Hey, Your Fan, the author, Barry Lyga, said on a blog once that he never uses Donald's full name in the first book because it's from Fanboy's point of view. He hates his name, so he'd never mention it. Kyra mentions it in the second book though.

Looking for a Home

Chapter 3

Tony's upstairs, sitting down at the kitchen table when I get there. He glances up at me, but just nods. I almost ask him where everyone was last night, but I don't care to know, really. I hang up the phone before taking off for Kyra's. I have to let the car warm up and chip away the ice, but it hadn't snowed as bad in our neighborhood. I was trying to figure out why they closed school when I got further into town and figured out.

"Dang, it snowed hard."

I guess our house was just lucky. Needless to say, it takes forever to get to Kyra's. When I do, she's out front, arguing with Roger as he tries to shovel the snow away from his car so he can leave.

He calls out my name as I get out of my car. "Perhaps you can help, huh?"

"Roger, he's not here to shovel for you. You're the one that-"

"I can do it," I said, shrugging at Kyra. "Go inside, Ky. It's cold."

"Go eff yourself." She stomped off back inside, like I wanted anyways. So who really lost out on that one?

Roger sighed a little before going inside too. I started to shovel the snow, but was quickly interrupted.

"Here, idiot." Kyra walked over to me and forced my hat on my head. "You'll get sick, stupid."

I just smile at her. "Thanks, K-"

"Shut up." She goes back into the house. Sigh. After I finish shoveling, I go inside. Roger's there, tying a tie while staring at the television. He greets me, though he didn't look away from the television.

"I suppose you and Kyra think that you're going to hang around here all day, alone."

I stand there awkwardly, not sure if this was a rhetorical question or not. When he stayed silent, I decided the latter.

"We can leave, it's just we don't have a lot of places to go. I mean, my stepdad's at my house right now, so we can go back there if you want."

He sighs a little, thinking. "Stay."


"Don't get any ideas. I don't care who you are. You touch my daughter inappropriately and I'll hurt you. I know that most people have lessened the rules about what's acceptable, so to be clear, do nothing you would not do in front of me. Better yet, your own mother. Understood?"

I nod numbly. He comes over to me and pats me on the shoulder. "Don't tell Kyra I said anything. She likes to think she's a big girl."

"I can hear you, Roger!"

He smiles a little, looking passed me and down the hall. He seemed like he's been in a better mood recently. I guess he and Kyra are getting along. One more pat on the shoulder and a warning not to fool around with Kyra before he's gone. Then I'm alone with the psycho.

"Ky?" I turn off the television. "I left my backpack in the truck."


I go out and get it before coming back, headed to her room. "It's freezing."

"You're such a baby. My head's freaking shaved. Do you know how cold that is?"

"By your own choice. I didn't chose to be so-"

"Boney? Frail?"

"Thin. I was going to say thin."

"I'm thin, Fanboy."

"No, you're boney and frail." I lay down next to her on the bed. Kyra makes me lift up my legs so that she can pull the covers down before wrapping both of us up in them.

"Ha. As if." She lays on her side, leaning slightly into me. I'm on my back, keeping still to see what she does. Kyra lays a hand on my stomach, sighing a little.

"If you suck in, I could feel your ribs. That's boney. And take off your coat."

I sit up and do so, just to keep her from complaining. While I'm doing that, she gets a text from Jecca.

"Jecca wants to hangout."

"Oh. I can drop you off and-"

"I'm with you, Fanboy. I hung out with them last night."


"Yeah, oh." She kisses me as I lay back down. "Still cold?"


"You're always cold." She lays her head on me, sighing a little. "Better?"

"Getting there." I close my eyes. "I'm glad that we don't have school. Now I can sleep."

"Not the whole time," she mumbled, also closing her eyes. "We have to screw in Roger's shower. You know, to piss him off."

I just sigh, not able to respond. I was so tired. I wrap an arm around Kyra, smiling little when she didn't move at all. She might have even cuddled into me. Maybe. Kind of.

When I wake up though, she's gone. I just lay on her bed for a few minutes, thinking. I hear my name called and I sit up. That sounded like Roger. Dang, how long was I sleeping?

Rushing up, I went into the living room, where Roger was watching television. "Yes, sir?"

"Couldn't get to work. Had to call in. Sit."

How long had I been asleep? I looked at the clock and saw it had only been an hour. Yawning softly, I sat back down next to him. Then where did Kyra go?

"They're showing the history of Christmas. Figured you'd like to see this."

…Why? I just sat there watching it, trying to figure out why I was chosen for this. Though it really wasn't bad, I still didn't understand his new found obsession with watching television with me. Though, seeing as he's stuck with Kyra every night, who wouldn't be caught dead watching something with him, maybe he just likes being with someone who listens without talking back.

