Spider-Man's ultimate challenge

After Spider-Man took down the Green Goblin AKA Norman Osborn, and Gwen stayed with Harry, Peter thought that things would stay calm for a while but he didn't even know that the worst was yet to come.

Chapter 1- Temporally normalcy

It has been three weeks since the Green Goblin was defeated and the city had been quiet for a while now, Spider-Man sat on top of a skyscraper and looked down at the traffic, "Normally I would love that the criminals seems to catch me a break, but right now I could really use a good old bank robbery or a car chase to get my mind of my problems". Spider-Man sighed, after he unintentionally killed Norman Osborn so had life been difficult for him.

Harry was trying his best to get everyone to see Spider-Man as a criminal, every time he heard someone mention a crime Spidey had stopped so would he snap and yell and say that Spider-Man probably only did it to make everyone forget that he killed his father, most people however didn't pay attention to what he said since everyone had learned that Norman Osborn was the Green Goblin.

And Gwen, Peter didn't want anything more than to hold her in his arms, but since Harry needs her to keep himself from going back to the Globulin Green and so even though Peter and Gwen wanted to be with each other so couldn't they, otherwise they might be looking at the second Green Goblin. Another problem Peter had was how he was going to make things right with Liz so they could be friends again, she had been pretty mad at him for a while but it seems like she was calming down now.

Suddenly a police siren caught Spider-Man's attention, he looked down and saw a couple of police cars passing by below him, he got to his feet and dived down from the skyscraper, he fell for about a minute before shooting a web-line and swung after the cars, following them to where the trouble was.

He soon saw that there a robbery in a diamond store, the police was trying to catch them but they had taken the clerk and held him hostage, "Back away cops, or this guy is toast". Captain George Stacy kept an eye in the sky and saw the web-slinger, he smiled when he saw him.

"Didn't you hear what I said, back off", said the one holding the clerk while holding his gun aimed at his head, before anyone could react so came Spider-Man in through the door. He shot two webs and grabbed the thugs guns and yanked them away from the thugs, "Well what do we have here a party? Could it be that my invitation was lost in the mail?" Before the thugs could do anything so shot Spidey a web-line at the clerk and yanked him away from the thugs.

The thugs ran towards Spidey and tried to punch him, but the web-spinning wonder dodge every attack before webbing them both to the wall. A few minutes later so was the thugs being put into a police car with handcuffs on their wrists, Spider-Man and George looked as the cars drove away before George turned his eyes to the super-powered teen, "Thanks for the help there Spidey, it could've gotten really ugly if you hadn't shown up". Beneath his mask so was Peter smiling, "No problem Captain Stacy, all in a day's work after all", George smile suddenly vanished, he asked Spider-Man what was troubling him, Spidey got nervous and said that nothing was wrong, "Kid, I can read people pretty good and even though you wear a mask so can I see that something is wrong".

Spider-Man sighed he wanted to tell George Stacy what was wrong but he couldn't, "It's nothing I can't handle, trust me captain", George nodded not completely believing the young hero, Spider-Man took of up in the air and swung away.


After that he developed the photos, Peter stepped into the Daily Bugle and the first thing he heard was Jolly Jonah Jameson scream like usual, "LEE, IF I DON'T HAVE THAT DAIMOND STORE ROBBERY STORY ON MY DESK IN 0.0002 SECONDS YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO LOOK FOR A NEW JOB!" Ned Lee sighed, he took his story and gave it to Jameson, Peter hadn't noticed that Ned was there but it didn't matter.

A few seconds after Jameson had read the story so did he see Peter standing outside his office, "PARKER, IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME PICTURES OF THAT ROBBERY IN 0.00001 SECONDS SO WILL YOU NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE FOR THIS PAPPER AGAIN!" Peter quickly got into the office and handed Jameson the pictures, before he had gotten into the store so had he webbed his camera in an angle so that it got a good view into the store. Jameson looked at the pictures, "they're all crap but I'm nice so I give you 60 bucks for all five of them", Peter gritted his teeth, Jameson knew just like he did that each picture was worth twice of that and Peter needed the money.

