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Maka sat next to Tsubaki, her arms around the other women. Tsubaki was crying her heart out, and Maka may not have been sobbing as bad as Tsubaki was, but there was a slow but steady stream of tears on her face. Kid stood nearby with Liz and Patty close by. They were sitting on the couch across from the girls.

While not crying, Kid was torn up on the inside, he felt that if he could have been faster then maybe things would be different. Maybe Black*Star would still be alive.

But no one thought that more then Tsubaki, the wepon felt that she had failed her miester.

It was 10 years after Asura had been defeated and peace had been good but short. Nine years after Asura's death, another kishen had apeared even stronger than the last.

It had taken the combined effort of Lord Death and Spirit, Maka andSsoul, Black*Star and Tsubaki, Kid, Liz and Patty, Crona and Ragnarock, Mifune, and Stien and Marie to beat him.

In the end Black Star and Tsubaki along with Kid, Liz, and Patty were the only ones not too injured to fight.

-Flashback to the fight a few days earlier-

Kid fired shot after shot from the death cannon. And Black Star cut and sliced untill he could barely stand.

They ran for cover "this isnt working, his skin is impenetrable" Kid said when they were out of sight of the kishen. "then how are we gona kill it?" Black*Star answered. Kid thought it through and it finaly hit him "inside him" he whispered. "what Kid?" Black*Star asked. Kid looked at him "remember when Vrona used bloody needle and it went down the kishen's throat? When he did that, the kishen looked really hurt and bled from the mouth for a minute. If we can do internal damage we could kill it."

Black*star looked at the kishen, then at Tsubaki in his hands "... Internal damage..." he thought out loud. "Black*star, im going to charge up the death cannon, wait untill he opens his mouth then hit him with it, can you keep him busy?" Black*star had been quietly thinking, which was unlike him "... Yeah" he said finaly.

Kid nodded and started charging the death cannon. Black*star looked at Tsubaki. "hey Tsubaki, transform and hide". "whatshe's he weapon asked, confused. "do it" Black Star told her. Tsubaki was confused but transformed.

"its time for my final performance" and with that, the meister rushed forward. "Black*star wait!" Tsubaki shouted.

The kishen, who had been destroying death city, saw Black*star and looked down at him "ah so you still fight to save the city, it is funny that you think you can win. Foolish mortal you will die" Black*star smiled "who said i was gona live?" the kishen looked confused, Unsure of how to respond to that. So, he settled for a frightening roar, hoping to terrify this young miester

Black*star was waiting for it and ran forward. 'Today' he thought 'i surpass god'. Kid saw him running right at the kisen "Black*star, what are you doing!?" but black*star wasnt listening. He ran and jumped straight into the kishens mouth. Tsubaki's eyes widened.

The kishen started laughing. But then all they herd black*star's voice shout "SOOOOOOUL BOOOOOOMB!" the kishen looked down at his stomach, "oh" he said once, and with that the kishen exploded into thousands of pieces.

"BLACK*STAAAAR!" Tsubaki shouted. She tried to run forward but the battle had exausted her and she could barley stay in wepon form, now that she had transformed, the exhaustion hit her all at once and she only made it a few steps before she fell unconcious to the ground.

-the next day-

"BLACK*STAR!" Tsubaki shouted Sand sat upright with lightning speed. "easy Tsubaki, dont hurt yourself" said a familier voice. Tsubaki looked over and saw Kid and Maka watching over her.

"Maka, Kid? where am i?" the weapon asked wearily. "your at the DWMA infirmary" Kid told her. "w- wheres Black*star?" Tsubaki asked. Kid looked down. Maka went to Tsubaki's side and held her hand "Tsubaki... Black*star is... He's..." there were tears in Maka's eyes, but she met Tsubaki's eyes and said the two terrible words "he's dead"

-Present day, about 2 days after the battle. Inside Maka's apartment-

Tsubaki was crying her heart out. Maka had her arms around the other women. It was after Black*star's funeral and They had all come to maka's apartment, well, Except soul who, since he was now a death scythe, had to stay at lord death's side. he'd been at the funeral and told them that he would come over as soon as he could.