I hear Kyra call out for me from somewhere and I frown. Roger groans.

"Would you be quiet? He's in here."

"Why?" She comes walking in. "I left for, like, two seconds and you're back in here with my dad?"

"I called him to come watch this show with me," Roger says.

"You need friends. He's my friend. Get some your own age. Come on," she says my name. She thought it was weird calling me Fanboy in front of Roger, which I understand and condone.

"Actually, Ky-"

"Then I'm staying to."

She sits down next to us, arms crossed. Roger rolls his eyes, turning up the television a little. When Roger gets up to go to the bathroom a few minutes later, Kyra takes it upon herself to stretch out across his spot on the couch, her head almost in my lap, but arguably not, if a problem arises.


"You can sit in the chair," she tells Roger before he can complain. He shakes his head before doing so. Watching him out of the corner of my eye, I move my hand to lay it down on her stomach. I had to be careful not to touch her boobs, because I don't think we'll ever hit a point when that's cool. Especially with her dad right there…

If he sees, he doesn't care. Kyra moves a little so that she's even more in my lap. I wish she had hair that I could play with, but alas, she's bald. I rub her head once, which gets me swatted at.

"Stop that."

"It's for luck."

"Shhh," Roger shushes, still engrossed in the television. Kyra settles down for a nap and I watch most of the program before following suit. This time when I wake up, everything's still the same, except the channel is now on CNN and Roger's on the phone. Kyra, who's rolled in her sleep, has her head pressed against my stomach. Oh God.

I could feel her freaking breath on me. It's so even. Her ear is directly over my crotch and I have to think of something else, something other than her or any chick for that matter, just to keep it down. Her breathing though. I'm freezing, as I have no blanket, and it's so warm, even through my shirt. She leans forward in her sleep and her lips brush my stomach, almost like a kiss, but not at all. I debate if I should get up now, before a problem, literally, arises or wait it out. When she starts cuddling against me, moving her head back and forth, I can't tell if she's messing with me or not, but I know that I need to do something about it.

Getting up woke Kyra, but that's better than something poking her awake. She sits up on her elbows and watches as I head down the hall, to the guest bathroom. I stayed for what I felt was the allotted time before flushing the toilet and turning on the faucet, pretending to wash my hands.

When I get back, Kyra's stolen the remote from Roger and has it on some horror movie. She lifts her feet, apparently understanding my earlier issue, and waits for me to sit down. When I do, she lays them in my lap.

"It's the middle of the movie, Ky. How do you know what's going on?"

"It's a horror flick. The black guy dies first, then the annoying one, then the slut, and the virgin lives. End of movie."

Nice to know there's an incentive for staying a virgin.

"Be quiet. I'm working," Roger says, to which Kyra rolls her eyes. I run a hand down her leg, smiling at her. She wiggles her toes.

'Toe socks?' I mouth.

'Shut up,' she mouths back. I love her mouth. So much. She's not wearing lipstick right now. Actually, she's not really dressed up at all. No black, no white, just a T-shirt and sleep pants. Of course, she put on the 'magic' bra for my arrival, but at least I get to see her in something other than her usual monochromatic scale.

'Hard on?'

I pop one of her toes, making her curse softly. I get kicked, but I just smile. We settle down again and I go back to stroking her leg. We switch between the horror movie and some cartoon. Roger hangs up the phone after awhile and I expect for him to ask for the remote back, but he doesn't. Instead he just sits there, staring at the cartoon.

Kyra's not even paying attention at this point. She has her phone out, texting one of her friends. I fear that I'm boring her and she'll tell me to get lost so that she can hang out with Jecca and Simone. She doesn't.

"Kind of chilly in here."

"It is snowing, Roger."

He rolls his eyes at his daughter before standing. I heard a door close and assume he's in his office or bedroom. The second he's gone, Kyra jumps up and goes to get a soda out of the kitchen.

"Lay down and I'll share."

I lay on the couch and she lay down on top of me. We both take turns with the coke before setting it down on the coffee table.

"Listen for his footsteps."

"What's he going to do? You're his little buddy now."

"And? He told me not to do something with you that I wouldn't do in front of him."

"Why not do this in front of him?"

"It looks wrong."

"How?" She lays her head down on my chest, closing her eyes. "It's not at all interesting for me. What with how boney you are and all, it's actually rather uncomfortable."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm still tired."

"Then sleep, Don."

I kissed her head before she could say anything. "Maybe I will, Ky."

She laughs a little, reaching for the remote. "Is there anything you want to watch? Oh, wait, let me guess. I'm sure there's a documentary on somewhere."

"Shut up," I say, but not in a mean way, so I don't get in trouble. She feels nice on my chest, not too heavy, but heavy enough. She can't way more than 90. No way anything over that.

