That day, Sarah and Slimey became busy with their work, selling their items and spreading the word about Alethea's house of Healing. They had gone back to the port they went to the previous day.

A few times that day, Sarah's mind had shifted to Marcello. She wondered how he ended up terribly injured. She couldn't help but think about the strange man. At the end of the day the silver haired woman looks to the slime. "It's starting to get late. Let's pack up and go home."

She then noticed something and glanced down to the blue blob. "Marcello doesn't have any belongings with him, didn't he?"

The slime looks up to her. "Oh, don't tell me your thinking about that stupid Templar."

Sarah smiles. "I'm just thinking, he doesn't have anything but the clothes on his back. I think I should at least get a spare set of clothes so he's not always wearing that uniform."

Slimey frowns. "Pah! Don't waste your money on him. He's a Templar and all Templars are-"

Sarah places the creates in the back of the wagon. "Oh, save your Templar conspiracies for another day. Besides, Alethea is mending up his shirt. I doubt you would like to see him walking around shirtless."

The blue blob frowns at her words, then glance away, mumbling. "Point taken." Sarah smiles and laughs at the slime and finished packing up. She then grabs Slimey and walks away from the wagon.

Back at the house, Alethea hangs the upper half of the Templar uniform outside the dry. She had yet to repair it. Picking up her empty basket, the old woman walks back into the house. Once inside, Alethea found her guest, standing in front of the bookcases with a blanket wrapped around himself. She puts the basket on the table. "You shouldn't be moving a lot. That medicine is more effective if you sit still."

Marcello glares to the old woman. "I'm not staying in bed during my stay here."

Alethea gets into her work. "No on confined you to that room to begin with, Marcello" She then turns to him. "Please sit down."

He looks to the small dinner table and four chairs. He sighs, sliding one of the chairs out from the tables and sits down with his arms folded. The ex-Templar captain sits in silent as his hosts continue to work. It was a good ten minutes before she took a break, at that time Marcello had a good look around the room. He saw a few healing items here and there, but they didn't keep his attention for long, as the old woman sat down in the chair across from him.

She looks across the table to Marcello. "If you don't mind me asking, Marcello. How did you manage to get so badly injured?"

He glares at her. "... I rather not talk about it."

Alethea nods. "I understand. Too painful of a memory, is it?"

He sighs and mumbles under his breath. "You have no idea."

Alethea looks to him. "Where did you come from. Templars don't come to this country."

He looks up from the table. "Maella Abbey."

She looks at him with wide eyes. "Maella Abbey? That's on the other side of the world."

Before Marcello could say anything else the door opened and Sarah walked in. She looks at the injured man and old woman and smiles. "I'm back."

Alethea looks to the young woman. "Welcome back, Sarah. How was your day?"

Sarah smiles and tilts her head. "It was good." She reaches into the pocket on the apron and pulls out what they had done. She hands it to Alethea. "Work went smoothly as always."

The old healer smiles. "That's good." She then notices something in Sarah's other hand. "What do you have there, dear?"

Sarah looks down at her hand. "Oh, this? Well, this is an extra set of clothes for Marcello."

Marcello looks at the bundle in her hand.

Sarah looks to him. "If it's alright with you."

He then looks up to her face, then glances away, gritting his teeth. "Fine. Thank you."

She smiles and walks into the room he's staying in. She puts the clothes on his bed and walks out of the room.