Ryan was sitting alone in his basement in silence. His life was in the gutter right now. He broke up with the woman he loved, his boss killed himself, and he wasn't sure anymore what was real and what was reality. He put his face in his hands, let out a long sigh, and rubbed his visage. Then, the familiar patter of footsteps came from the top of the stairs, and in a few seconds he was looking at his closest friend, his neighbor Jenna's dog Wilfred. He was wearing a happy and excited smile.

"Well lookie here Ryan. Two single friends with nothing to do!"

Ryan instantly could tell that Wilfred was in the mood to get high as a kite. "Not now Wilfred. It's not the best of times."

Wilfred lost his smile for a look of slight concern. "Why, what's wrong Ryan?"

"What's wrong?" Ryan repeated in disbelief. "Everything!"

Wilfred saw that his closest (and probably only) friend was in emotional turmoil. He walked over to the beat-up couch and sat down next to the formerly suicidal lawyer. "Okay, how 'bout this. We do ehatever you feel like doing, and i don't complain at all."

Ryan looked at the dog who appeared to be an Austrailian man very closely. "Fine. Let's just sit here, and do nothing."

"But that's so boring!" Wilfred whined.

"You just said you wouldn't complain!"

"That was before i knew you wanted to act dead!"

"Well if you're so bored, why are you still here?"

"Um..." Wilfred then realized that he had no other friends besides Ryan, and Bear was still sore from last night. He looked at Ryan who was looking right back at him waiting for an answer. In those few seconds, Wilfred devised a brilliant plot to both get Ryan out of his funk and have a little fun, but he was reluctant to do so. "I got an idea, why don't we call Bruce?"

"Bruce?" Ryan had the same disbelief from before. "Why would you want to do that? You hate him."

"I don't not hate him," Wilfred said defencivly. "I just don't like him all that much."

"Well that still doesn't explain why you want to get him to come over here."

"Simple, you are almost suicidal again 'cause your life sucks, and the twelve hours you spent playing playing pointless games with him was actually an enjoyable time. Admit it."

Ryan was about to deny Wilfred's claim, but he froze and realized that Wilfred was right. Even though it had been completely stupid, playing all the ridiculous games with Bruce had been... a little fun.

Wilfred saw the look of enlightenment in Ryan's eye and grinned. "See, I told you. You wait here. I'm gonna go and call him."


A/N: The first game is going to be called Fairy Princess Tea Party Bar Fight