Happy Birthday/Republic Day Turkey! (even though the 29th just finished)

Part 3

Piercing January winds and a dull, greying sky brought an onset of shivers for Sadik from where he sat huddled under an evergreen oak tree far from the school building, just on the edge of the grounds beside a stream that ran under the murky green scenery.

Everyone had returned from the Christmas holiday period a few days previously and by lunch time Sadik had already been given a hefty amount of homework that he was sure wasn't acceptable by first year standards, so he couldn't wait to come back to the tree that he often visited for some peace and quiet away from all the teachers whinging to get everything done.

He'd stumbled across it a couple of weeks into the school year while he was walking the grounds on a boring Tuesday afternoon with nothing better to do at a new school in an unfamiliar country with its usually awful weather (although on the plus side his hoodies finally served a purpose), so he found himself setting out to explore and by that came across a stream to the south side that was blocking off anyone from escaping (unless they wanted to risk swimming across to get lost in stretches of green fields and sheep).

It wasn't a special place or anything, it just served as a place where he could get his schoolwork done in peace as houses were too loud and distracting for him to concentrate in when everyone was chatting across tables to one another during house study.

Luckily the house prefect didn't seem to mind students wandering off when he was in the throes of yet another 'awesome' story about himself and busy chatting away to anyone that would listen. Eventually though his own brother would get annoyed and in the end take charge of his duty but by then Sadik would already be long gone.

Another pointer about this spot was that he didn't have to put up with Heracles' stupid face, which seemed to pop up every now and again to irritate him.

Now however, he wasn't under the tree to do any schoolwork. Instead he was sitting with a list in his lap of school clubs that the year seven's had been given to choose from if they wished to do an extracurricular activity in their spare time, being that they were now allowed to join in with the other students for activities up until the summer holidays.

There was only one problem though.

They had to be the most ridiculous list of activities he'd ever seen.

Gourmet food club he could get on board with, hell even Backgammon if it meant not having to put up with the rule changes that separated it from Tavla. But embroidery? Lego club, Bean bag racing, Puzzle group...Unicycling Club?! Like he was ever going to return to Turkey with skills like that for the rest of his family to laugh at. Sadik couldn't help bursting out with laughter himself as he imagined how that would go down.

As Sadik made his way down the list it did get slightly better, thankfully. He'd already got gourmet club ticked, and he was tempted to choose one or two things from the sports section too.

Football? It'd probably be full up by the rate he heard some of the students talking about it earlier; also he could play that anytime outside if he wanted. Fencing? Would be an interesting enough choice...

Skimming down the list he paused as his eyes caught wrestling. It wouldn't be a half bad idea; he had been good in fights when he was at school back in Turkey and he was stronger than a lot of the other kids his age so maybe it wouldn't be that hard. Besides, he loved a good fight or two.

Thinking he wasn't going to get much fun out of the rest of the activities on the list, Sadik put a tick next to wrestling and folded the page back up to hand in when he got back to the school.


Thursday came and soon after his last class of the day Sadik changed into his P.E kit before making his way to the amphitheatre and downstairs into the gym. There was already a small group of people gathered inside, some talking to one another, others waiting off at the sides away from the mats until the club started. He'd seen all of them at one point or another in the corridors or assembly but there were only a few he knew from class and out of those few he was kind of surprised at who turned up. He ended up doing a double take when he first laid eyes on Katyusha Braginski, then Tino Väinämöinen standing off in a group discussing their Christmas holidays, as well as one Canadian boy he recalled only ever seeing once in his ICT class before he mysteriously disappeared.

"...I'm so gonna ace this class."

He decided to make his way over towards Katyusha first who was fidgeting with a hair clip that was stubbornly refusing to sit neat and securely in her short blonde hair before having to pull it out and start all over again.

"Hey, want some help with that?" he asked, startling her a little before she smiled in thanks and offered him the clip.

"So, what are you doing here? I wouldn't have you pegged as the wrestling type."

"I'm not really, or at least I don't know until I try..." she said timidly, moving back from Sadik as he finished pinning the clip in the right place, "but my brother suggested I join to bring out my stronger side more."

Oh, well that made sense. Nice enough girl as she was she could be a bit of a cry baby at times but he remembered how shocked everyone had been last month when some kid took a crack at her family and out of nowhere she went haywire and threw a punch at them. It would have all been brilliant if she hadn't broken down in tears, apologised and ran off as soon as she did it. Still, maybe wrestling would give her confidence to kickass mercilessly.

Sadik chatted to her a few minutes longer before nodding her off to make his way to the back of the room so he could dump his stuff down in the corner before the lesson started.

So of course he just so happened to be in the right place at the right time with the best view of the door for when his enemy, otherwise known as 'jumped-up-cat–smelling-Zeus-groupie', shuffled through looking once again as if he'd been sleeping off in a ditch somewhere.

The sound of indignation that left Sadik's mouth that very moment must have done so loudly because Heracles' eyes zeroed in on him and next thing he knew they were having a glaring standoff across the room from one another.

Almost simultaneously they both advanced and began marching across the mats to meet in the centre of the floor.

"What are you doing here?!"

"Do you have to spit?" Heracles frowned, making a show of wiping his face. "I could ask you the same. I'm joining here."

"So am I, you march right back out!"

"Don't tell me what to do, you get lost if it's a problem!"


"Welcome class!" A voice suddenly boomed from the entrance way getting every students attention. Bounding into the classroom came a man dressed in khaki shorts and top with a plaster across the bridge of his nose and an almost cheeky grin flashing pearly whites, while another one, one of the older students by the looks of him, trailed in behind him half heartedly looking like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world.

"Gather in the centre everyone, come on", the first man motioned with his arms, herding them over to the middle.

"So... let's start with introductions. I'm the wrestling coach Mr. Kirkland but just call me Jack 'cos if you don't know them already then beware there's a bunch of us walking around here somewhere or other. This here-" Jack pointed with a thumb over his shoulder, "is Ned. He'll be here to help out and demonstrate moves along with me as contribution to his course points. Say hi Ned!"

Ned gave a single solemn nod of the head but made no moves to speak, choosing to slide his hands into his pockets instead.

"Right then, as I said, I'll be teaching you to engage in close hand-to-hand combat and how to grapple with your opponent to slam 'em to the ground! But all for fun of course, because we don't wanna have any injuries now do we? At least not yet anyway."

Jack winked towards one of the smaller boys who audibly gulped and looked more and more like he regretted even stepping through the classroom door.

"You will learn to wrestle and practice against one another as opponents while maintaining a safe and friendly practice space, okay? Now, if you all get into pairs I can start explaining some of the things we're gonna learn this term."

Sadik scanned around the room as everyone paired off and he could see himself having to be quick about it. He weaved in between all those already in twos to try and find someone but it looked like not many were left available. And that's when his eyes met Heracles, who also happened to not have a partner.

"Forget it!" Sadik scoffed, turning full pelt and walking right into the teacher who had sprung up behind him.

"Looks like you two are the only ones left so you can fight together, but spread out with the rest of the class."

That's when it hit him.

They'd be wrestling. He actually had permission to fight Heracles.

Suddenly the thought of being pairs didn't faze him after all and with that he planted the biggest smirk on his face he could muster and turned back towards Heracles who seemed to have the same idea.

Throwing Karpusi to the floor every week? Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

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Jack=Australia (I just wanted Australia in this fic somewhere even if he is going to be older than the other Kirklands. Hey if he can wrestle crocs then he can wrestle students too :p)