~ Between Two People ~

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Summary: Soccer-loving Hikaru found himself with visions of another world, another life, another Hikaru. As images unfold, Hikaru will find himself searching for Sai, an emerging professional Go player in his world, hoping for answers.

Chapter 1: Prologue


Something important was coming. Ever since Shindo Hikaru was young, he had felt this insurmountable anticipation for something that he did not know. It was greater than the eagerness for holidays, presents, or birthdays. It gave him boundless energy; he was not able to sit still or stay still. He was very impatient and showed no regard for politeness nor rules. At first, his teachers suspected that Hikaru's had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). They conveyed their concerns to Hikaru's parents who then took him to an ADHD specialist.

At the age of 7, Hikaru was diagnosed with ADHD.

Shindo Masao refused to believe that his son was ill and had taken to ignoring Hikaru's need. Shindo Mitsuko worried that she could not handle her son. A month later, with Hikaru's grandfather, Shindo Heihachi's, insistance, Mitsuko went to the specialists to learn how to cope with a child with ADHD.

Unlike the teachers who knew what ADHD was, Hikaru's classmates were ignorant. Their ignorant caused them to be cruel. Soon, Hikaru found himself with a lack of friends. The person who stayed by his side was his childhood friend, Akari Fujisaki, whose mom explained to her that Hikaru just had lots of energy to spend.

One day, when Heihachi took his grandson to the park, they found that Hikaru's endless energy could be applied to soccer. Hikaru loved the sport. With the constant movement that being a soccer player entails, he was not the weird one in the group. He was able to make friends with fellow players and have fun. Even his dad would come see his son play every once in a while. Yes, Hikaru loved the sport.

At the age of 8, Hikaru decided he would become the greatest soccer player there ever was.

Time passed and Hikaru grew. He was told that his never-ending amounts of energy and his behavior was because of ADHD. However, somewhere deep inside him, he knew that it was not the psychological diagnosis that everyone thought he had. He knew that the restlessness was from a different source. He tried to explain that he was looking forward to something with every fiber of his being and he could not stop until he found what it is. No one paid any attention to his thoughts or feelings and deemed them foolish. The specialists and other adults were certain that it was ADHD so why couldn't Hikaru accept it. After all, all these adults couldn't be wrong.

At the age of 10, Hikaru stopped trying to correct the adults.

When Hikaru entered the sixth grade, something within him started to change. The eagerness, the anticipation, the expectancy, it increased.

His classmates became more callous. His teammates was a bit worried. Even Akari felt intimidated by her constantly active friend. His father continued to ignore it. His mother became more concerned. The specialists feared his ADHD worsened.

It was Hikaru's grandfather that felt the need to act. Even with his aging years, Heihachi tried to keep his grandson busy with tasks after tasks. One afternoon, Heihachi told Hikaru to come over and help him clean the shed. Hikaru refused, but was coerced into it with a bribe: new soccer gear.

"My god. Gramps, what the hell do you keep in here?" Hikaru murmured as his grandpa pushed the wooden door inward disturbing the settled dust.

"Mind your language," Heihachi corrected automatically, knowing full well that Hikaru would not heed his reproof.

Heihachi waved the dust out of his face and with the little light that the afternoon sun provided, fumbled his way to the center of the shed for the light switch that dangled from the light bulb. Instantly, the shed lit up and they could see all the tables, chairs, glassware, and boxes along with the layer of dust on top.

"Ugh. This place smells old, " Hikaru emphasized the last word and scrunched his face for added affect.

Heihachi ignored Hikaru. "Hm, there certainly more stuff here than I remember," Heihachi noted as he surveyed the surrounding.

"I can't believe I'm here. Where in the hell do we start?" Hikaru grumbled and moaned. If it wasn't for the new soccer gear that he desperately need before the game next weekend, he would be home playing his video game or even better, playing soccer.

"Hang on, let me go grab a mop or something," Hikaru's grandpa said as he left for the main house.

"Ask grandma to make some cookies for a snack!" Hikaru called after, though he was pretty sure his grandma already had a batch or two in the oven by now. She always made cookies whenever Hikaru would come over.

Hikaru looked around the small space again. It took a second glance-over, but he saw that in a corner of the room, there was a small table with a rather big box labeled FRAGILE in big red letters.

Curiosity got a hold of him and he went to open the box. As soon as he lifted the cardboard lid off and saw a Go board along with two wooden bowls, he was rooted to the spot, staring at the board without blinking. It was several minutes before he could ushered his hands forward to take one of the white pieces within the wooden bowls between his center and index finger like it was the most natural thing to do.

He surveyed his fingers and that feeling of urgency and expectancy intensified. Hikaru swear he could hear his own heart beat loudly against his chest. Then, it seemed the hand which held the smooth white piece, had a mind of its own and seconds later, Hikaru watched as his hand slapped the piece onto the grid-like board with a sharp Klak.

As soon as the piece touched the board, Hikaru felt a rush of emotions consume him. Happiness. Sadness. Pain. Fear. Nostalgic. Loneliness. The moment was too much and soon all Hikaru saw was darkness.

At the age of 12, Hikaru fainted for the first time.


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