-April 15th, 1629.-

"Tell me the story again, Father."

"I've told it to you at least three dozen times before."

"I know, but it's my favorite. Please?"

"Very well. Listen closely, son, perhaps you will catch something you missed the last thirty-six times."


"It was 1621, the twentieth of January, in Midgardian tongue, and, unbeknownst at the time, the final day of the Great War between Jotunheim and Asgard. The Asgardians were fighting valiantly, but still losing to King Laufey and his – seemingly unbeatable – army of Jotunn warriors. Finally, after the death of three of the sons of the Asgardian king, the Asgardians were getting closer to winning, but they did not anticipate what happened next.

"In a last attempt to ensure that he would win the war, Laufey made a hasty alliance with the powerful Fire Demon, and longtime enemy of Asgard, Surtur. The army simply watched in horror as Surtur walked onto the battlefield. King Bur Burison, seething with anger at the death of three of his sons, threw himself and, the one weapon able to defeat Surtur, his spear, Gungnir, at the enormous monster.

"With a wave of his fire-covered hand, Surtur threw the king aside. Odin, the last living son of Bur, rushed to the king's side as he lay dying.

"His father dead in his arms, Odin curled his fingers around Gungir's handle, and turned his head slightly. Surtur was approaching him, and he raised his burning sword up with both hands to defeat the prince of Asgard and end the war, but he did not see that Odin was holding the enchanted spear. Just as Surtur was about to bring his sword down, Odin turned and yelled so loud that every warrior in both armies heard him, and plunged his sword into the demon's exposed chest. Surtur let out a cry and flung his hand forward, clawing Odin's left eye, before exploding into ash.

"With renewed vigour, the Asgardians rushed toward the blue-skinned Jotunn army and fought fiercly. Stricken with fear at the death of the legendary demon, Laufey and his army fled into the snowy mountains, and were never seen again.

"The army returned, victorious. They feasted for days, and Odin was crowned king over Asgard. The celebration lasted for months, paling in comparison, however, to the war that had lasted for nearly fifty years. Despite the costs of war, Asgard was rebuilt, and they constructed an enormous wall, the Bifrost, with paths to the nine surrounding lands, allowing trade routes between many of them and Asgard."


"Father, you left out one of the best parts!"

He feigned a sigh. "What part is that?"

"The part where you found... You know."

"I do seem to be getting rather forgetful. Forgive me."


"But, before the celebrations, before the coronation, there was one event, important to none but our little family. We went through the camp of our defeated enemy, and I found the most interesting thing, it was a little baby. My wife and I could not have children, you see, so I decided to keep him, and we called him Loki. He was the best thing ever to come into our lives."


"See Father, now the story has a proper ending."

The former army general chuckled. "Yes, Loki, I suppose it does. Now get some sleep, your mother will not be pleased if she realizes I told you the tale before bed."

"Please, Agni, I've been listening since the beginning," A feminine voice announced, the carrier then entered the dimly lit room. "I may not endorse telling him such stories before bed, but I enjoy the tale as much as young Loki," She smiled.

Eight year old Loki just grinned and settled comfortably into his blankets.

"Come Nessa, Loki needs to sleep," Agni took his wife's hand and they both started to leave.


They turned at Loki speaking up.

"I," He yawned. "I want to be a warrior someday, just like you were."

Nessa blew out the one remaining candle. "You will be, sweetie."

The two adults exited and Loki fell into a peaceful slumber, oblivious to the frowns that were now present on his parents' faces.

"How will we ever tell him?" Nessa said with worry as they entered their room.

"Tell him? That he's a Jotunn and that, added to the fact that he is adopted, which is already frowned upon, he will never be able to be a 'mighty warrior' like me?" Agni shook his head. "No, never."

"He'll figure out the Jotunn part soon enough, why would an Asgardian baby be in that camp?" Nessa said tiredly.

"We can deal with that when he's older," Agni muttered, and sat down his cane, limping into bed on his injured leg.

Nessa just sighed and lay next to her husband, thinking about her son's future.


A.N. Yeah, this is an AU, so I will take liberties with canon, just so you know. This was simply the prologue, the first chapter should be uploaded tomorrow.