Spider-Man's ultimate challenge

Last time so attacked the Sinister Six Peter's school to draw out Spider-Venom, he battled them and defeated them pretty soon, Gwen and MJ learned about Peter's secret and tried to convince him to get rid of the symbiote, but they couldn't completely reach him, will Peter be able to separate himself from the symbiote before it's too late?

Chapter 9- The final battle with Carnage and within


Gwen sat at the table, she had tried to sleep but she only dreamed about Peter was completely lost to the symbiote and became new ruler of the city and punished anyone who did even the slightest thing that was illegal with death, she was scared, what if he couldn't defeat the symbiote and it actually bonded with him permanently?

She heard steps and saw her father come down and he looked at her with a shocked expression on his face, "Can't you sleep Gwen?" She nodded, "I'm having really bad dreams and I can't sleep, dad I have something I must tell you". George looked at her and Gwen continued: "Dad yesterday I learned something big about Peter, but I don't' know how to say this or if I should but I can't just keep quiet, he needs help, Dad he's Sp…" George stopped her right there, he sighed, "I already know Gwen, I know, I have known his secret for a while now".

Gwen looked completely shocked, then she gave her dad the look, "You mean you've known that Peter has been Spider-Man for a while? And you never told me about it?" George looked at her seriously, "It wasn't my decision to tell you, it's his secret, he have been keeping it a secret from everyone to make sure that no criminals would find out, he have been looking out for everyone he has ever come in contact with".

Gwen sighed, "I know dad but I hate that he kept it secret from me, I'm his friend, I know that he did the right thing keeping it a secret but right now he's in trouble and I can't do anything to help him, dad what can we do? He's under the influence of the symbiote so he won't listen to reason and soon he might be gone forever". George hugged her when she started to cry, he held her tight, "All we can do is try to reach the real Peter inside of him, I know that he's still in there and is fighting to break free".

George sat and held Gwen who continued to cry until she fell asleep from exhaustion, George carried her to her room and put her in bed, he watched her sleep and felt bad for her, she was worried about Peter and didn't know how to help him.

But she's right about one thing and that's that time is running out for Peter, if we can't get that thing of him soon so can he be lost to us, for good, George thought while he went to bed himself.


Spider-Venom was on his way to school then he heard a police siren, he saw a police car pass by under him, he followed and saw a man hold a woman hostage outside a jewel store, he had a knife against her throat, "Back away or this woman is history". The woman began to cry because she thought that she was going to die, but then a black web-ball hit the man's knife arm and the knife flew away, then a web-line hit the woman and yanked her away from him and into the arms of a police officer. The man picked up the knife and turned around in time to see Spider-Venom land in front of him, Spider-Venom grabbed his hand with the knife and twisted it, breaking his wrist.

The Man screamed in pain and dropped the knife, then he screamed in both pain and fear then he felt Spider-Venom picking him up, Spider-Venom took and slammed into a car that was near them and destroyed the roof and dented the hood then the thug hit the car knocking him out cold and was bleeding on a few places.

Once the criminal was dealt with so jumped Spider-Venom up in the air and swung towards Midtown High, the police officers went to the car and got the thug out of it and called for an ambulance, they then looked in the sky and knew that if the symbiote wasn't separated from Spider-Man soon so would it be too late.


Peter was walking through the corridor to his science class with Aaron Warren then Flash got in front of him, "We have some unfinished business Parker", Peter looked at him, "Didn't I teach you a lesson then I threw you against the lockers, I won't allow you to push me around anymore Eugene". Flash lost his temper and began to throw punches towards Peter who just sidestepped them, after a few seconds so did he grabbed Flash's right hand by the wrist and began to squeeze it, almost breaking it like he had broken the thugs wrist, Flash went down on a knee and screamed in pain a few seconds before Peter let go of him and walked towards the science class.


Peter walked out from the science class, Mr Warren wanted to talk with him about what happened with Flash earlier, he gave Peter a warning not to do it again, Peter was now walking towards his next class then Gwen and MJ came up to him, "Pete, we must talk to you, it's about yesterday". Peter walked passed them and said: "I think I told you to not bring that up again". Gwen was about to say something then the three of them heard something on a kid's radio, they looked in that direction and heard that Carnage was causing chaos and panic in Times Square, Gwen and Mary Jane looked in Peter's direction only to see that he was already gone, and Gwen took out her phone to call her dad.


Carnage was destroying everything in sight while laughing like the psychopath he was, he had just sliced of a man's arm and was about to killed him then a black web-line hit his back and pulled him up in the air there Spider-Venom came down with a punch that sent Carnage flying down and made him hit the ground hard enough to make it shake.

Spider-Venom landed on the ground just as Carnage was getting up, they both looked at each other while a blade came out from Spider-Venom's right wrist and Carnage left arm turned into an axe, they ran towards each other and the weapons connected with each other, they was swinging their weapons at the other, they dodged, blocked and swung their weapons.

