****LOL just updating this list again, tell me if you recently submitted a character and don't see yours~

***ANOTHER UPDATE: lol sorry. HOWEVER~ new characters, but more importantly I NEED MORE INFO, haha. If you could all PM me with your character(s) dream/goal and his/her greatest weakness/fear (it's okay if they're different).

for example: goal: to create a banana clock. weakness: incurable fear of pens. fear: pens. DONE AND DONE~ LOL.

A lot of you actually already included fear and weakness in the original profile, even though I didn't ask for it (which is good!~) but for others i didn't get either. Obviously this won't matter if your character's not a main character, but then again if you didn't request for them to be a main character, then whose fault is that -_- If I don't get a response, I'll assume that means you a) don't care b)its somewhere in the profile 3) i can make it up.

Kay...I think that's all. I'm out folks!~

**UPDATE: STORY IS OUT...waiting for flamers..haha. XD Just go to My Stories and it's called 'A Homeward Voyage'. (don't kill me i hate titles. the other choice was 'This is an OC story' but a friend convinced me that this one was probably better. ^^ Don't expect much LOL)

Helloo, all~

So school has finally let out for me- which means that I will finally start on this thing.

So just to make sure I've got everyone, I'm gonna list all the OC's whose info has been copied and pasted into my OneNote folder. If you do not see your OC, please note me ASAP. Also, please remember that if you did not specifically ask for your character to be a main character, I will be able to make the "casting" decision for this character, and I will not listen to any late whiners XD.

In the folder, I listed them from tallest to shortest, so most of the girls are at the end, JSYK.

Castiel Kain (LOL we got a new winner for tallest XD)

Kingsley Farthington Desparde Norwall Gerthings

Demarion (Dema)


Tracer Hackle

Nguyen Quan Thao

Millennium Crucious (Milo)




Cole Zaki

Elektra Demetriou


Marieke (Kiko)



Mila J. Espagia



Annette de Belleville

Callie Jones

Lyra Kayota

Heathcliffe Sarutobi



Kuron Rekka


Zak Ziggy






Hyo YOhio

Nicole K. Garcia

Esmira J. Espagia (Mira)



Monkey D. Yukino (Yuki)



Molly O'Flannigan

Did I get everyone? LOL I hope so…

*As soon as I get the final version, I will start writing already wrote a really vague prologue…because I honestly have no idea where the story is gonna go. I have a general plot, but it's not really the generic I have a crew let us go inflict justice thing. Don't read the story if that's what you wanted! Let's save us both some time and not deal with the "I don't like it/well I don't care" scenario, yes?

* I've said it before and I'll say it again, this story will most likely take place in an AU where Strawhats never existed, or way down the timeline and no major change really happened (Tenryuubito still exist, World powers, etc). So all characters with a relative that is canon…you will still be a relative is you want, but it's probably not going to have any major impact on the story besides the occasional "oh yes this weapon/amulet/thing is from them. So I think that only affects..like..four characters? Yup.