I wasn't going to have this set in a specific place so readers could set it anywhere they wanted in their head but in the end it kinda become unavoidable so it's set in England (not that it's really mentioned a lot).

Also unbeta'd (sorry!)


Year 7

Welcome to Hetalia International Boarding Academy, a breeding ground for the world's best when it comes to achievements in academics, sports, culture and lifelong learning. Or whatever it was Romulus had put on the school welcome letter this year.

He had been headmaster of this school for many years now, retaining his youthful features and effervescent charm throughout as if the stress of school life could never touch him. Probably because he got Gebhard the Deputy Head to shovel most the work around the school, but Romulus was not without his own efforts. He had taken this run down, abandoned stretch of land lying forgotten in a still part of the English countryside and built it up into something grand and majestic.

From the high gates to the road of paved stone blocks leading up towards the portico of arches that framed the entrance way; from the fountain that flowed in the middle of the tranquil gardens behind the main school, to the swimming pool with its mosaic tiles depicting stories from Greek myths and legends (simply upon the request of an old friend who had helped fund the school, and he was never one to disappoint the ladies).

There were two different dorm buildings, one to the east and one west, both being the oldest buildings on-site. They were here years before the school was built, parts restored to prevent it falling down, but features still remained like the battlements and parapets lining the roof, while the building further south of the grounds which was used for year 7 to 9 classes had been built to connect to an old stone tower that was once part of a castle that had long since deteriorated.

But the main school building stood in front of it all, its courtyards large and inviting, its exterior decorated with stone carvings such as lions or chimeras projecting out from the walls. And to complete it all a dome elevated on top of the hall at the very heart of the school.

Yep, definitely not without his own efforts, he had built it brick by brick. Along with some construction workers of course but that just spoiled his version of events.

Maybe he had gone a little too far with his love for his home when he attempted to model the sports arena as a downsized version of the Colosseum but where was the harm in being impressive? It was his favourite part of it all and it made him feel a little more at home being able to wake up every morning and look out the window to see it standing tall.

Romulus was proud to be the headmaster of such a prestigious school. He'd even won awards! Who cares if Gebhard suggested he got them from sleeping with the board members, he knew that wasn't true - the board members were just a bonus.

He was only too glad to come back to school at the beginning of each year, and this year two of his grandsons were joining, he was so happy!

Usually at the beginning of a new school year Romulus would be at his busiest preparing assembly after assembly for each year group, laying down school rules with the first years, dealing with parents over the phone who had enquiries about anything that may have changed since the year before or just in general trying to settle into the routine of the school again after a relaxing summer.

He rarely had any problems, especially by the second week where more or less everything digressed into its normal flow. However, by the third week, having to yet again deal with a certain two first years, Mr. Adnan and Mr. Karpusi, for the 17th time - yes, every day since they'd arrived - he could tell he wasn't going to get that normal routine as easy as he wanted.

"Wait, can you run that by me again?"

"He put maggots on my pillow and worms in my bed", the young Greek boy relayed to him, his dirty clothes and skin making it appear as if he'd spent the day sleeping outdoors for lack of a bed. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been caught sleeping in some bizarre section of the school.

Romulus sat back in his chair trying to get his head around yet another petty argument that had emerged between the two boys. When one fought the other always attacked.

"And you Heracles?"

"I didn't do anything, sir."

"Oh please! You bit me, brat. Bit me! See," Adnan pulled back the sleeve of his navy blazer and sure enough, there were teeth marks embedded in his skin leaving a rosy circle.

Romulus sighed. First years were so very annoying – he couldn't remember being this annoying when he was a first year student. He remembered afternoons lying in the sun, ditching school work and serenading the pretty older girls just before they slapped him. He missed those days.

"Let me guess, this was in retaliation to you pulling his shorts down in P.E yesterday, Sadik?"

"Only because he threw a tennis racket at my face."

Instead of reminding Adnan that he already knew that after yesterdays little meeting, he stood up and made his way around his desk to tower over both boys.

"Alright, you two need to stop getting each other back for every single thing. Can you not fight for one second? You've only just got here and you're already causing trouble."

"He started it," Sadik promptly pointed to Heracles whose eyes widened at the accusation.

"You're the one who started it, who pushes someone down a stairs the first day?!"

"That wasn't a push, I fell into ya!"

"You laughed!"

"S'not my fault you have no sense of humour, kid."


Both boys turned their attention back to him, instantly shutting up and straightening their backs. Romulus was a loud person by nature but he rarely raised his voice out of irritation, but he did get a kick out of intimidating students when he wanted.

Maybe he should call their parents. Heracles' mother would probably be easier to talk to; they knew each other after all. Sadik's were much more powerful though so he didn't want to piss them off. Maybe if he threatened the boys a bit instead...

"If you don't behave..."he began, glancing between them both as they paid close attention. "...I will have to lock you in the catacombs."

Their faces were priceless as the colour slowly started to drain from them. It usually got around to the first years fast that there were a system of catacombs under the school, and some student years back ended up spreading rumours about a student being locked in there and forgotten about. It wasn't true of course but hearing the latest myth of the school always had him laughing.

"If however you do choose to behave, then I suggest you try a clean slate and go your separate ways okay, sit away from each other in class, yes?"

They both turned to glare at one another, each calculating the other for a decision before they both turn back to him and nod their heads.

"Good! Now shake hands on it and be off."

Rather reluctantly they both stood to shake hands, Sadik making a show of having to wipe off his hands on his clothes, while Heracles simply shoved past him to the door, Sadik ready with a retort until Romulus shot him a warning look.

He ignored the bickering in the corridor as they left but was relieved the next day when he managed to get through a whole day with neither of them running to his office.




Lol I don't know how I ended up writing such an unrealistic school. The only thing that was meant to be ancient about the school was the Colosseum. And then I got carried away :p

As you can probably tell: Romulus=Rome, Gebhard=Germania

I'm hoping for there to be more to this but these will probably be written as one-shots in case I don't finish it entirely so that each chapter sounds like a mini story.