.

"You have made your choice, and that is to be executed for treason!" she said.


Cobra quickly thrust one of his spikes into her shoulder, it killed him to do this to his own mother but she was going to kill him if he hadn't. She stepped back and pulled the spike out, its tip was covered in blood.

"So you did learn a thing or two." She said.

"You'll learn I'm full of surprises!" he said, and the two continued their duel.

Meanwhile Dr Sprocket was next to Sentinel, watching the nanobots rebuild the jet, "Be sure to disable the tracker, we can't have anyone know where we are or where we're heading," he said.

"Yes, Doctor." The machine replied.

Dr Sprocket looked back to see Cobra smack into a brick wall, then dodge Eclipse' fist as she hit the wall, making it crumble.

"He can't keep this up much longer! Eclipse is far more experienced than him, she'll wipe the floor with him any second!" he fretted.

"Reconstruction is complete." Said Sentinel.

The dark green jet looked like new, its engines ready to be started and the doors open.

"Excellent! I'll get the old crate started up! You help Cobra but remember, don't harm Eclipse, they're still our friends!" he told him.

"Yes, Doctor, minimum necessary force."

Dr Sprocket ran inside the plane whilst Sentinel turned his attention to the fight going on.

Cobra was on the floor again, he had received a cut to the arm and was exhausted. His mom stood over him, hands gripped tightly on her Solar Blade, ready to deliver the final blow.

"Any last words?"

"I'm not going to beg for my life! You taught me that!" he said to her.

Eclipse raised her sword, ready to bring it down.


A large yellow beam struck the alien princess and she was sent hurtling to the other side of Chernobyl.

Cobra blinked for a moment then looked to see Sentinel standing a few feet away, an energy cannon on his right arm, smoking.


"It is okay, it was a stun gun, she will recover."

"THAT'S a stun gun?" he exclaimed.

"Minimum necessary force." Said Sentinel, helping him up, "I thought it best seeing as she was your mother."

"Yeah, well, thanks." He said, rubbing his arm.

"You are injured." The robot noticed.

"It's nothing, just a scratch."

"Ah, a play on Monty Python!"


"Coral insisted that I watch films to understand human behaviour better. Said it would advance my programming."

"Let's…let's just get on the ruddy plane before my mom comes back to kill us all!" he said.

The two boarded the plane as Dr Sprocket started up the engines and engaged the cloaking device, making them invisible to all sensors on the planet. The jet rose up into the sky and flew off at great speed.

Cobra and Sentinel joined the mad robot scientist in the cockpit, "So where to now?"

"We find the next member of our team, Polly."

"You know where she is?"

"My scanners were vague but I narrowed it down to an isolated part of Japan."

"I believe my scanners may be able to assist you, Doctor." Said Sentinel.

"Very good, dear boy. Come join me." Said Sprocket.

Cobra left the two to their scanners and sat alone in the cargo hold. The sooner they found someone more organic the better.

Back in Washington, the President had just been told by a messenger that Eclipse had been beaten and the fugitives had escaped. Derek needed to come in with a dustpan to scoop up what was left of the messenger afterwards.

"Dietl, any sign of them?" he asked.

"Er, no sir, like with the shuttle they have found a way of eluding all our scanners. But Eclipse did report that Cobra was not alone, Dr Sprocket and Sentinel were with him, I'm sure the messenger told you that before you…"

"Directly after he told me." He said, "So, now there are three monsters that aren't susceptible to my mind-control, and that tin-can Dr Sprocket has survived and gained a new body? This displeases me, Dietl."

"Wait, Sir! Mythos Zero and Mr Maverick have arrived per your orders!" said Derek.

"Then send them in and don't come back till you have some good news to report!" he said.

Derek quickly left and a moment later two new figures arrived, one was an android with a black material for skin with light blue lines, almost like veins. He had a mixture of red and blue armour and long white hair.

The second was a guy that stood about 5' 7", aged about 21. He had scruffy brown air and green eyes. He looked rough as if he had only just woken up.

"Ah, gentlemen, be seated," said the President.

"I'd rather stand." Said Mythos, his voice cold and emotionless. His expression didn't change either.

"Why have you brought us here?" asked Maverick.

"Because, Alexander, I believe there may be to cure your 'condition'." He said.

Alexander's green eyes seemed to brighten for a moment. He was now wide awake as he stood right on the edge of the President's desk.

"Really? They've found a cure?"

"I have all the scientists in the world at my disposal; they are well on their way to finding one. This is why I kept you free from my mind-control, you were so eager to be free of this curse that you would do anything to get it. Now is the time."

"What do I have to do? I'll do anything you ask!"

"What about you, Mythos? Are you in?"

Mythos just looked at him, a hint of mistrust in his eyes, "What do you have in mind?"

"Simple, I will cure Alex and send you back to your home reality if you will have a few things 'taken care of'. And by things I mean monsters."

"Monsters? Surely you have all of them under your thumb now?" asked Alex.

"All but three. We are unable to track them but I'm sure if you want what you want so badly then it will be no problem for you?"

"It will be done." Said Mythos, he turned and left the room.

"You want us to kill monsters?" asked Alex.

"You will be doing this country a great service, Alexander. And I'm sure you'll do anything to have a normal life again?"

With that Alex ran after Mythos to join him in the hunt for the monsters. The President slumped back in his chair, relief flowing through him.

"Ah, that alien reject may have failed to kill you monsters. But trust me; your time is almost up. I will have your heads up on my walls!"

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