She rests her hand next to her head, sighing a little. "What was in your backpack?"

"New stuff for Schemata."

She nods a little. "Did you want my computer or something? You can use it."

"Maybe later."


We're laying there for so long, that I'm half asleep and half listening to the judge show she put it on. It's not until we both hear Roger clear his throat that we even move. And she only does so to crane her neck.

"Move, Roger. I'm watching TV."

He just shakes his head. I wait for Kyra to get up, but she does. Well crap. I look at Roger, but he's already walking away, apparently content with the fact that we're not doing anything.

"How could that stupid judge let her win?"

I sigh. "Ky."

"What? You're just disagreeing with me to annoy me."

"No. I figured that's what you were doing."

She shrugs, changing the channel, now apparently pissed at Mathis. "Whatever. You hungry?"

"A little."

"Go get us something from the kitchen."

"You're the one on top of me."

She huffs before getting off me. As she's in the kitchen, Roger comes back.

"Up," he whispers and I jump up. "No more of this…laying business. Got it?"

I nod quickly.


I sit back down on the couch, fearful.

"I made popcorn, but it's a little burnt so-" Kyra stopped talking as she made it back to me, instead just staring at Roger. Huffing, she put up no fight and sat back down next to me. "Here."

She sat the bowl in my lap, her glare fixed on her father. "Could you, like, move? We're watching TV. God, you know how to ruin a snow-"

She stopped talking as the power went out. We had all been expecting this, as the power outages were frequent with heavy snow. Roger groaned before walking off.

"At least it's dark now," she said, staring at me. After the scare Roger gave me, I figured even thinking about what she meant with that would get me in trouble.

"Maybe I should call home and-"


"I didn't tell anyone where I was going."

"You said your mom wasn't home."

"Tony was."

"He saw you leave, right? So if he didn't care, that's his problem."


She groaned, pulling out her cell phone. "Here. Call Mommy like a little baby. Whatever."

I don't get why everything has to be a taunt or insult with her. Normal people call their parents when they're out. It doesn't take common sense to figure that out.

I called my mother's cell, but she didn't answer, so I left a message, telling her where I was. I even called home, but no one picked up there either.

"See? They don't care about you." She takes her cell phone back before grabbing some popcorn. "Bleh. Tastes nasty."

I shrug. "Better than nothing."

"Since the television's out anyways, let's go to my room." Kyra picks up the bowl and walks off, expecting me to follow. I sigh, doing so.

"Where are you guys going?" Roger asks from his office, where he's writing something on a piece of paper.

"My room."

"Door open, Kyra."

She just rolls her eyes. I sit down on the bed, patting the spot next to me.

"I don't know what the eff he said to you, but get it out of your head. Aren't you guys buddies now anyways?"

"No. You just think that because we're nice to each other. And maybe I don't want to lay down with you."

"God, I wish the power was back on." She sat down next to me, once again giving me the popcorn to hold. As he blinds were drawn, it was very dark in the room. We were passing the bowl back and forth when her cell phone rang.

"Ew, I think it's your mother." She handed me the phone.


She says my name.

"Yeah, Mom."

"When did you leave? You didn't spend the night with her did you?"

I was afraid of Kyra hearing her, so I get up and walk out. "Of course not. Tony came into my room and told me that it was a snow day. So I told Kyra and asked if I can come over. Her dad's home, if you're wondering."

She pauses. "I want you to come home. We have some stuff to talk about."

"There's nothing to talk about. Tony said I could stay with him and I will, until I find somewhere better to live."

"Now be serious, Donnie. You can't stay with him. He's just doing this to get back at me."

"Then I'll stay with Cal until I get an apartment or something. All I know is that I'm not moving in with you and this new guy or whatever. I'm not. I'm not leaving town for you, not again."

"You'll do as I say."

"I'm sixteen. No, I don't."

I hang up on her before going back to Kyra's room. She was laying down now, but I just sit down next to her, sighing.

"Your butt is close to my face."

I move down the bed a little. Kyra reaches a hand out and rubs my back.

"Trouble with Mommy?"

"Just shut up, Kyra. God."

When I don't get yelled at, I take it as a good sign. She's quiet for awhile before saying, "I'm not being mean, Don. I'm just teasing."

I reach a hand over and lay it on her leg, which is right next to me. Stroking it lightly, I look around the room. My shoes are sitting right next to her, the snow now melted from them, making a puddle on the floor. I think about offering to get a towel to clean it up, but I don't want to move.

"Hey, Ky?"


"I'm not leaving. I don't care what she says."

"Donald…even if you do, like, move, I'm not going to break up with you. If your mother was seeing this guy, he must not live far away, right? We'd still see each other."

"This isn't just about you. I mean, it is about you, just not all about you. I'm not starting another school where I'm a loser. I'm not losing the only place I have to run Schemata. I'm not losing all that because she's not getting enough out of her relationship with Tony."