They jumped away from each other but then a red web-line came from Carnage's stomach and connected with Spider-Venom and pulled him towards Carnage who slashed out with his axe, but Spider-Venom flipped over him while the blade went back into his wrist while the spikes on his arms grew into blades.

He spun around the moment his feet touched the ground and began slashing Carnage's back with the blades, the red symbiote barely had time to repair one the damage from one attack before another one hit him. Carnage spun around while swinging his axe at Spider-Venom but he dodged it and slashed Carnage over his whole stomach with the blade on his right arm.

Spider-Venom then prepared a strike to the head but a tentacle came out from Carnage shoulder and grabbed him and slammed him into the ground before tossing him into a wall of a building. Spider-Venom was getting up then he felt something stab him in the shoulder while something cut him over his back, he turned his head around to see Carnage have a spear in his shoulder and was preparing another attack with the axe.

A piece of Spider-Venom's symbiote flew out and pushed Carnage away while pulling out the spear and the symbiote repaired the damage and Spider-Venom got up and turned around. Spider-Venom shot out a tentacle that slammed into Carnage and sent him flying into a water post destroying it and making water stream everywhere. Carnage came up and ran towards him, Spider-Venom sidestepped him and kicked him in the side sending him flying into a light pole. Spider-Venom jumped up and came down with a punch but Carnage ripped the light pole out of the ground and used it to send Spider-Venom flying into the wall of a building, before he fell to the ground.

Spider-Venom put his hand on a car and used it as support to get up, he looked up and saw Carnage coming down with both his arms formed as axes, Spider-Venom pushed his claws through the roof of the car and then threw it with one arm at Carnage who couldn't dodge and it collided with him, Carnage fell to the ground and the car landed on top of him.

Carnage ripped the car in half with his bare hands and got up in time to get two feet in his face, sending him backwards and onto the ground again, Spider-Venom looked at him, "You've improved Carnage, but you're still not good enough to defeat me", Carnage tried to get up but Spider-Venom punched him in the jaw before kicking him in the head sending him flying again. Carnage tried to get up again but thick black webbing hit his arms and legs sticking him to the ground and Spider-Venom jumped onto him and grabbed his jaw with both his hands, "What are you doing?" Carnage asked worried, "I'm going to separate your symbiote from you by force Kasady".

Spider-Venom then pulled in Carnage's jaw with such force that the symbiote mask split open and Kasady's face could be seen as he screamed in agony, Spider-Venom kept pulling in the symbiote and causing both it and its host great pain, causing the bond between the symbiote and Kasady to shatter and the symbiote had no choice but to abandon Kasady and try to escape but Spider-Venom shot webbing at it trapping it, he turned back to Kasady who was lying on the ground in pain.

A blade came out from Spider-Venom's right wrist and he held it in front of himself while he said: "You have caused enough damage Kasady, you and your kind is the reason why this city is in chaos, but luckily for it so am I the cure, NOW DIE CLETUS KASADY!" Spider-Venom grabbed the blade with both of his hands and aimed at Kasady's head, everyone else gasped in fear and Kasady prepared himself, but then the blade slightly changed angle and hit the ground right next to Kasady's head.

Kasady looked shocked at Spider-Venom who looked like he was in a big struggle, he stood up and the blade went back into his wrist and then his hand went slowly up towards his left shoulder while it was shaking greatly, he grabbed his own shoulder and with a great yank ripped off a big piece of the symbiote so that the red shoulder on his normal costume could be seen, the symbiote screeched as it tried to repair itself, Kasady and everyone else looked completely shocked at Spider-Venom, his arms was now slowly going towards his head.


Spider-Venom was standing in front of place Peter had been trapped but now he was gone and the chains that had been holding him was lying shattered on the ground, "WHERE ARE YOU PARKER?", "He's right here", heard Spider-Venom a familiar voice say, he turned around to see Ben Parker stand there with Peter next to him with one arm over his uncle's shoulders and both of the Parker men looked at him with narrowed eyes.

Spider-Venom growled then he saw Ben Parker, "You always interfere Ben Parker, but no more, BE GONE!" A tentacle flew towards Ben but Peter jumped in front of him and kicked it out of the way, Spider-Venom growled again then his eyes landed on Peter, "You won't hurt anyone ever again symbiote, I will stop you here once and for all". Ben put a hand on Peter's shoulder and Peter looked at him, "Go and get him kiddo", Peter nodded as his Spider-Man suit appeared on him, Ben disappeared and Spider-Man turned back to Spider-Venom, the two of them stared at each other for a few seconds before they ran towards each other and threw a punch at the other.


Spider-Venom was pulling in his black mask until it got ripped to shreds and Spider-Man's mask showed up, he began to pull in the symbiote on the chest and ripped it of and his red chest with its black spider could be seen, a few police cars showed up and out of one of them came George, they all saw that Spider-Man was struggling to get the symbiote of himself, one officer took and arrested Kasady while George turned around and looked at the others, "How about we give him a little help". The officers nodded and took out two sonic blasters and fired at Spider-Man, the symbiote screeched as the sonic waves hit it, it got weaker and Spider-Man ripped piece after piece of himself.


