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Kingdom Hearts: Endless War

Chapter 1: The Story So Far

Fallan stood alone in the deepest and loneliest part of Ray's heart.

He stood alone on a stained glass platform, that was a perfect image representing what Ray's life had been, and would be. What it looked like, well that is something you will be told in the far future.

Fallan heard a voice, a simple voice.

"So, what has happened?" It asked him.

"Where do I start?" Fallan asked the voice.

"Start from the beginning, the very beginning..." The voice told him.

"Well that's not so easy... but you asked for it..." Fallan began, before looking around.

"Where and who are you exactly?" Fallan asked the voice.

There was no answer at first.

Until I answered.

"I'm just someone, who is documenting your life and the lives of those around you. We may be universes apart, but we share a unbreakable connection. You're the only one who has been able to physically speak to me... so that's something. Where am I... Well, I'm sitting in my home, and through the link we share, I can see what you are doing, and what many others are seeing."

"Why are you documenting the lives of those that live in this universe?" Fallan asked.

"Well, I'm not sure. At first, it was just because I could. Now, I think I have people that are interested in what is going on. So if I can, I have to help people."

Fallan fell silent for a short time.

"I think, we're going to get along." He finally said laughing to himself. "I guess, I should help you then..." He said, thinking of exactly what to cover.

Neither he or I said anything for a while. It must have been a few minutes before another word was spoken.

"Well, this all began, right in the beginning." He said, laughing. "I'm not sure exactly, but I know this is important. You see, I was told that this universe began when two powerful creatures clashed in an empty universe. At the time, they were only known as Creation and Destruction. The power that was released lead to a world forming, a complete and perfect world. Or so people thought."

"What happened then?" I asked.

"Well, no one is sure. As, there are no records from that far back. But I know that Kingdom Hearts came into being..."

"The heart of all worlds..." I said.

Fallan nodded.

"Yeah... and from Kingdom Hearts, something strange happened. People came into existence. Human beings appeared. Some believe it was Kingdom Hearts that did this, and that is why the human race wants to go back, as they originally came from it. They just want to return home."

"This didn't come into light for a long time though did it?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"No..." Fallan answered. "At the same time as Kingdom Hearts, two forces came into the universe. Pure Light and Total Darkness. The purest of the pure. For there were two realms created to keep the balance. Two perfect worlds. One resting in light, the other in darkness. There was nothing wrong at this time, but the elements themselves, soon took form, into something that could fight."

"The first time that light met darkness..." I said.

Fallan agreed once again. "Am I telling this story or are you?" He asked.

"Sorry." I replied.

"Good." He said, before continuing. "But yes, when they met, chaos fell on the worlds. So much destruction..."

I didn't want to interrupt again, so I didn't. For now at least.

"The human race, had to fight back. To defend the world that had been so perfect. They begged from help from their true home, and so came the counterpart of Kingdom Hearts. The original X-blade. Or Kye blade as it was called."

"Of course, Kingdom Hearts still had one last thing to give the human race..." I said.

Fallan looked up to the empty sky with anger in his eyes that I had once again cut him off.

"Sorry." I said.

Fallan just laughed.

It was only then that I knew he was joking.

"Yes... Kingdom Hearts, granted the human race with yet another weapon. A weapon that looked like the humans that was filled with all the powers of Kingdom Hearts. Also known as... me. But, I failed before the get go. The body I should have been able to form, failed to do so. And I remained as just an emotionless consciousness."

Fallan, seemed so saddened, just remembering something that had happened thousands of years ago.

"From there, the humans saw one last option. They saw the x-blade and tried to create weapons, copies of it, shall we say. They were in the shape of keys, and obvious became the very first key blades. This would lead to troubles later on, but for now, it was the only option. With these keys, Kingdom Hearts gave them the door to open. With thousands of key blade wielders, they were able to open the doors to two new realms. The realm of Pure Light and Total Darkness. Prisons for the armies that had come from these purists. They were trapped there... I guess, if I had done my job properly, they could have been defeated, and we wouldn't have the problem we do now."

"It wasn't your fault..." I said.

"But it was..." He answered. "But that doesn't even matter. At the end of that so called 'Endless War', the key wielders split themselves. Some went to the realm of darkness, some remained in the light. One thing to note, is that even without realisation, the worlds split. One day it just happened. They couldn't handle the chaos that had been caused by the war, and just broke. And ended in the state they are in today.. It is easy to say that after some years, this majestic weapon known as the x-blade became worshipped. So, the key wielders took it upon themselves to remake it, and find their way to Kingdom Hearts. Their true homes."

