It's been a month since the incident in the Holy Isle of Neos and the man responsible for so many deaths is constantly on the move. Lord High Priest Rolo had placed a bounty on the head of the ex-captain of the Templars.

Marcello had walked away from that day. Disgraced, injured, and broken. Everyday his injuries as well as his anger grows. Today, the pain is worse than ever, causing the middle aged man to stumble on the beaten path.

The pain ruins most thoughts, he held in his head. But when the pain would dull, one thing would scream in his mind. "You will regret the day you saved my life."

He grabbed his shoulder and grit his teeth, then he felt the hot pain spike through his arm. The pain raced through his body to his head, making him feel light-headed until he passed out, falling forward on the ground.

A woman sits on the Jockey Box of a wagon cart. She has long white hair and dark blue eyes. She wore a blue dress with short sleeve and a white blouse with tight wrist length sleeves.

A blue Slime is her company. It sat next to her in a happy mood. "Did you see that guy in the Purple Cape with the pink feathers around his neck?"

The Woman laughs. "How could I miss him? He did come up to the booth"

The Slime laughs with joy. "Who goes out like that?!"

The Woman shakes her head. "I don't know. But I do know, we did sell a lot of merchandise today. Who knew that all those people were so interested in a little old healer."

The Slime hopped to face the woman. "Yeah, who knew? And if we keep going back to sell in that Port we probably get the same results."

The woman gasped and she pulled on the Horses' reins.

With the sudden command, the Slime fell off the Jockey box and on the road. It then hops back on the wagon. "Hey, Sarah! What's the big idea?!"

Sarah points out to a man. "Look! Some one collapsed in the middle of the road!" She gets up and hops off the cart. The Slime hops on her head as she walks towards the man. "Sir, are you alright?"

"Maybe he's dead?"

Sarah shakes her head. "I don't think so." She kneels down to him. "He looks like he's been through hell." She turns him over on his back and lays her head on his chest. "I hear a heart beat so he's still alive."

The Slime gets a good look of what the man is wearing. "Isn't that a Templar Uniform."

Sarah glances at his uniform."Odd. Templars don't usually come out here." She stands up folds her arms and thinks. "Maybe we should take him to Alethea."

The Slime bounces on her head annoyingly. "Are you kidding? A Great Healer like Alethea shouldn't waste her time on a Templar, who looks like he hasn't taken a bath in months!"

Sarah tilts her head, making the Slime fall off of her. "Well, we can't just leave him here."

"Yes we can"

Sarah kneels down to the man and sets him up and looks to the Slime. "Bring the wagon over here. I'll put him in the back."

"So we're taking him?"

"Of course. There's no way I'm going to leave anyone in the middle of the road."

The Smile bounced on the man's stomach. "But this guy looks like he'd be the type who would be mad if someone helps him."

"Just go get the wagon."

The Slime looks at her angrily. "...

Sarah looks at the man and studies his face. He did have an angry expression on his face. "What have you been through?"

The Slime looks at her angrily. "...Fine I'll go get the wagon!" He turns and hops to the wagon, muttering under his breath.

Sarah looks at the man and studies his face. He did have an angry expression on his face. "What have you been through?"