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Jimmy was now on the streets. He ran away from home a couple days ago. Ever since Zack was forced out of his life, Jimmy was crushed. He began to not care. He didn't fight back when Jason attacked him. He didn't cry or scream or make a single sound. Jason got pissed off. He got his high off listening to how helpless the boy was. He started beating him more.

Jimmy couldn't take it. There was no point in staying. His mother was never home and she could care less about him. There was nothing left for him there. So one morning after everyone in the house left for work, he skipped school, packed his bags and headed out the door, leaving only a note behind.

It read:
If you're reading this, that means I'm already gone.
Don't go looking for me.
It's useless. You won't find me.
I'm never coming back to this shit hole.
I never even liked you anyway!

He could only imagine his mother's face when she read it. He bet that Jason sat there calling him a coward. Maybe he was a coward, fleeing from his problems instead of facing them. He didn't care. He was on his own now. He'd been living on the streets for five days. He didn't know where to go. He made his way towards the city and found comfort in the tiny alley way he now called home. He was hungry, he was thirsty, he hadn't bathed since he left. He could feel himself losing weight every time he breathed. He wasn't even sure if this was worth it. What would happen to him? He looked at his large duffel bag full of clothes and a few belongings. Who was he kidding? He was going to die out here if he didn't make a move.

He sat in the alley, too fatigued to do anything else. Had to find work somehow. But who would hire a fifteen year old homeless boy? He sighed and watched the sun go down. It was Friday…maybe Saturday. He wasn't sure. The normally deserted alley was getting crowded. Why were there so many people here? He watched every single one of them walk into the alley, smoking, shooting up, drinking. He was confused. He was about to get up and leave until he was stopped by a voice.

"Well, who are you?"

Jimmy's frightened eyes looked up to the source of the voice. A tall, menacing looking man in all black chuckled and looked right at him. There was something mysterious about the man, something intriguing. Jimmy couldn't look away.


Jimmy looked down at his feet and muttered with all the strength he had. "M-My name's Jimmy…"

"What are you doing in a place like this, kid?" The man crouched down in front of him. He could tell the boy wasn't well. His hair was covered in sweat and matted down. His hands shook from hunger and fear and the cold weather. He was barely conscious.

"I-I ran away..."

The man nodded and put his hand against his forehead. Jimmy was confused at first but then remembered his mother doing something like that. She did it when he was sick. "You're burning up, kid…let's get you inside."

The next few hours were a blur. Jimmy remembered being carried to a room nearby, he remembered a nice soft bed, and then he fell asleep.

He woke up the next morning from a tremendous coughing fit, his chest heaving and his throat hurting. He slowly opened his eyes, which were sensitive to the incoming brightness. He looked around his surroundings. He was in a little room in a bed that wasn't his. He was in someone's apartment. He wasn't very sure how he got there, but he was there. But as he went to go back to sleep, he saw a boy sitting on the bed, a wet towel in his hands.

"Oh…you're awake." He smiled, placing the towel on Jimmy's forehead to cool him off.

The boy was around Jimmy's age. He had rigid, almost spiky brown hair and a sweet smile. His grey eyes were fixed on Jimmy's green ones. They seemed to calm him down immediately, like Jimmy was in a trance or something. He seemed to hypnotize the boy, just staring and smiling.

Jimmy groaned and pushed himself up. "Wh-Where am I?"

The boy smiled again, still staring. "This is my apartment. We found you on the street last night. You were really sick."

"Who are you?"

The boy giggled and moved closer to Jimmy. "My name is Andrew. And you're Jimmy?"

Jimmy nodded and continued to look at Andrew. His eyes were beautiful. "Wh-Where's that guy from last night?"

"You mean Miguel? Boss's out making a transaction. We're supposed to stay here and keep watch of the territory."

Jimmy nodded again. Miguel. He had to remember that. "Ok…"

"You look kind of young. How old are you?" Andrew asked, a puzzled look on his face.

"I'm fifteen."

He smiled that smile again and sat on the bed, facing the boy. "I'm sixteen myself. So did you really run away?"

Jimmy was getting kind of annoyed with all the questions. "Yes…I don't wanna talk about it."

"Oh." Suddenly, Andrew's face fell. He was a little hurt by Jimmy's harsh tone. "It's ok. I ran away too. But Miguel will take you under his wing like he did for me. Everything's gonna be ok."

Jimmy was surprised how optimistic the boy was. It was almost contagious. He smiled ever so slightly. "Ok…" He stopped to listen to his stomach growl. "Shit…I'm starving."

Andrew nodded and ran to the kitchen, returning five minutes later with a bowl of soup. "I thought you'd be hungry." He smiled and watched the boy hungrily eat the soup in front of him. "Listen…Miguel said you can live here with me for free, you'd always have food and running water and heat and clothes and-!"

"What's the catch" Jimmy knew it was too good to be true.

"You work for him. Like I do. All I do is handle customers. It's really easy."

"What exactly does he do?"

Andrew chuckled. "He's only the greatest dealer in the whole damn city."

A dealer? Like a drug dealer? Jimmy was going to be involved with a drug dealer? The practical part of him said no. But…all those things he needed…he couldn't turn it down. "Fine…..I'll do it."

Andrew smiled and hugged him tightly. "I'm so happy for you! This is huge! He already has a position for you and everything. Of course, you have to get better first, but…."

But Jimmy drowned out his words. He wondered what his grandmother would think if she could see him right now. Would she be embarrassed? He felt sort of ashamed….but he had to. It was the only way he'd be able to survive.

He was now a drug lord's apprentice.

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