Chapter 1: Cthulhu's Plan This is my first fanfiction and I do not own Cthulhu or Slenderman!

Cthulhu's pov

"I will stop at nothing to kill the Slenderman he thinks he is so much better than me because he kidnaps!" "Really WHO CARES!" Cthulhu travels to this planet so called Earth to stop the Slenderman because he wants to destroy him but little does he know the Slenderman is waiting…

Slenderman's pov

"[Cthulhu thinks he can stop me! PSH. He couldn't be able to catch up!]" Slenderman is still teleporting just to catch his next victim Little Tim-Tim who was wandering through the forest collecting notes off the sides of trees.

Tim-Tim's pov

While Tim-Tim was wandering through the forest collecting the notes he was finding on the trees he stops for a break… Then turns and sees a man with a completely white face and a suit and very tall with long arms….. Tim-Tim starts sprinting away but the mysterious man keeps up easily. Tim-Tim is getting tired easily but why isn't the mysterious man getting tired? Then he thinks to himself about all the scary video games he has ever played… Then he figures it out this mysterious man is Slenderman! He thinks to himself "[I'm Screwed!]" and stops for another break. Then he looks back and sees the Slenderman disappears and he sees an ocean the Pacific Ocean he remembers from another of his games the ancient city of R'lyeh is deep in the middle Cthulhu's city to be precise. Then out of nowhere the city of R'lyeh started rising higher and higher till' it was flat on the water's surface then a bridge came out connecting the city and the land. Then he saw Cthulhu…

Cthulhu's pov

"HAHAHAHA what have we have here?"

End of first chapter I will make another chapter if I get more followers and if I get enough likes!