Kensi woke with a start. Outside her window, a soft voice was murmuring to another person, the words to quiet for her to make out, but she was sure she heard it.

Throwing the blankets off of her, she wandered to her window, looking out on her new backyard, of her new house. It wasn't a giant mansion, like when they were on neighborhood watch, but it was perfect for her.

The closer to the window she got, the louder the murmurs got.

"... Love you more than anything..." Came a man's voice. The moon was high in the sky, probably around midnight, and the silhouette of a man was visible on her lawn, looking up at the sky.

Kensi smiled at the sight below her. Deeks was standing with their 6 month old baby girl in his arms, staring up at the star-filled sky.

This is what she had wanted with Jack, but looking back at him, she realised that she didn't want a baby with Jack. If she'd met him again, and he'd wanted to get back together with her, she's entirely sure she would turn him down. Why would she put herself through another heartbreak from Jack, when she'd found Deeks? Or moreso, when Deeks had found her.

Looking down on her husband and baby girl, she couldn't help but think she had a perfect life.