Ok, so this is just a random fic that popped up in my head during class.

Blue Shadows

Shadows do not exist without light, but when there is light the shadow is sure to follow.

Aomine was the light.

Kuroko was the shadow.

The light and the shadow were supposed to be inseparable. But somehow, they drifted apart.

Aomine went to Touou while Kuroko went to Seirin.

Aomine felt a nagging pain ever since Tetsu left his side. His heart throbbed when he knew that Tetsu was having fun at Seirin with Kagami. Without him.

And when the time came where the two played against each other, they played without holding back. Tetsu did not give up until the very end; that's why he loved Tetsu, but his chest ached when Tetsu was doing everything he could to oppose him. Why couldn't Tetsu just come back to him?

Even after beating his shadow, he did not feel content when he saw how upset the smaller boy was. He even got angry when his teammates insulted Tetsu. He always knew Tetsu, he knew what he was thinking, and he understood his ex-teammate before he even spoke, but not this time. He could not understand why he left him; he did not understand why he did not tell him anything before and when he left.

Aomine fell in love. He knew that he had some sort of attachment to his shadow. It hurt to know that Tetsu left him; it hurt to see him with someone else.


Aomine spots Tetsu practicing on the street basketball courts late at night and walks towards him. He needed answers. He needed to know why Tetsu decided to go to Seirin. Why he decided to replaced him with Kagami. Why he left him.

The pale blue eyes stared at him, eyes wide with surprise. The smaller boy's eyes softened a bit and a sad smile crossed his face.

"Because I love you."

So? Please tell me your thoughts. I would have loved to make it slightly longer, but I don't have much time so yeah -_-