"its just- just so hard to believe t-that he's g-gone" Tsubaki cried. Maka tried to comfort her "shhh its ok Tsubaki, your going to be alright" but Tsubaki still cried.

Kid was sitting on the couch across from them, Liz and Patty next to him. Ever since the battle he had been beating himself up for not being able to save Black*star so much that he had cared little for symmetry the past few days.

"If i had seen it sooner, maybe i could have done somthing" Kid said. Maka looked up and said "Kid theres nothing you could have done. Black*star did what he had to so the rest of us could live. He was selfish on the outside yes, but on the inside he had a big heart, on that day, he really did surpass god. When god wasnt there to save us, black*star gave his life in order for ours to continue. Yes he's gone but we should remember him for who he was and what he did"

Tsubaki, who had finaly stopped crying enough to talk, looked up a Maka. "y- your right m- *sniff* Maka. That makes me feel better kn- knowing that we will always know him for who he w- was. It still hurts though. I mean we weren't together or anything but having your best friend and partner die hurts"

Kid looked at Tsubaki "you werent together?". "No" the weapon responded "w-we never could think of e-each other that way, w-we always were pursuing s-someone else" Tsubaki started to tear again "but he was my closest friend and it hurts" she started to cry.

Kid looked at the time and sighed heavily, why did it have to be this time now? The reaper got up "id hate to leave it like this but i have to talk to my father about some things and ive stayed for as long as I can"

its ok kid i understand, im gona stay here with Maka for a few days until i can get ahold of my self. If you see Stien can you ask if he can keep substituting for me?" Tsubaki asked

Kid nodded "sure Tsubaki, i can do that. ill tell Crona you said hi Maka" Maka thanked kid as he left.

Maka got up "im going to get your bed ready. You can stay here as long as you want ok?" Tsubaki noded, still quietly sobbing. Maka left to fix up Soul's old room. A few minuts later there was a knock on the door, Maka was just coming out of the other room and said "who could that be?" she went over and opened the door.

Soul was at the door "hey Maka" he said. "Soul, im glad you made it. You just missed Lid though" she told him. Soul nodded "its ok i ran into him on the way here, i only have a few minutes anyway. I really should still be by Lord Death since Spirit is still at chupa cabras but Death told me that as long as its quick it should be fine" he said

they went into the living room and Tsubaki weakly said "hey Soul"

Soul knelt in front of Tsubaki so he was at eye level with her and said "im not going to say that im sorry. Your probably sick of hearing that. But i will say this. Black*star gave his life so that we could keep ours. He was there for us when god wasnt. Thats why he did surpass god, his sacrifice will not be forgotten. And he will be missed. But we are gona remember him for who he was, the biggest star in the world."

Tsubaki looked up at Soul "t- thanks Soul, that m- means alot to m-me" she gave him a hug and Soul walked over to the door, he turned to Maka as he was just outside the doorframe "see you old friend" he said without turning and walked off into the night

Maka clossed the door and walked over to Tsubaki. "come on, lets go to bed" Tsubaki nodded weakly and got up. Maka led her to her room. "ok i put your bags over by the dresser and made the bed for you. Extra pillows and blankets are in the closet if you need them and ill be right across the hall if you need me." she said

Maka turned for a moment as Tsubaki changed into her night robe. She then had Tsubaki lay in the bed and covered her with the blankets.

Tsubaki looked at Maka "thank you Maka. For everything. You took me in when i didnt want to be alone. You were there to comfort me when i was hurting. That means a lot to me"

"its no problem Tsubaki" Maka said and gave her a quick hug. "good night Tsubaki"

"good night maka" and the miester left.

Tsubaki was emotionaly exausted. She laid back and said "thank you Maka, you don't know what this means to me" She then closed her eyes. sleep tool her almost immediately

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