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Chapter 26


Within three months we had both settled into Gretem and had a small house situated on the seafront. It was nothing like our home back in District 1. Sometimes I would sit and wonder what had happened to our families and friends. Were they okay? Did they really believe that we were dead? Did they mourn us?

Sometimes I would sit by the large window that allowed us an amazing view of the sea and docks and ponder over what our lives could have been if we had remained in Panem. How different would it be?

Within these three months, we settled in nicely to the city that we lived in with Gretem. Every city had a number and ours was 108 which apparently used to be on the shoreline of a place called the United Kingdom. Panem lay over the massive sea. Marvel even got a job as a jeweller's apprentice which is what he intended to do as a job once he had left the academy back at home. He was content in his job and came home from work grinning every night. Whilst he was away, I worked on making our home more comfortable and like our own. Once the baby was born, I was to attend some night classes so that I would be able to eventually learn to become a doctor or nurse.

Speaking of the baby, she had grown bigger each day and grew restless. Every few weeks we would go for a check-up. Our doctor told us that she was very healthy and would be due in several months.

That news was the very moment that we had been waiting for.

~And I don't wanna miss a thing~

Within five months of being in city 108 of Gretem, I went into labour one night and eight hours later I gave birth to a healthy baby girl who couldn't have been more perfect. Marvel and I had argued over names for a very long time and after further arguments, he had practically convinced me to name her Diamond. However, I kept coming up with other suggestions.

Somehow, in the end we decided to call her Glimmer after the beloved sister and friend that we had left behind in Panem.

The days turned into weeks which turned into months and then years. Baby Glimmer grew up into a graceful and intelligent girl who looked very much like her father. Marvel eventually became fully qualified and became a jeweller and even began to run his own business. I finished my education and learnt how to become a nurse and was offered a job in the local hospital. Glimmer attended one of the nearby schools and had the upbringing that any child should have- free of the Hunger Games and all of the training that came with it.

Marvel and I considered many times returning to Panem, but in the end decided that the risk was too high. Snow would surely kill us this time if we returned. This greatly upset me as Glimmer could never know or meet her family. I could never see them again and neither could Marvel.

Neither of them knew about the list that I had written down with the names of everyone that we had left behind and that were a part of our lives. My parents, his parents, my sister, Gloss, Cashmere, Ace, Delphine, our friends, the rest of my family and the rest of Marvel's too. Every now and then I would look over the list and find that every time I found it harder and harder to remember what their faces looked like. However, Snow had managed to get us pictures of all of them which kept their memory alive in my mind.

17 years after Glimmer had been born, 15 years since we'd been married, the three of us sat down on the eve of Glimmer leaving her school to go onto further education in another city we decided to tell her the truth.

The three of us sat down in our living room and with us I brought the pictures and tapes that held our Hunger Games and all of the footage that came with it. As we explained our history to our daughter, I fiddled with the wedding ring on my finger as I monitored her reactions. At first she was shocked, but became more understanding. We showed her the pictures of her family and our friends back in Panem and we even played her the tapes from the 74th and 75th Games. I expected her to hate us, but instead I thinly hat he sympathised with us and understood what we did and why.

When the time came for my beautiful daughter to leave us to learn to become a teacher at a school for young children, she told me something that I could never forget.

She looked me in the eye and said, "Look, Mum. I understand what you did and why... and I'm proud of you and Dad. Watching those tapes, I can understand why you did what you did and that you had no choice."

I cried at that. "Thanks Glimmer," I smiled and she handed me two things. A laptop and a newspaper.

"I did some digging and recently, within the last year, President Snow died and the Games were abolished. I read it last night after what you told me. You and Dad... you can go back."

I couldn't believe it. "But... you have to come with us!" I urged as more tears fell from my face and my beloved daughter smiled at me.

"That's why I have you the laptop. I can talk to my family when you get there," she sighed and went to muse my hair but I ducked and laughed before pulling her into a hug. "I'll see you soon, Mum."

As soon as she had stepped into the train that would whisk her away I ran home and shared the news with Marvel and we each took several bags and got onto the next boat to Panem. During the journey I wondered what had changed. Rumours I heard on the boat was that a rebellion had destroyed Snow's reign as president and that the Games had been removed as the Districts took back what was theirs.

I remember how I felt as our homeland appeared on the horizon. We had specifically asked to be taken back to District 1 and our wish was granted. We stood at the helm of the ship as we pulled up onto a newly built dock. We took our bags with us and walked through the town where we had run through as children. We walked past the academy which was now an empty building which was left alone and untouched. We walked through the Victor's Village and past out old houses.

It's funny and slightly weird as the sun set over District 1 as memories came flooding back to me. Memories from before, during and after the Games. Memories as a child, as a teenager in training and in the Games. As an adult in Gretem and raising Glimmer.

I paused in the square of the Victor's Village and stared at the houses and Marvel went to walk off, when suddenly something moved from inside the house where we used to live. Without warning, I dashed up into the house to find that the door was unlocked and that the house that had once been mine was left exactly as I must have left it.

I walked through rooms and touched certain objects as more distinct memories hit me harshly and I began to cry. That's how Marvel found me. Sat on the bed in our bedroom sobbing on the bed. We sat together and cried as we looked at our old home.

Ten minutes later, we walked down the stairs to hear a sniffing. I walked into the sitting room to see an elderly dog like a husky sat on a sofa with its head on its paws and looked sorrowful. As soon as I stepped into its eye line, it bounded towards me as quickly as it could and licked my hand. I squatted and stroked the fur on its neck where a found a collar.

"Titanium," I breathed and the dog licked my cheek. Laughing, I called out. "Marvel! Marvel! You'll never guess who I found!"

He stepped inside the living room with a smile on his face and tears streaking down his face. "Well, you'd never guess who I found."

And from around the corner stepped my sister. The sister that I had volunteered for in the 74th Hunger Games. The sister that I had loved and cared for. The sister that shared the name of our daughter. Glimmer.

"Opal," she choked out and ran towards me.

Tears instantly flooded down my cheeks as we embraced halfway across the room and I grabbed onto her. "Glimmer," I sobbed and pulled her tighter against me.

"You're safe and okay. Both of you," she smiled through her tears.

I nodded as I hugged her with one arm and scratched Titanium behind the ears and smiled widely at my husband.

Marvel winked at me and moved across the room and pulled both us into a hug. "Glad to be back," he smiled. The three of us stood there embracing and Titanium wormed us way into the embrace too and sat inside the circle of hugs. I cried gently as I held onto them and felt relief. We were all okay despite the time we had spent apart and the pain and trauma we had gone through. Despite many trails and two Hunger Games, despite being sent to another continent and gaining a new identity and life, we were all okay and alive.

I was almost glad that we had even through what we had as it had made us all better people. We were all stronger and better people. We knew what we were capable of and what was precious to us. What we loved and hated. Where we belonged and where we were respected and wanted. And as I stood there with my sister, husband and loyal dog, I knew that I was truly glad for the experiences that I had gained and whys I had gone through.

And I was confident that I wouldn't change a thing. And that I didn't want to miss another thing.


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