Looking for a Home

Chapter 1

"A job?"

I nod a little. "Yeah."

Kyra shakes her head at me, as if that was some sort of sin. "You're going to work."

"I need money, Kyra."

"For you little super hero comics?"

I sigh, not turning from my computer to look at her. "I would have had to get a job eventually. Everyone gets a job at some point."

She huffs from my bed. "Fanboy-"


"Do not cut me off. I was speaking."

"Maybe I don't care to hear what you have to say."

"What? Now that you got a job, you're some big man now? No. Shut up and let me speak. Idiot."

So I had hit a nerve. I didn't turn around to look at her, because I know that I'll only get a glare. She'd been in a real horrible mood recently and I was about done with it. "Whatever, Ky. I got a job. End of the story."

I hear her get up and leave the room and I figure that she had left the house, which means I would be in trouble tomorrow. Instead, she came back after a few minutes, a soda in her hand.

"I'm not walking home."

"What do you want me to do about it?"


She's not kidding anymore. I sigh, getting out of my chair to take her home. I liked it better when she could steal her own cars. I think about saying this or that with a job, she could save up for a car, but I find better of it.


We both ignore Betta as we walk through the living room. She's sitting in Tony's lap, bouncing up and down. Not wanting to fight with Kyra, I take her out to my car.

"Take me to Jecca's."

I groan. I hate her friends. They're so freaking rude to me, just because I don't walk around wearing black and pretending that makes me different. Are you really that different when you have twenty friends that are exactly the same? I got in trouble with Kyra for saying this to Simone though. You try to have an intelligent debate and suddenly you're a bad person.



"If you have something to say-"

"It's nothing."

"It's clearly something."

"I just don't like Jecca. Nothing new."

"I put up with your stupid jock friend, Cal."

"I know."

"Okay then."



"Just shut up."

We listened to music on the rest of the way there, not wanting to speak to each other except for when Kyra had to give me directions.

When we got there, she gets out and I immediately pull away. I was only halfway down the block when she came running after me. Jecca wasn't home. We tried Simone's, but she was gone too.



"Then where, Kyra."

"Just drive."

"This is why I need money. For gas-"


I sigh, but listen to her. That lasts for awhile. Then we get bored, so we head to her house. When I pull up, we just sit in the driveway. Roger's not home. We can go in, but we don't. I turn off the car and we just sit in silence for awhile. I want her to get out so I can go home or at least do something, but she just sits there, staring straight ahead. I keep glancing at her, but she won't move.

Then, suddenly, a car pulls up behind me. Dang. Man. I hate this. I hate this. Why did she put me in this situation?

There's a knock on my window and I had to turn the car on again to roll down the window. Immediately, the music blasts loudly. I quickly turn it down before rolling the window down.

"What are you two doing?"

Kyra won't speak to Roger for some reason, so I have to. Great.

"I was just dropping her off," I said, trying to look at him, but also scared.

"Then what are you still doing in the car?"

I don't have an answer for that, mainly because I too didn't know. "We, uh, we're just talking."

He doesn't really care to hear from me. He doesn't like me. And it really makes no sense. I freaking informed him that Kyra was going to hurt herself because I honestly thought that she was. I did a lot for her. I'm no threat to him.


She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "I just don't want to go inside yet."


She shrugs, not saying anything. I watch her before I realize that Roger could think that I was checking her out, so I quickly stare straight ahead again.

"Well, get out so he can leave."

"He wants to stay. He's going to help me with homework."

I need to teach her about lying. I really do.

"Then get out of the car, so that he can move to the street. I have him boxed in right now."

Kyra does finally get out and goes inside, leaving me outside with her father. He turns and gets back into his car, pulling out of the driveway so that I can park on the street. Once that is done, I try to get inside before he can pull into the driveway, but I don't make it.

He calls my name. I hate my name, but it nearly makes me crap myself coming from him. You'd think he'd take it easy on me, seeing as I'm clearly not one of those meathead guys, but I'm still a guy, I guess.

"Yes, sir?" I turn to look at him, watching as he walks, more like stalks, closer to me.

"You'd find it in your best interest to not be alone with my daughter anymore."

"Yes, sir."

He lets me go the and I walk inside, quickly going to Kyra's room. She's laying on her bed, waiting.

"Okay, so what homework do you need help w-"

"Shut up."


"I was just saving myself from getting yelled at. You can go now."

"He thinks that I'm going to help you with-"

"I'll say that you freaked out about him being around and left. Just go."



"Why? Why are you mad at me? About this stupid job?"

"No, idiot."

"Then what?"

"You really didn't know that I was pissed before?"

"No. You didn't say anything."

"Just…eff off, okay?"

"Ky…Is this about this morning?"

She mocked me for a second before giving me the finger. So I left.

