"Am I dreaming, Captain?."

This is what you get when you cross P&P with Star Trek Voyager.
*Disclaimer Star Trek Voyager belongs to CBS ( I think. ), P&P belongs to Jane Austin.*
So here is...
"Am I dreaming, Captain?."

"No Mr. Darcy I will not marry you." Elizabeth said really upset.
"Then I will make you marry me!." And Mr. Darcy steps closer to Elizabeth, and puts his arms around Elizabeth.
"Mr. Darcy! What are you doing?!." Elizabeth screams.
"Making you marry me!." And Mr. Darcy kisses Elizabeth.
Just then Voyager beams Elizabeth and Darcy up.
"Captain they are in transporter room 3." Harry said.
"Tom warp 3." Janeway said.
"Yes Captain." Tom said.
"I will be in transporter room 3, If you need me, Commander the bridge is yours."
"Tuvok, the bridge the yours."
"Chakotay, I gave you command of the bridge."
"Yes Captain you did, But I'm coming with you."
"Alright then, Tuvok the bridge is yours."
"Yes Captain."
Janeway and Chakotay head to transporter room 3 in silence.
"Miss Elizabeth Bennett, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway, and this ' She points to Chakotay. ' is Commander Chakotay."
"Am I dreaming, Captain?." Elizabeth asks.


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