FIVE: Androids and Monsters

Several hours of mind-numbing boredom had gone by and Cobra had spent the entire time in the cargo hold alone. At times he was anxious at the thought of the military or their fellow monsters finding them in their plane and shooting them down.

But nothing had happened; Sentinel's cloaking device was working a treat.

It was early the next morning when the jet finally touched down. The front lowered down and a weary Cobra stepped out, covering his mouth as he let out a sleepy yawn. He looked around and all he could see was mountains and vast nothingness.

"Doc, where are we?" he asked as the robots joined him.

"The scanners narrowed down the location of Polly to this isolated area of Japan." Said Dr Sprocket.

"Well I don't see her!" said Cobra.

"Like myself she is also capable of disguising herself into anything giving her molecular-"

"I'm well aware of what she can do, thank you." He grunted. "But that doesn't help us find her!"

Dr Sprocket checked a tiny monitor in his arm which displayed a sonar scan.

"I detect mutant bicarbonates over in that direction!" he said. "Sentinel, mind giving us a ride?"

"Not at all, Doctor." Said Sentinel.

"Whoa! Wait, I just got my feet on solid ground I don't feel like-nyaaaaaaa!"

Sentinel picked up his fellow monsters and took off using the jets built into his back.

They landed a few minutes later next to a run down and abandoned building next to a river. It was in ruins, a wall had collapsed with brick and timber lying all around.

"She's close," said Dr Sprocket.

They entered the building, their feet crunching on the rotten wood. They couldn't see their friend but they had the feeling they were being watched.

"Polly, come out! It's okay, we're not under mind-control like everyone else!" called Sprocket.

All of a sudden they jumped as Cobra yelped. A pair of hands had emerged from the wall behind him and grabbed him. He leaped away from the wall, claws drawn.

Then the arms retreated and the entire wall started morphing and moving as if it was melting. It shrunk down and turned into the shape of a woman. Then the stone texture changed and before them was an eighteen year old girl with short blonde hair, wearing a green t-shirt and baggy pants.

"Ha ha! The look on your face!" she laughed.

"Yes," grunted Cobra, "Very funny, Polly."

"Ah, it is good to see you again, my dear. Seems like only yesterday you were in a petri dish." Said Dr Sprocket.

"Doctor, you can walk again? Hallelujah! It's a miracle!" Polly called to the skies.

"I see that weeks of isolation have not dampened your spirit, Polly." Said Sentinel.

"Wow, Sentinel, you're alive too! This day just gets better and better! I've been acting as a wall for ages, I was starting to get a little stiff!" she said.

"Tragic, I'm sure. Now can we please get back to the jet before we get found and blown up?" asked Cobra.

"Hold on, dear boy." Said Dr Sprocket, "Polly, were you able to get any intel on the current situation?"

"Yes, this building is falling down." She said in a serious voice.

"You are aware you're talking to the daughter of B.O.B?" asked Cobra.

"Not until now." Said Dr Sprocket, "But seeing as we're now all together we need to formulate a plan to win Earth back from the Presidents control."

"Polly, do you know the identity of this World Ruler?" asked Sentinel.

"Nuh-Uh." She said.

"Well that makes four of us," sighed Cobra, "I bet even those under his influence don't know what he looks like."

"What about the locals here, Polly? What are the Japanese doing?" asked Dr Sprocket.

"Whilst I was on the run I saw them digging big holes in the ground around Tokyo," she said.

"Big holes?"

"Yeah, and they were dropping big fireworks into them."

"Doctor, I do believe she is referring to rocket silos containing nuclear missiles!" said Sentinel.

"They're turning Japan into one big missile firing zone! That's insane!" said Dr Sprocket.

"Sounds like something you'd do, Doc." Said Cobra.

Dr Sprocket ignored him, "The President surely can't be making weapons to fire on other countries, he controls the entire planet!"

"He could be arming the whole planet so as to wage war with the universe?" suggested Sentinel.

"Fire nuclear missiles into space? Now that is plain wacka-doodle!" said Polly.

"Right, we need to find this President and take him down before he turns the planet into one big weapon of destruction!" said Dr Sprocket.

"And how do you suggest we get to him? His place of residence is guarded by Ginormica and co!" Cobra reminded him.

"I've got an app for that!" the robo-doc said.

They all just looked at him.

He sighed, "Just follow me. I have an idea."

They stepped outside of the building and were greeted by two figures standing by the river. Mythos and Alex. Cobra raised his arms, stopping his friends from getting any closer.

"Watch out; no doubt they're under mind-control. Just like mom was. Whoever they are, they'll be hostile!"

"Actually we are free from his control, just like you." Called Alex, "We're not hostile!"

