A.N. So, I've pretty much ended this story, and I doubt I'm ever going to write anymore, but I figure you few readers deserve the final chapter I wrote, about one to two years ago.

Chapter Eight


February 7th, 1639.


Loki followed Thor back to his chambers and watched him slam the door, rattling the floor slightly. Loki was surprised the door didn't fall off.

Loki opened it gently, not bothering to knock.

"That didn't go well," Loki said simply.

Thor's back was to him and he was looking out the window with his hands positioned far apart on the windowsill.

"No, I hadn't noticed," Thor scoffed.

Loki cleared his throat and stepped into the room, shutting the door.

"You may be able to still convince him," Loki offered.

"My father has had dealings with Nicholas Fury. He will *not* change his mind once he has made a decision," Thor stated, sighing in aggravation and hopelessness.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Thor turned. "A sweet notion, Loki, but it doesn't help. My father will die, Asgard will fall, hope is gone," Thor clenched his fists. "All because Fury is a coward!" He yelled and punched the window, breaking the glass and causing his knuckle to bleed.

Loki walked over and grabbed Thor's hand. "Brilliant job, there. I better go fetch Charles."

"It's just a scratch," Thor muttered, and sat on the edge of his bed, looking annoyed. "I'm not going to a healer."

Loki looked at him like he was insane, then he got up, went into the washroom, - Huh, it was bigger than Loki's. Not surprising though. - and got a cloth, dipping it into the basin full of water so he could clean up Thor's bleeding fist. He then went and sat next to Thor.

"You can't go around punching windows, I don't care how frustrated you are," Loki admonished, trying to fish all the little pieces of glass out of the wound.

Thor looked at him as he continued to wash the wound. His previously agitated expression softened, not that Loki could see.

"I missed you, you know."

Loki ignored him, but his tone went cold. "So, what are you going to do about Fury?"

Thor winced as Loki dislodged a somewhat large piece of glass from his index finger.

"I haven't gotten the chance to talk to you. Charles has kept me in bed most of the time, and when I sneak out, you're always with Erik." Thor said the last word with intentional disgust.

"I think you should try to rally an army yourself, Fury did say-"

"Shut up about Fury for a second." Thor cradled Loki's neck with his uninjured left hand. "I'm trying to apologize."

"What for?" Loki said, not able to bring himself to pull away from the prince's touch.

"I don't know, but it seems you've been purposely ignoring me. I must've done something wrong." Thor looked into his eyes. Loki was suddenly very nervous.

He pulled away and went back to cleaning Thor's hand.

"Your apology's useless if you can't realize what you're supposed to be apologizing for," Loki responded, being less gentle as he wiped the last of the blood from Thor's wound. Loki then got up and went back to the washroom, draping the bloody cloth over the edge of the wooden tub.

"I think there might be some bandages in here, hopefully," Loki announced, changing the subject again. He dug around in a basket in the corner of the small room and found a clean, wrapped bandage.

"I found one," Loki said, and got up, turning to go wrap Thor's hand.

Thor was still sitting on the bed, but he had his brow furrowed in thought.

Loki sat and started wrapping Thor's hand.

"I still think you should see a healer." Loki pulled the bandage around Thor's hand, trying his best not to look at him.

Thor was silent, still in thought.

"There, all wrapped up." Loki finished tying up his hand and got up, looking at the ground, before turning to go.

"Loki, please tell me, what did I *do*?" Thor burst out.

"You really don't see it, do you?" Loki asked, incredulous.

"I don't know *what* I did that could've possessed you to ignore me as you are," Thor said, defensive.

"Fine, you want to know?" Loki turned and crossed his arms. "It was that blasted almost-kiss!"

Thor looked confused. "But it didn't happen, I apologized. Loki, it didn't mean anything," He insisted.

"That's the problem you daft idiot! It meant something to *me*! I've tried to deny it, I've tried to ignore it, it's not working! I miss you too, all I can think about is you, if it weren't for you, I would've learned the blasted spell Erik's trying to teach me, but I can't *concentrate* because you're occupying my mind the entire time!" Loki shouted, throwing his hands in the air.


"Don't even bother. We're leaving Asgard tonight, get packed," Loki ordered, his tone flat.

"Loki, wait-"

Loki shut the door.


Loki was getting everything ready to go - not that there was much, considering he'd left his pack at the campsite.

A knock at the door.

"Go away, Thor!"

"It's Erik."

Loki sighed. "Enter."

"You alright?" Erik said, entering the room.

"I'm fine," Loki lied. "What is it?"

"I hear you're leaving tonight, I'm sorry it didn't go well with King Fury," Erik stated.

"Yes, well, I suppose we'll have to evacuate the land, maybe we'll come here, just to annoy Fur- King Fury," Loki muttered.

"I'll do what I can to help," Erik said, turning to leave.

Short visit, Loki thought, somewhat disappointed. He wanted company, anyone that would take his mind off of Thor.

"Thank you, Erik."

"Oh, and, you've mastered it."

Loki looked at him. "Mastered it? The spell? How do you know?"

"Remember how I told you to continuously practice it? Were you practicing it now?"

"Yes, I was, but how would you know? You've kept your spell up all day," Loki said.

"It just ended, and you're the same," Erik replied with a grin as he walked out.

"Well, at least one thing's going good," Loki murmured.


Thor finished packing in practically thirty minutes. He was still reeling from Loki's confession earlier.

What was he supposed to do? Keep it a secret? Tell Odin?

Thor laid back on his bed and heaved a sigh. How did he feel about Loki?

Good question. Thor didn't know the answer. He knew he really liked Loki, but it was obviously a brotherly, friendly love.

Brothers didn't think about kissing each other.

Alright, perhaps it wasn't as brotherly as Thor liked to believe.

He needed to go see Loki, perhaps the answer to his dilemma would reveal itself then.

Thor walked to Loki's room, trying not to pay attention to the fact that he knew the way by heart even though he'd only actually been in his chambers once.