"Brother, what are you doing in my chambers?" Loki turned around to see Thor standing in his room in only a towel.

"I sincerely apologise Loki, I wanted to know if you have taken my soap?" Thor replied innocently not being able to take his eyes off of his wet brother.

"No brother, I have not taken your soap. Will you leave me to get dressed now?" Loki asked turning away from his brother. Thor walked up behind Loki and wrapped his arms around him earning a gasp from Loki. "Thor, what are you doing? We c-can't" Loki stuttered, they both knew they wanted it.

Thor reached down and let Loki's towel fall to the floor, doing the same to himself. He turned Loki round and smashed their lips together. Loki moaned into the kiss and licked Thor's lips asking for entrance. With their tongues fighting for dominance, Thor backed Loki up to the wall and deepened the kiss, picking his leg up, he rubbed it in-between Loki's thighs. Loki broke the kiss throwing his head back in ecstasy "T-Thor! Oh god!"

Not taking his leg away from what seemed to be pleasuring Loki, Thor nuzzled his head into Loki's neck and started gently kissing and nibbling at it. He slowly made his way down to Loki's nipples where he slowly caressed them. "Thor. bed. now." Loki panted between breaths.

Thor picked up Loki and carried him over to the bed, placing him down gently he continued to make his way down Loki's beautiful body, licking and sucking as he went. Thor sat up and looked at how hot and bothered Loki was. "Why'd you stop?"

"Because I wanted to look at you brother." Thor looked down Loki's hard cock. He licked his lips hungrily, lowering his mouth down onto Loki's cock, Loki bucked his hips in the air, "oh brother! Stop your teasing and fuck me already!"

"Patience brother" moaned Thor taking Loki in his mouth.

"OH THOR! AHHH!" Loki screamed bucking his hips in the air. "Thor, I need you inside me now!"

Sitting up, Thor placed two fingers to Loki's lips, "suck" he ordered. Loki took the two fingers in his mouth and sucked them with such talent. "Loki", Thor moaned under his breath. He pulled the fingers out and placed them at Loki's entrance, he slid one finger in and waited for Loki to adjust. When Loki gave his nod of approval Thor started pushing in and out, trying to find the spot that Loki liked so much. He put the other finger in and started a scissoring motion, he knew he had found that sweet spot when Loki bucked his hips in the air and screamed Thor's name.

Thor pulled his fingers out which made Loki whimper from the loss. "Don't worry brother, I will make you feel good." Thor spat on his own cock to lube it up a bit before shoving it into Loki's tight ass. "AH THOR!"

"Loki, did I hurt you?" Thor asked his brother concerned, getting ready to pull out and stop.

"No, it feels good. You can move." Thor did as he was told, he started off slow and gradually got faster and harder. "Oh god, Thor that feels so good!" Loki almost screamed at the top of his voice.

Thor grunted as he continuously thrusted in and out of Loki, feeling Loki's walls tighten around him. "Loki, I think I'm going to-"

"Me too - Oh god THOR!" Loki screamed as he came to his climax. He came all over his stomach and with his walls tightening around Thor's aching cock, it didn't take Thor long after Loki to come.

Thor pulled out of Loki, earning a little gasp from his brother, and laid down beside him. "Brother, that was amazing." He planted a kiss to Loki's forehead and slung his arms around his brother, not taking long to fall asleep in his arms.