"Mister Jameson, I know that each picture is worth twice that price but what say we compromise, I'll get 60 bucks for each of them and we forget the other half, come on I have to help my aunt May with the bills". Jameson looked at Peter's determined face, he would never admit it but he liked Parker and hearing this he couldn't say no, "Fine Parker, you'll get your 300 bucks, give this check to Ms Brant".

Peter couldn't believe that Jameson had given up so easily but he wouldn't complain over it, he took the check and got out to where Betty Brant sat, Peter gave her the check and got his money

Peter was swinging around the city with a web-bag on his back to see if any crime was going on somewhere, suddenly he heard a scream and saw a man grab a woman's purse, Spidey let go of his web-line and shot another web and swung lower to the ground. The thief was running away laughing but he suddenly gasped in horror as he felt someone grab him and his feet leave the ground. A few seconds later so did he hang upside down in a web cocoon, Spidey landed in front of the woman and handed her the purse, "Here is your purse lady, I'm glad he didn't do something bad to you". The woman took the purse and smiled at Spider-Man, "Thank you Spider-Man, I don't care what Jameson says about you because in my book so are you a true hero".

Spider-Man was touched by the woman's words, he didn't hear that very often and he smiled under his mask, "Thank you but I'm only doing what's my duty, because with great power comes great responsibility". After saying that Spidey took and jumped up in the air before he began swinging home, it was getting late and he had a school day tomorrow.


Spider-Man was jumping from roof to roof and was coming closer to his house, but as he saw his house he saw Liz Allen standing outside it, obviously waiting for him, Peter knew that he needed to talk to her and it might as well be now. Peter landed in a alley nearby and took his normal clothes out of the web-bag and changed back to the soon 17 years old Peter Parker, Peter walked towards his house, Liz saw him coming towards her and walked towards him and soon they stood in front of each other.

Peter was nervous, he didn't know if Liz was here to yell at him or not, but he soon calmed down when he saw Liz smile at him, "Petey I know it has been rough in our relationship since the break up but I would like if we could be friends again", Peter smiled and said that he would like to be friends again, they said they would talked more tomorrow and Liz left and Peter went inside the house.

Once Peter was inside so came aunt May out from the kitchen, "Peter, how have your day been sweetie?" Peter smiled at her before kissing her on the cheek, "I'm fine aunt May, and look I got some money so now we can pay all the bills", Peter took out the money and gave them to aunt May, whom smiled sadly, "Thanks Peter but you should not give me all of them, you need some of it too". Peter however refused to take half of the money she was holding towards him, "You need them more than I do aunt May, I'm going upstairs now, good night", Peter went upstairs and May sighed, she wished that Peter would think about himself a little more.


Peter felt himself feeling a little worried when he saw how little web fluid he had left, he knew he should have taken some of that money but aunt May needed it for the bills, he sighed, he would just have to take more pictures and earn more money.

I'm sure I can find some kind of big crime to bust and get pictures of for a big paycheck, I mean, we live in New York City, Peter thought before he went to his bed and fell asleep.


Peter woke up and went down the stairs there his breakfast was waiting for him, after finishing it and said good bye to aunt May he changed into his costume and began to make his way to Midtown High when he suddenly heard an explosion. Spider-Man made his way to where he heard the explosion and saw Electro and Rhino robbing an armored truck full of money, probably to help Dock Ock whom escaped recently with his plans. Peter webbed his camera and jumped into action.

I guess I won't have to wait long for that paycheck at all, Spider-Man thought as he landed in front of Rhino and Electro and prepared himself for battle.

Everything looks bright for our hero now, but he will soon have to face the return of a old enemy and the arrival of a new, more powerful one, how will Spidey handle this challenge? Continue reading to find out and please review.