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Spirit frowned. Kid had just walked in with liz and patty and told him, soul, and lord death what had happened "Khorne?" Said Spirit "I've never heard of him" soul shrugged "me neither" they all looked at death. He sighed "now I know why something seemed off, that town was the one in trusted to keep the key" The others all frowned and looked at death, "so you know who he is?" Asked soul

Lord death nodded "he used to be on my elite guard squad." kid raised an eyebrow "what happened to him?" Asked Liz. Lord death sighed "he was one of the most ferocious fighters we had, second only to me. But over the years, he became more and more focused on blood list and battle than actually helping" his shoulders sagged a bit "eventually he left the squad and we didnt hear about him for a few months or so, but one day he came crashing down on some town, declaring he was Khorne, demon prince of chaos, battle, and bloodlust"

Everyone seemed shocked "a demon prince?" Asked kid, "how is that even possible?" Lord death shook his head "I'm not entirely sure, at first we thought he had simply gone mad. But when we clashed, we found his power had grown tremendously. And his soul had become twisted and distorted. Ebon fashioned a prison for him and we trapped him. Burying him deep in the desert. And placed the key to it far away, in the hands of a small village"

Spirit frowned "hold on, just how much more powerful was he? I mean he couldn't have actually threatened you could he?" Death sighed again "as I said, when we fought his power was all but unstoppable. He nearly wiped is all out. We only escaped because we ran" stunned silence took the room. Kid spoke up "and now a witch and an immortal have the means to free him" death noded "I fear dark times are ahead of us" he turned and looked in the mirror "very dark times indeed"

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