I want to email Kyra, but I don't. I'm not her stupid little puppet anymore. She can't treat me like garbage and just expect me to forgive her. I will though, just not so soon.

This morning wasn't my fault. At all. I thought that Kyra knew that.

It started out like usual. I drove to pick her up for school. She was running late, which meant that I had to sit in the living room with Roger while he sipped his coffee, watching me like a hawk.

When she finally did come into the room, she'd shaved her head. Again. So I had to listen to Roger yell at her. Then I had to listen to her yell at him. The whole time, it was getting closer and closer to the beginning of school. So, when Roger turned to me and asked me about her hair, I said that I hated it, thinking that it would end the fight. Kyra's right. I am an idiot.

When she wouldn't talk to me all day, I thought it was nothing. Seeing as when I said that I didn't like her shaved head, she had just gotten quiet and let Roger finish yelling at her before we left, I didn't even think it was that big of a deal. I don't like her shaved head. I don't.

Then she came home with me like usual. You'd think that if something was wrong, she wouldn't have come home with me. But apparently not.

And now, I'm sitting here on my bed, staring at my ceiling. I can hear Tony and my mother fighting upstairs. They had been doing this a lot since the baby was born. A few years ago, I would have jumped for joy at the sound of them fighting. Now it just made my stomach hurt.

I guess I fell asleep at some point while I was laying there in the dark. The next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. I took a quick shower before venturing upstairs. No one was around. I listened for Betta, but she either was still sleeping or not in the house. I couldn't hear anything. They must have all left, I guess.

Tony's truck is still outside, but my mom's car is gone. I just get into my own car and drive to Kyra's. I was early today, incase she decided to fight with her father again. I have to get out to get her instead of honking. I had never honked, just because it was so early in the morning that I didn't want to wake any of the neighbors that might still be sleeping. I think it won me brownie points with Roger too, anyways.

"You're early," he tells me as he opens the door. He then turns around and heads to the kitchen. He calls my name and tells me to follow.

"I was making breakfast for Kyra, but she said she wasn't hungry. Here, you eat it."

I sat down at the table and he handed me a fork. I honestly was hungry. I had been so freaked out by no one being home that I didn't eat. And he had gone through all the trouble of making Kyra scrambled eggs and sausage, so why let it go to waste? I didn't realize that when Kyra came into the kitchen, she would think that I had officially moved onto team Roger.

"Why are you eating?"

"You weren't going to eat it," Roger answered for me. "Besides, you two still have thirty minutes before you have to leave."

"I don't even know why you made me food," she said, getting a glass out for orange juice. I almost thought of asking for some, but I knew better than to speak. Look where it got me yesterday.

"I thought that you would be hungry."

"You know that you were just trying to make it up to me for yelling."

"No. I'm being nice. You should try it, Kyra."

She flicked the back of my head. "Hurry up."

I frowned at her, but did speed up my eating. Roger, who was sitting across from me at the table with a newspaper, shook his head. I guess when I said that I hated Kyra's hair, I got on his good side. And I didn't plan on ruining it anytime soon.

"You want more?" Roger asked, getting up. I was going to say no, but he was already scooping the rest of the eggs in the pan onto my plate. Oh God. Kyra's going to kill me.

She was leaning against the kitchen counter, watching as I ate. I kept eyeing the thing of knives, which was too close to her for my comfort.

"You're a computer freak, right?"

I just nod a little, even though Roger can't see me around the paper, which he's reading again. He doesn't need me to speak though, because he knew I was. Kyra must have mentioned it at some point.

Roger lays the paper down on the table and points to a story. He starts talking to me, like we're…cool. I'm cool with my girlfriend's father. The only problem? I'm not longer cool with said girlfriend.

Computers. The news. I'm good with those. I start having a conversation with him, not even noticing that Kyra's left again. We talk for what doesn't seem like a long time, but must have been, because next thing I know, Kyra's flicking the back of my head again.

"It's time to go."

I stand up and Roger goes back to his paper, now reading alone. I start to put my dish in the sink, but Roger stops me.

"Kyra, he's your guest."

I really wish he hadn't done that. She takes the dish from me, rinses it off and then storms out of the house. Roger nods and me and I leave, following after my girlfriend.

"What was that, Fanboy?"

"What was what?" I buckle up and wait for her to do the same before turning on the car.

"You and my father."

"He just offered me breakfast."

"So you ate it?"

"Kyra, I didn't get to eat this morning. I was hungry."

"Why'd you show up so early anyways?"

"Because the two of you almost made me late yesterday. And no one was at my house and-"

"What do you mean?"

"No one was home. They were fighting yesterday and then today, they weren't home like usual."

"Maybe they just took the baby to daycare."


"Anyways, back to you and my father. Don't think that you guys are buddies now."

"I don't."

"Good. And stop trying to be nice to him."

"I'm not."


And that was that.