Spider-Man and Spider-Venom was still battling each other, Spider-Man was slowly getting the upper hand but Spider-Venom was still pretty evenly matched with him, but then they jumped away from each other so did he suddenly go down on a knee, Spider-Man felt him getting weaker and realized something must have happened to the body. He knew this might be his best chance to kick out the symbiote and he was going to take the chance, he ran towards Spider-Venom and delivered one punch after another before he gave him a powerful kick sending Spider-Venom flying and hit the ground, Spider-Venom began to scream before his consciousness began to fade until it disappeared completely from Peter's mind.

Spider-Man felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to see his uncle standing there, he and Ben hugged before Ben took of the mask and smiled at Peter who smiled back, "You did well kiddo, I'm proud of you, I have always been". Peter's smile got bigger, "Thanks Uncle Ben, I miss you but I know you will always be with me, farewell for now, I love you".


Spider-Man grabbed the weakened symbiote and ripped the front of the suit to shreds and the weakened alien couldn't stay on him anymore so it separated itself from him and tried to crawl away but got hit by another sonic wave, George threw a bag at Spidey who caught it and put the symbiote inside of it.

Spider-Man turned to see where the Carnage symbiote was and another officer had gotten it inside another bag, the officer gave it to Spider-Man who held both while he saw how both of the symbiotes tried to escape, "I'm going to make up for all the trouble I caused as Spider-Venom, and I will start by hiding these two in a place there no one will ever find them again".

George came towards him with a smile, "I know a good place, we get there in my car, the rest of you look after the ones that Kasady hurt here as Carnage", the officers nodded and went to check on people while George and Spidey got into George's car and drove away.


Spider-Man and George got out of the car and Spidey looked wondering at him, "why are we here Captain?" George looked at him, "Just follow me Pete", Spidey nodded and followed him, they went to a building behind the station and George opened the door, he then revealed a hidden entrance in the floor, he and a really confused Spider-Man went down. While they were walking down so asked Spider-Man: "Why is there a hidden passage in a building behind the old police station?" George looked at him, "We used to have our worst criminals here but it was abandoned even before you were born so I'm not surprise that you don't know about it".

They soon reached a big metal door and Spidey gave the symbiotes to George before he took and opened the door, they put the two symbiotes inside and Spidey closed the door, "Will no one find them here?" George looked at Spider-Man, "Even if someone else remember this place so am I the only one who have access to this place, the symbiotes will never get out of here". Spider-Man nodded and the two of them went up and drove away from the old station.


George and Spider-Man was standing in a alley waiting for Gwen, George had asked her to pick up some of Peter's normal clothes, he said that they was going to go to his place anyway so why couldn't he come with them? Gwen soon showed up with a bag with clothes, she gave the bag to Spidey before she gave him a big hug, "I'm glad you're back to normal". Peter Smiled under his mask before Gwen left so he could change.


George car stopped in front of Peter's house, Peter, Gwen and George got out and walked towards his house, "Why are you coming with me? Is there something I don't know about?" Gwen was barely holding back a laugh, she understood why he didn't realize what day it was today but it was still hilarious.

Peter opened the door and got shocked to see aunt May, Anna Watson, MJ and Liz stand there and they all shouted at the same time: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!" Peter smacked his head with a smile, because of everything that had happened because of the two symbiotes so had he forgotten that it was his birthday today, George put a hand on Peter's shoulder, "Congratulation on your 17th birthday Peter, today is really a day to celebrate".

Soon so was everyone happy and was laughing, Gwen and Mary Jane was happy to see that Peter was back to normal again and Peter hadn't felt this good in a while now, he knew trouble was always looking for him, but right now so was everything perfect.


George and Gwen was sitting in George's car outside Mary Jane's house waiting for her, she came out and got into the car and Gwen looked wondering at Peter's house, "Isn't Pete home?" MJ shook her head, "His aunt said he left early, he said that he wanted to do something before school". George looked at her and smiled, "I think he just wants to web-swing around the city and enjoy being free from the symbiote and know that both of them will never cause trouble ever again". Gwen and Mary Jane looked at each other and smiled before they nodded, it sure sounded like something he would do.


The now seventeen year old Peter Parker also known as the Spectacular Spider-Man was swinging around in the city just enjoying the wind in his face and the knowledge that both the Venom symbiote and the Carnage symbiote was locked up and would stay that way, "Right now so is everything perfect, I'm going to keep fighting crimes and try to win back the city's trust, but no matter what so am I always going to be New York's Friendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN!" he shouted as he let go of the web and fell towards the ground before he shot another web-line and got back up in the air before he hit the ground and swung towards school that would soon start.

So Peter stopped Carnage and got rid of the black symbiote and he and George locked both of them up, will they stay locked up or will they get out? Let's hope they stay locked up right okay? This is all from me true believers, and to our favorite web-slinger I say happy swinging and good luck, I have a feeling you're going to need it in the future.