(This will hopefully get competed, I've just been busy. Contructive criticism is welcome, but please add what I should improve on.) (And also, this story sort of ties in to my friend AliusNeo's The Master's Initiative: Secret Origin But how it ties in is for you to figure out, clues are there)

A sudden noise, a flash of light. White coats and needles. He hated the needles,
but the pain that the white coats brought was worse. He only understood some of
their words "Project Alpha... Sleeper... Armageddon". All he knew was that he
hated the white coats.



He felt the bullets bounce off his skin, saw the terror in the white coat's eyes. He snarled at them, taking grim pleasure in watching them flee. The whitecoats couldn't hurt him now, no one could. He broke through the door and stopped, not believing his eyes, two more tubes, with small, defenseless bodies floating in them. Savage rage surged throught him, the white coats had others, they were making more. A high female voice interupted him "You're out of your tube, Alpha. You should go back. You know you're not allowed to leave it".The voice was teasing, it sounded like a mother scolding a child refusing to go to bed, but he knew better. He turned to see a woman with long blonde hair behind him, standing with her arms folded.

"No" was his quick response, he knew her, she was the one who helped the white coats, helped them hurt him. Reaching down slowly, he hefted a piece of the steel door, ready to throw it at her. "No more" He said, "No more whitecoats, no more sleeper, NO MORE ALPHA". What started off as a whisper grew into a yell as he threw the jagged piece of metal at her. She stood there calmly, raising her hand, somehow stopping the projectile in mid-air and lowering it slowly to the ground.

"Thats enough Alpha, you're going back to your tube" she looked straight at him"Sleep". Against his will his eyes began to close,

"N-no" Alpha grunted, trying to run, but his arms and legs wouldn't obey. He lurched forward, falling to the ground. As darkness closed around him he heard a deep male voice from somewhere behind him,

"Was the genetic transfer a success?". The blonde woman answered, seemingly unaware that Alpha was still awake,

"We won't know for sure for a year or so, but the subjects seem most promising. If we can keep them all sedated, we may have your solidiers.".The man chuckled, and in the dim light Alpha could have sworn he saw the man"s eyes glow red.

"There is much more to this then that."


Now, East end juvenile care centre.

Ryan felt his body hit the ground hard. He tried to force himself to get back up. "Not done yet" he muttered pushing himself inches off the ground
before falling back on his stomach.

"No, I think you're done for the day" was the response as a large blonde haired boy extended a hand to help him up. "Not bad Carson, not bad at all. You actually might survive here if you can fight like that. I'm Mike" the boy said with a goofy grin

"Welcome to Juvie, Carson, hope you survive it".
Ryan nodded silently, leaning over to pick up his duffel bag from where he had dropped it.