What Something I Have?
"She just has something you don't."

Everyone had called me the next Marilyn. I, Ivy Lynn, the next Marilyn Monroe? But then, why had they given it to Karen? Karen was my friend and all, but she's a newcomer to the stage. Newcomers should start at a practically dead play and work up from there. But no, Miss Iowa gets what she wants, and I am just left out to dry.
Apperently, I cannot even have what I want! I admit that I slept with Derek so he would give me the part. I believe that everyone would know that now. Derek's words haunt me: "I see her in my head. I see her. She just has something you don't."
What something did Karen have? And what something is left of my life? I glance at the bottle. 7 more pills. Acting on impulse, I throw them away.
"Ivy? Can we talk for a minute?" Karen.
"Sure, Karen. What do you want to talk about?"
"Ivy, you've been so strong. If I had been in your position that day, I think I would have killed Derek, to be honest." She laughs. "But something has changed with you, Ivy. Ever since the workshop. Can you tell me why?"
She wanted to know my secret. The one that I had been hiding from everyone except Derek.
I take a deep breath. "The reason why I have been acting so much different than normal was because Derek told me that if I wanted to be Marilyn, I would have to take some pills that he gave me. I took them. I was stupid. I was blind. But I didn't care. All I thought was that they would take me to the top, way above you."
"Ivy, I'm so sorry." Karen says with a hug. Silent tears roll down my face.
"I can't believe I did this. What sort of person am I?"
"Shh, it's all going to be okay." Julia.
She nods. "Ivy, I heard every word. Come here."
I break free from Karen's grasp and go to Julia.
"Look, you'll be safe. Stay at mine or Karen's house."
"Thank you. Derek has the keys to my house, so I won't be going back there for a bit. Julia, you have so much going on. Karen, can I stay at your's?"
"Sure, Ivy."
"Thank you."
As Karen drives me to her house, I feel as if I am finally safe.