"This lead..." I began.

"This lead to the key blade war. The first and hopefully the last... The key blade war, only ended, when every last key wielder but three fell. Eraqus, Xehanort and Yen Sid. Yen Sid, gave up the key blade for a path of magic and peace. Eraqus chose the path of a teacher, and trained two young and budding students. While Xehanort travelled the worlds, and did what would lead him to become one of the most hated men in this universe".

"It lead to the journeys of Ven, Terra and Aqua..." I said.

Fallan agreed. "Yes, which only ended in Ven losing his heart, Aqua being thrown into the Realm of Darkness, and Terra being possessed by Xehanort. This ruined the lives of many more young people..."

I didn't have anything to say, so I just let him continue.

"Ven's heart landed in a young child, called Sora. He and his friends that were and that were to be, had already met the previous key wielders. Terra had even passed on the key blade to Riku... while Ven did it accidentally by taking refuge in Sora's heart. This lead to Sora's first journey, where he met the heartless of Xehanort. At this point being known as Ansem The Seeker of Darkness. In defeating him, Sora did not return home. His friend, Kairi did. While Riku, who had found troubles with darkness, was locked behind the door to Kingdom Hearts, and was left in the Realm of Darkness."

"This was truly the beginning of a long journey for Sora and those connected to him..." I added.

Fallan just nodded. "Yes. Next came Sora's journey through memories. He came to a place known as Castle Oblivion. Here he met many more people, people that he would become connected to. What he did not know was that Riku had found himself in the same castle. Here, Sora was hurt and had to go to sleep. Riku chose a path, not in darkness, or in light. But one in the middle. The road to the dawn as he called it. This just set the path for Sora's second true journey, as to him, Castle Oblivion never happened, and his memories of the castle were lost in his year long sleep."

"Will you tell the what happened during that year?" I asked.

"Do you...?" He asked, before changing his mind. "Of course you want me to." He began. "Well, Sora during his first journey had chose to remove his heart to save his friend. In doing so he created Roxas. His nobody. Another such person connected to his heart. Roxas joined a group of nobodies known as Organisation XIII. Here he took his own journey, until leaving the Organisation, only to meet Riku, and to be dragged back to Sora, where he would unknowingly help Sora wake up. Something that without Roxas would have never happened."

I had nothing to say once again. So, like before, I just let him continue.

Fallan did so quickly. "Well, Sora's second journey began. Where like before, he set out to find his friends. This time being Riku and the King, Mickey. He never found them until the end of such journey, but did find another fight worth fighting. Against the remaining Organisation, which contained Xehanorts nobody, Xemnas. In his defeat, Sora was reunited with Riku and the King, and they returned to Destiny Islands, their home. Hoping that they had heard the end of Xehanort."

"But, that man is never truly gone..." I said.

Fallan agreed. "Yes... The King only a few weeks after Sora and Riku's return sent the a letter. Warning them, after decoding Sora's journal, that Sora's journey was not over. And that he really had many people to help, and that Xehanort was going to return, as a whole person. So the two boys were called to pass an exam. The Mark of Mastery as it was called. They both passed easily, and in doing so found the way to not only wake someone from sleep, but remove a heart from a body, without the need for a Key blade of people hearts."

"Exactly what they needed for Ven and Terra..." I added.

"Exactly!" Fallan said agreeing. "This lead to their third journey quickly. Xehanort was reborn, and put his third plan in action. Originally he tried to use Terra for his final plan, but he was returned to his older body when he first met Sora. At the same time, Riku had returned to the Realm of Darkness, where he found Aqua, and brought her back to the light. Ven was the only one remaining, and with Aqua needing rest, it was not until she was okay, that she could tell them where to go to wake him up. Soon they did, and the five wielders went to the King. Kairi also soon joined the fight, and they chased Xehanort across the worlds, thwarting his plans at each turn. Finally they met him in a world he had created himself. Here he was once again summoning Kingdom Hearts, after doing it ever other time. As his first with the x-blade, to the second as Ansem to the third as Xemnas. The fourth, tipped Kingdom Hearts over the edge, and decided to put an end to it. It tried something it had tried once before. Creating a weapon to protect itself. This time, the weapon succeeded and was adopted by an old traveller. It was named Ray. At the same time, Sora and the other wielders fought Xehanort. But had to lose Roxas and Namine in the process. They were forced out of Sora and Kairi's hearts respectively and were thrown into a realm in between. Here they were given bodies and developed hearts. Some how... I have never truly known... It would not be a long time however, until they were freed. Obviously, Sora and the other wielders defeated Xehanort, and aimed to return home. However, Xehanort had left them no escape. Trapping them in his collapsing world, should he ever lose. Kairi would not have it however, and tried to teleport them out. However, she accidentally locked onto an old realm. The Realm of Pure Light. Where three remaining Soldiers trapped them, with no chance of escape from inside. They would have to rely on the next generation of key wielders."