"Whatever happens happens, Donnie."

"Stop saying my name so freaking much."

She sits up and moves closer to me. "Why do you hate your name? I think it's…cute. You, like, rarely ever hear that name."

"I don't hate it, I just…I don't know." I glance at her, realizing that she's trying to get my mind off my issues and onto something lighter. "You never hear your name. Kyra. It's pretty though."

"It is not."

"Yes, it is. I've never met anyone else with that name."

"That doesn't make it cute."

"Yes, it does."


"Because you're cute."

I want a kiss, but instead I get a shove. "I am not."

"You are though." I close my eyes a little, letting out a yawn. "You just don't want people to know. You do the cutest things though constantly."

"Can a guy say cutest?"

"I don't really care, because I'm going to keep saying it. Cute. That's it! You're Cute Kyra."

"Don't push me, Don."


"I'm serious."

I laugh a little bit, but leave her alone after that. Kyra leans against my arm and we sit together, on her little bed, waiting for the power to come back on. It doesn't.

I spend the day over there with her and Roger, who eventually calls me back to the living room, where he has now found an interesting book about Ronald Reagan. I get a lecture on that and it's almost like I'm back in school. Almost.

When it was getting close to time to work, I call my boss to find out if we've got power at the shop. Nope. So I'm off.

"God," Kyra complains when I relay the message. "Well, I'm leaving to go hangout with Jecca and Simone, so you can-"

"I'll drop you off and just go back home. No big deal, Ky." I look at Mr. Seller's and tell him that we could finish talking about the book next time I was over. Kyra groans at the notion. Ignoring her, I head to her bedroom to get my coat and things. I was putting back on my boots when I feel her watching me from the doorway.


She shrugs, just standing there. I get up, my hat in my hands. "Get ready, Ky. You're not even in your shoes or coat. Come on. You want to go, right?"

Again, I just get a shrug. Sighing a little, I force my hat down on her freshly bald head, then running my hands down her face. I kiss her, lingering for a second. Kyra gives me a smile, her lip ring scratching my face gently due to our close proximity. When she returns the kiss, she wraps her arms around my neck, turning her hands up to run them up my neck.

"You're so cold all the time," she said, smiling at me.

"It is below freezing outside."


"You're cold too."

"Am I?"


She laughs a little, which even with the magic bra is nice. I move to kiss her again, but someone clearly their throat makes me stop. Kyra looks to her right and sees Roger. Groaning, she shakes her head and rolls her eyes. I get a quick kiss before she says, "If I'm going to have to get ready, alright? Dressed and stuff. Can you give me a minute?"

"Yeah. Alright."

She kisses me again before going into her bedroom, pushing me the rest of the way out, and closing the door.


I follow Roger to the living room, not sure if I'm more upset by the fact he may try to murder me or the fact that I didn't get to keep making out with Kyra.

"Go outside and start your car. It'll need to warm up. Take a pitcher of water too, to throw on the window shield."

I follow his instructions before going back into the house. Roger nods at the couch and I sit back down.

"That in the hall was something that you would do in front of your mother/"


He shakes his head at me. "Do not make me force you to never come back."

I think about mentioning the fact that if we had stopped where I wanted it to stop, we wouldn't have done that. Instead, I just nod.

About ten minutes later, Kyra comes back out in black, even down to her coat. The only ounce of color on her was my hat, which made me smile. She rolls her eyes at Roger before walking out the door. I bid him goodbye before following.

"So where are we going?" I ask as I get into the car. It was still cold in the car and Kyra wrapped her arms around herself. "Simone or Jecca's?"


"What are they doing there?"


"How?" I was trying to figure out how they could possibly blast a stereo without power.

"It's a silent party."

"I don't-"

"It's cool. Just drop me off."

"Can you get a ride back or-"

"Yes, God."

We ride in silence after that. When we get to her friend's house, I can't see anyone in the house. Must be some party for…a silence party. Kyra starts to get out, but I stop her.

"Seriously though, if you need a ride, just call, alright? I have nothing else to do all day. Don't walk home."

"No shit, Fanboy."

I smile at her, trying to get her to do the same for me, but it doesn't work. I let her go and she leaves.

When I get home, Mom is waiting for me. She's fuming. She gets up and gets into my face.

"Don't you ever hang up on me."

I sigh, closing the door behind me. "I'm not leaving town. I'm just not. Kyra's here, Cal's here, Schemata is here, my life is here. I don't care who you're sleeping with, I'm not-"

I take a second to realize what she did. All I feel is pain in my cheek. Then I understand. She slapped me. For what?

"Get out."


"Leave. You want to stay in this town so bad? Fine. Go. See how badly your friends want you now."

So I left.