"Oh goodie!" said Polly, sneaking past Cobra, "It's nice to meet you, I'm Polly. Are you from around here?"


Mythos sliced her head off and it landed in the water.

"We are however not going to take you alive." He said.

"Thought as much." Groaned Cobra.

Polly's headless body began wandering around, her arms waving everywhere. Very much a headless chicken.

"Now, will you kneel down and die or will you have to be cut down where you stand?" asked Mythos.

"Doctor, stand back. Cobra and I will handle this!" said Sentinel.

"Which one do you want to take?" asked Cobra.

"I'd like to take on the android, a machine versus machine fight would be more suitable."

"What you sayin? I can't take on a tin-can?"

"My best answer would be simply: No."

And with that Sentinel shot at Mythos, the two robots engaged each other with swords flying and laser fire going everywhere. Hitting the water and striking the building Dr Sprocket was hiding in.

Cobra just walked up to Alex, looking at the grubby state of him. Alex had his fists raised as if in a boxing ring.

"Come on then, bring it on!" he said.

"You have got to be kidding me?" Cobra said to himself.

"I warn you! I'll do whatever it takes to-"

Cobra punched him squarely in the face, knocking him to the ground.

"Finished?" asked the reptile.

"You're…just making things worse for yourself!" coughed Alex.

Cobra kicked him in the stomach, "Yeah, I'm hurting all over. Oh wait that's you!"

"It's early morning, the moons still in the sky. This gives me about six minutes!"

"Six minutes to do what exactly?"

Alex looked at him, his eyes burning yellow and teeth razor sharp, "Six minutes to rip you limb from limb!"

He then began to change right in front of him, Cobra stood back as the boy transformed into a werewolf. His claws long and sharp and slobber hanging from his snarling jaws.

"Oh, I think I'm a little bit screwed here." He said.

The werewolf lunged at him but he managed to dodge and stick a spike in the wolfs gut. The beast simply pulled it out and tossed it away, the wound healing instantly.

"Yep, definitely screwed!"

Meanwhile Polly's headless body had been wandering around aimlessly whilst the monsters fought. Then the arms grabbed the neck and pulled out a brand new head, being made of B.O.B meant she could regenerate any severed limbs.

"Okay," she staggered, "Definitely not adding you on Facebook!"

Mythos and Sentinels tussle crashed near her, making her fly back into the building where Dr Sprocket was hiding. She hit the wall with a splat, then reformed and landed next to the robot scientist.

"You okay, my dear?" he asked.

"A little off the top but okay, yourself?" she said.

"Well at the moment Sentinel and the android seem to be even-stevens so far…"

"And Cobra?"

"…currently been thrown around like a rag-doll by a werewolf. The moon will be gone soon but likely Cobra will be dead before then!"

Dr Sprocket looked at Polly and saw she had her face screwed up.

"What are doing?"

"My head landed in the river. If I can just…"

Suddenly the water rose up like there was a great increase of pressure under the surface. The water changed into a giant pink hand and shot towards the monsters like a fist.

"You manipulate water, my dear?"

"Nah, just spread out the cells in my body. The water was just so I could hide what I was doing! It takes a while to turn a head into a giant fist!" she said.

"I can imagine,"

The giant pink fist hit Mythos first and then ploughed into the werewolf, making him drop Cobra. The fist stopped and the force sent the two monsters flying into the distance.

"What the heck just happened?" said a dazed Cobra.

"Polly just saved our bacon!" said Dr Sprocket as he and Polly emerged from the building. "We've got to get out of here before they come back for round two!"

"A werewolf," Cobra muttered to himself, "Trounced by a flipping werewolf!"

The fist merged with Polly again and the team of four made their way quickly back to the jet.

"So Doctor, what is this plan you were going to tell us?" asked Sentinel.

"It's true, the President will be hiding in the White House and have an army of giantess' guarding him." Said Sprocket.

"Yeah, and you think we can just walk up to his front door without getting squished?" exclaimed Cobra.

"It has been compulsory that a team of monsters always had the essential members: the smart one (moi), the serious one (Cobra), the muscle (Sentinel), the loveable funny one (Polly) and lastly: the giant. We need a giantess on our team to give us a chance to defeat the World Leader!"

"Well that's all very good and all but maybe you hadn't noticed that Susannah, Holly and everyone else in the fifty foot range are now under his control?" Cobra told him.

"Not everyone. I know where we can find someone that fits the bill perfectly."

"Really? Who?" asked Polly.

"Come, I'll show you. We haven't much time!" he said and the four monsters boarded the plane.

.-. . -.. / -.. .- .- .-. ..-. / .. ... / -... .- -.-. -.- -..- / -... .- -... -.- .-.-.- / - ... / -.- . .- ... .-.-.-