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Chapter 1


I panted as I charged around a corner as my breath came in laboured bursts. This was not going to plan! My boots were scuffed and I knew that my older sister would not be impressed that I had ruined her favourite pair of leather boots. I desperately attempted to straighten out my thin white blouse that was rapidly sliding right down my shoulders- the thin black belt loose around my stomach. As I reached the end of the street, I barrelled ungracefully inside my home, near enough kicking the wooden sky blue door open. Still sprinting at full speed, I shot up the creaky stairs as quickly as I could, only to barrel into something. More accuratley, someone. My survival instincts immediatley took charge and I put all of my strength into pushing the person in my way over. We fell with a loud thump and I hurriedly pressed my palm violently into the cheek of the person, roughly pressing their face into the soft azure carpet of home. Suddenly, strong hands gripped my shoulders and I promptly thrown off of the body. I rolled and came up to balance on one knee to face my attacker.

"Glimmer! What the hell do you think that you're doing?!" I screeched, getting up roughly and dusting my clothes off, straightening my shirt once again as my older sister laughed gleefully and rocked on her heels as she got up.

"Oh, Opal! You never learn, do you? Seriously, I can't believe that you fell for that the second time this week! The second time!" she snickered, tossing a blonde plait over her shoulder.

"What do you expect? I run up the stairs and the first thing that I see if your ugly face," I joked and got to my feet, winking at her as she followed suit several seconds later.

My sister was one year older than me, making me 16, and we looked very similar. We had both inherited our mother's long golden coloured locks and the bright sky blue eyes of our father. The only difference was that Glimmer was several inches taller than me and she always looked nicer than I did. I adored my older sister, she was my role model throughout our whole lives. We often trained together at the Academy where we were trained from a young age to take part in the Games. Neither of us had ever considered volunteering and we were content with simply watching the Games and rooting for the people in our own District. We couldn't bear to lose one another and we were used to an average life of a young woman in District 1- not stepping out of our comfort zones. Glimmer followed me into the bedroom we shared where we both got ready for today, because today was a special day. Today was the Reaping day for the 74th Hunger Games and I had a feeling that this year would be special.

~I could stay awake just to hear you breathing

Watch you smile while you are sleeping

While you're far away and dreaming

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender

I could stay lost in this moment forever

Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure~

My sister and I walked hand in hand as we approached the justice building that was kept clean every year to look beautiful whenever our District was televised. District 1 always had a certain sense of elegance and pride about it unlike any other District. We joined the crowds of girls our ages and gave our names in and Glimmer gave me a quick hug before joining her friends who were excitedly chattering away and making sure that they looked okay, should their face appear on the massive screen that was displayed near the stage where the bowls of names were held. Somewhere in there was my name. Only on one slip of paper. Our family did fine with what we had and we decided from when Glimmer was 12 that we didn't need to sign up for extra grain.

As the last few people dashed to their places, I smoothed out my blonde hair that Glimmer had elaborately placed in two complex braids that fell over my shoulders. My Reaping dress was the same blue colour as my eyes, only mixed with a slight tinge of pink and white. The colour of an opal that was similar to the milky opal charm on my necklace that was given to me by my parents on my 13th birthday. Suddenly, the Capitol escort stepped out from the building and smiled widely at all of us. She had a short blue bob and onyx coloured eyes. She wore an odd black dress that had threads of green and yellow woven into it and her shoes were several inches high- also with similar colours.

"Welcome!" she laughed, her high voice sounding giddy with excitement. "What an honour it is to be escorting two lovely tributes from the marvellous District 1! My name is Elsie Oport and I am so happy to be here with you all!" Several cheers sounded from the large crowds and she blushed as she shuffled, waiting for the crowd to quiet down. "Now before we draw the names, we have a special video brought to you all the way from the Capitol!" she gestured and the film started rolling. It talked of how 13 Districts rebelled against the Capitol and war sparked. After many years of bloodshed, the Districts gave in and District 13 was destroyed. To remind us that we had to be kept in line, the Hunger Games were born. One boy and girl from each District between the ages of 12 and 18 would be thrown into an outdoor arena where they would fight to the death. As the video finished, the attention turned back to Elsie. "Now, let's select the tributes. Ladies first!" she giggled and made her way to one of the glass bowls. Her green dyed hand fumbled around for a minute and she snatched up a piece of paper and waddled back to the microphone and she opened up the paper and cleared her throat. "Glimmer Venon!"

"No," I breathed.

My older sister tossed her hair over her shoulder and made her way into the aisle where several people were clapping. The Peacekeepers began to guide her forwards and I noticed that she looked strained. You see, you wouldn't notice it, but Glimmer was born with one leg shorter than the other. It was something not many people noticed, but it made her move slightly slower than the other girls her age. If she went into the Games like that, she could be killed.

"Come on up!" Elsie called and I bit my lip as Glimmer reached the bottom of the steps. If I was going to do something to save my sister from death, this would be the only thing that I would be able to do to guarantee her safety.

