So my friend and were talking about how difficult it is to write stories where you need to use someone else's OC's. She is writing a commissioned story for someone, and she was talking (read: ranting) to me about it because the character was such a mary-sue she wanted to cry while she was writing. This nice conversation eventually turned into a bet where I am to write my own OC story, with ALL of the OCs submitted, in the One Piece fanfictions/forum. I haven't read this since..gosh..since like..Ace died…;( so I'm totally not up to date (bear with me! I'm gonna try to catch up!)

Also know that I may not choose to put this in the original plotline, with Luffy. Most likely it'll be either before, or in an AU timeline. I just don't like really messing with what's already going on. Unless someone can give me a good plot idea? XD I don't really have any idea where I want to go with this until I get a few characters.

So! You know how this goes. Here are the rules: submit anything you want: that's in the rules too LOL. I'll probably need some guy characters..since I predict a mass amount of ladies. Make the character..ehh..likeable. If she's a marysue, don't blame me if I kill them off early. I need to use them all..but I can also separate into major and minor :D choose wisely!

Without further ado…here's the form!~ Asterisks (***) represent required info. If you don't fill something in, I'm going to assume you mean they don't have it/any.

*Name (nicknames?):


*Age: (And try not to make everyone 18-20. Robin is my favorite character, and she's like 30)

*Nationality (include accent if any):

Spoken languages:

Birthday and birth place:


*Appearance (include height, weight, hair color and style, skin color, eye color, body build, facial features and anything extra like scars, tattoos or piercings, etc.):

Attitude towards life!:



Devil Fruit(optional):

*Weapons (if any, be realistic, also include their fighting style):








*Affiliations (pirate? Spy? Marine? Be CREATIVE, please):

*Rank, position (ie: infirmary, weapons (teaching and making), guard and/ or look out, brute (defense, could teach the younger ones to fight), scout (goes out and collects resources, etc:

Romantic interests (don't give me a specific person give me a type of person or an example, your character may or may not have a love relationship):


Clothing (not just one outfit [unless it's their signature look], give me a general idea and maybe a few examples):

Possessions (what do they travel with?):

*Are you ok if I kill the character, put them in a mature scene or make minor changes to them? (BTW forgot to say most like this will be rated M or T…please make sure you are over like at least 15-16…or have permission..don't wanna get in trouble):

Anything else?:

Give me a few plot ideas that I can use with them!:

Yup I know I'll be lucky if I can even GET reviewers..much less the required amount..but I'm going to start writing/thinking of plots after I get about 15 characters (providing that at least 5 of them are GOOD characters.

Thanks guys! This can be one of the most easiest $20 I've ever I love to write anyway XD.