His Other Lover


Young Jemma is a ballet dancer at the grand Opera house in Paris. With both parents dead, she was shipped to Paris to live in the Opera Popular with her aunt. She is not allowed to address her as aunt, no, she called her Madame Giry just like the rest of the pretty little dancers and actors and actresses.

Day in and day out she is forced to practice the graceful art of dancing along side her cousin Meg. Every day was the same for her. Twirl here, step there. It wore her out completely.

Besides, her true passion isn't dancing. Before she went to sleep each night, she didn't dream of being the star of the show. That never crossed her mind. Not even once.

She only ever wished for one thing. The same thing each and every night. Though she knew it would never happen, she wished that one day while on stage dancing, she could look into the large crowd and see her parents. Each sitting in a red velvet chair, proud to see their once little girl all grown up and dancing.

Yet thinking of her mother and father helps her feel just a hair closer to them, the image quickly fades into darkness and she is left with an emptiness in her soul. So as the moon introduces the bright stars, Jemma shuts her 19 year old eyes and tries to have a peaceful night of sleep with out any worries of what the next day might have in store for her.

All night thoughts crash together in head like great big waves as she sleeps. Thoughts of her life before dance or hopes that she won't mess up in the next show. All thoughts of dance. One thing that had nothing to do with dance, let alone her self was O.G. The Opera Ghost him self.

Somehow he would manage to sneak into her mind each night. She had only heard of him for the past 9 years, but for some reason she wished that she could do more that hear the rumors of him.

Her curious mind leads her to wonder if the rumors are true and if there is a way that she could find out for sure. Every once in a while, the strangest thought would pop into her mind. What if she were to find him? Would she follow him? Would she go to his lair and spy on him? Until the time comes, if the time comes, she won't know. She will just have to keep wondering.