"I volunteer!" I called, a small tear escaping form the corner of my eye. I watched the camera pan around to capture my slightly distraught face. My terrified face could be seen on the screen as I stepped out into the aisle. "I volunteer for her!" I repeated and Glimmer looked murderous.

"Opal! Don't you dare!" she hissed and marched over to me.

"I volunteer as tribute!" I repeated, shoving her out of the way.

"Well, looks like we have a volunteer folks! Let's give a big hand for her," Elsie enthused and the Peacekeepers dragged a snarling Glimmer away from me as I headed to the stage. The District ignored my enraged sister and applauded for me, some of the boys whistling and the girls cheering manically. My heart pounded and my blood roared in my ears as I climbed the steps and looked out over the proud people in my District. "What's your name?" Elsie asked me as I reached her side.

"Opal. Opal Venon," I replied meekly as the crowds quieted down.

"And I'm guessing that the young lady there was your sister-"she began.

"My older sister. Yes," I cut in and nodded, shaking my head, sending the tear flying off of my face. I couldn't show that I was weak. Especially not now. I had volunteered to take my sister's place in the Games.

"Fabulous! Now, let's move onto the boys!" she cheered, all hyped up. She swanned over to the other bowl, seizing a slip of paper and hurrying back to my side where she opened it and called out the name. "Marvel Queyen!"

My head snapped up as a familiar face stepped out from the crowd. He was tall, taller than me, and had a mop of wavy brown hair the colour of oak. His emerald eyes sparkled as he brushed down his blue dress shirt and made his way towards the stage. He moved with a confident stride and quickly took the steps two at a time and within a few seconds was at mine and Elsie's side. My heart beat faster as his eyes locked with mine. Marvel was one of the most arrogant boys in our District and one of the favourites back at the Academy. If anybody could win the Games, it was him. I would make sure that he won if I couldn't. I couldn't let one of my childhood friends be somebody that I killed. We had known each other since we were tiny. Glimmer, Marvel and I were a tight knit group and good friends. However, when the older two joined the Academy, Marvel changed- becoming different… not the boy that I used to know. I couldn't kill him.

"Well, shake hands," Elsie sighed as we stared at one another. I stepped closer to him and gripped his hand in a tight handshake and gave a forced smile. He returned it and I dropped his hand. He quickly snatched the other and raised our joined hands into the air. I struggled, but the people of our District cheered and I paused, remembering what our raised hands meant. This meant that we were in an alliance. That we would work together with the other Careers to kill off the weaker tributes. "Give another hand for our tributes!" she called one last time and the people cheered before she led us into the Justice building.

I was led to a room that was neatly kept and completely clean and well decorated. I sat down on a velvet chaise, before the door flew open. Glimmer stood there with a murderous look on her face. The Peacekeeper let her in and closed the door behind her and she glared me down.

"Mother and Father aren't happy," she stated bluntly, her lower lip trembling.

"I don't care," I snapped back, my voice sharp as I kept the tears from falling. We kept staring at one another before I finally let the tears fall and I let out the emotions I had been holding in. Glimmer's angry façade faded and she dashed to my side and hugged me.

"I know why you did it," she breathed.

"I couldn't let you die. Your leg would slow you down," I sobbed into her muscled shoulder. She patted my hair.

"I know, I know. But Opal, you could die too," Glimmer reasoned, her tone reprimanding and with a sharp edge to it. "Mother and Father said that you brought shame on the family. That you should have let me go on with the Games and try and win."

"I'll try Glimmer… for you," I promised her and she smiled, several tears leaking from her eyes, ruining her eye make-up. "In case I don't see you again, just know that I love you all so much," I sobbed as the Peacekeeper came in and dragged her from the room. The door slammed with a shut and I was all alone in the room. Mere moments later, a new Peacekeeper stepped inside and wordlessly gestured for me to follow him. I followed him through the hallways and out of the back doors to see a sleek train waiting for us. Elsie trotted forwards and opened the door, gesturing forwards as I found that Marvel was several metres behind me. I waited for him and he gave me a polite, less arrogant smile than before.

We were led on to the train by an ecstatic Elsie who was blabbering on about how exciting it was to get a volunteer and about how brave I was. I nodded and rolled my eyes—the woman was really beginning to annoy me. Marvel hadn't said a word at all and I was nervous about what we would first say to each other after all of this time. My qualms vanished as we stepped on board the train that was decorated with silver décor and golden fabrics. All of the chairs were made from a plush material and stuffed so that they were soft and comfy. A large table of food was spread out and held so many dishes that the only part of the tablecloth that you could see was just under the placemats. All different colour liquids lined the shelves opposite the table and Elsie quickly dashed to grab one, swiftly taking the decanter out to pour us all some orange liquid and handed both Marvel and I a glass. "To Marvel and Opal, District 1s tributes!" she giggled and our glasses met and we all sipped down the liquid. I felt the butterflies flutter in my stomach and the nerves began to flare up.

The Games had well and truly begun.


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