Ai's special Gift


"Hey Olivia!" someone yelled

I look up to see a group of popular girls looking at me. I then go back to reading. I can tell there still watching me, but I just ignore them. I heard about the Hell. I wanted to meet this hell girl people keep talking about. People say that she takes people to hell. When people contact hell girl they don't realize what hell girl goes through when she brings people to hell. It must be hard on her. So I am going to make myself hate someone so the I can contact hell girl so then I can give her a present for all the work she has done for I don't know how many years. So after school I am going to go to the store and buy something for her. I hope she likes it when I contact her.

"Hello! We are talking to you!" Yelled the leader

I still ignored her.

"HELLO! I AM TALKING TO YOU!" She yelled at me again.

I finally snapped. I closed my book and smiled my 'SHUT THE FUCK UP' smile at her.

"Actually you aren't talking to me you are actually yelling at me!" I smiled at her.

I then got up and left to go to the store. When I finally got to the store I went in. I didn't know what hell girl likes so I got a glass square. Inside of it were two hands holding a rose. I smiled to myself. I also got a stuffed cat. I got a bag and a 'Thank You' card. I bought my stuff and went home. I was happy. When I got home it was 11:50. I went on to my laptop and searched Hell Correspondence. When the time said 12:00 I clicked the reload button and got the site. I typed in the name Hannah Mack and then clicked send. I actually did hate her, but I didn't want her dead.

"You have summoned me." Said a girl from behind

I smiled to myself and turned around. She reached in to her pocket.

"Wait!" I said

She stopped. I turned around and grabbed the bag. I turned around and gave it to her. She looked at me.

"I don't need a doll. I contacted you so I could give you this." I said smiling.

"What is it for?" She asked me

"This is for all the times you sent people to hell. When people contact you they don't think about your feelings in the process. They only think about themselves. Yes I do hate Hannah Mack, but I don't want her dead. So I hope you like your gift." I said

I could have sworn I saw her lip twitch up a little.

"Thank you." She said

"Can I have a hug?" I asked

She nodded. I gave her a hug.

"Good luck." I said while hugging her.

We parted. It looked like she needed that hug.

"See you again soon." I said

She nodded. Then she was gone. When she left I thought about her going through all that. I started crying. I felt bad for her.


After I got home I looked at the presants. Inside I found a glass box. Inside the glass box were two hands holding a rose. There was also a stuffed cat. I also found a card. I pulled it out the envelope and read it.

Dear Hell Girl,

This is for you. I wanted to repay you for all the stuff you have done. You have brought many people to hell without complaining. I'm surprised. I don't know how many years you have done that. I bet it's a lot. Isn't it? Well I wanted to say thank you and good luck with keeping up the act with being hell girl. I'm also letting you know if you want a shoulder to cry on or a hug you can always come to me. I will be waiting.



After I read the letter I smiled. I didn't care if people saw me. I felt good to get that hug and it feels good to smile for once in my dead life. I smiled and I was happy about it.


After I saw the mistress read the letter she smiled. My mouth dropped. She wasn't allowed to smile, but I could tell she didn't care at the moment. I bet it made her happy to get a hug and not have to send someone to hell this time. I was happy for her.


The next day after I met hell girl I went to school. People were staring at me. I went to my seat and sat down. Suddenly a piece of paper fell from air.

"Thank you!"

It read

"You're welcome!"

I wrote on it. I then lifted up in to the air and it disappeared. I smiled to myself.

"Hello Olivia." Someone said to me.

After I read the paper I was confident in myself.

I looked up to see the leader of the popular group. I smiled at her.

"Just go fuck yourself! It is so much easier!" I said for everyone to hear.

I then got up and left feeling proud about myself. I looked back and saw her mouth drop. It was actually kind of funny so I snickered to myself.