"That was a lot..." I added.

"I had a lot to say." He replied.

"And you're not done..."

Fallan laughed. "Nope. Because Ray's journey then began. Well it took seven years first. Ray first slept for seven years. He would not wake. It took a miracle, as when he did, he was given a life by his old man protector. This old man, has never had a name, nor even truly explained himself. But he did create Ray's entire life. A fake past, that wouldn't prepare him for his future, but hinder him. Whatever it was for, we do not know. But Ray was thrown into his own journey. One that seemed a lot like Sora's first. It seemed so set up, at first. Ray chased after his friend Becca after he lost her. He then met a boy who would have trouble with darkness. It seemed to perfectly familiar, and so perfectly chaotic. It was strange, and I have no answer as to why it was."

"We may never know..." I added.

Fallan nodded. "Anyway, Ray had many troubles along the way, but eventually learnt of his heritage as a weapon of Kingdom Hearts. In the end he freed the key wielders. But Sora was lost, when his possessed friend Liam, attacked Sora. This lead to Ray, his friend Becca and Riku chasing after Liam and Total Darkness who were controlling him. In defeating both sides, they only freed the rest of the armies. And the Endless War was released on the worlds once again. The Point of War befell them."

"But there was more to come first." I said.

"Yes... In freeing Liam, Ray was killed. And he slowly disappeared. The energy that was being released from his death was enough to give people life and teleport others around the worlds. He sent everyone home, apart from Riku and Becca who wished to go the Realm of Darkness, after Riku had once again given into the darkness to defeat his enemies as they far overpowered him. Becca followed him, after she had lost Ray, and had been saved by Riku."

"So everyone returned home." I said.

"Yes. This lead to preparations for the oncoming storm. And a second miracle happened. Ray gave me life. I helped prepare the worlds. I watched as strange fragments of Ray. Almost ghosts, travelled the worlds and helped the wielders free their friends and make the right choices. They freed Roxas and Namine. Joined with the former Organisation. Found Riku's replica from Castle Oblivion. Gathered their friends that would help them fight. And sealed their friends in the key holes of the worlds, where they would be safe. It was an emotional start to a long war."

"That was one side of the story..." I said.

"True. The second side, was my story. Where I first thought I was there to help the wielders. Only to become obsessed with these fragments, and finally when I found out who their creator was, I become obsessed with finding out about and finding him. Ray's grandfather was responsible. A man who had supposedly died. Until, I and the wielders found out that he could travel through time, so his exact time line was uncertain. Either way, I learnt he came from the future, where the war was over, and that the key wielders had won."

"However..." I began for him.

"He warned me of a darker future. One where the chaos that had come from the world would take form into a monster unlike any other."

"But that is yet to come." I said.

Fallan nodded. "Yes. This old man's intentions were shaded at first, but I learnt eventually..." Fallan laughed. "At my point of death actually..."

I didn't want to say a word.

"He told me, he had done all of this to give life back to Ray. As long as I walked, Ray could not return. So he had to kill me. He was even sorry. In the end, I just accepted it, and joined back with Ray's heart. To help and guide him with my knowledge of the future. That's where we are now I guess..." Fallan said.

"Yeah..." I said. "But it has been seven years since then. Since everyone took shelter in the World That Never Was. Where everyone had to work together in a fight that was unlike any other they had fought in before. Over those seven years, they just hid, and fought when they could. It was the only thing they could do, but once those years passed, times had changed. And the tide of the war is about to change."

"Yeah. Thing are changing. And soon, Pure Light and Total Darkness shall fall." He said smiling.

That just made me smile at least.

"Thank you, Fallan." I said.

"For what?" He asked.

"For helping me retell the story so far." I answered.

"I don't have much else to do... So don't worry about it. I hope the people that have become interested in the lives of my friends, remain that way. And... as dark as it is, enjoy the adventure that is coming."

"As do I." I said. "Thank you again."

Fallan just smiled, as he faded away, along with the mysterious platform beneath his feet, as I lost the connection to the universe that I cared for so much.

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