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Chapter 4

The ride home, although relatively short, was just what the two of them needed to calm down. Olivia took the opportunity to draw Alex towards her in the back of the cab, enjoying the feel of her lover cuddled against her side. She loved Alex, plain and simple, and yet the feeling was so incredibly complex, reaching to the depths of her soul. Olivia loved Alex's mind, her body, her heart, absolutely everything, even though Alex could frustrate her like no one else could.

As they were driven home, Olivia just relaxed and enjoyed being Alex's girlfriend; enjoyed being able to run her fingertips over the fine hairs on Alex's arm, enjoyed pressing slow, loving kisses to the crown of Alex's head. She loved that they could slip effortlessly into different roles and explore power dynamics when they had sex, but she knew the thing that made all of that possible was the unshakable love and trust they had for each other.

When they got home, Olivia pushed Alex gently towards the shower, knowing that she wanted to clean up even though she was eager for Olivia to make good on her earlier promises. Just to make sure that Alex didn't get too comfortable, or question Olivia's intentions, the detective pulled Alex into a hungry, devouring kiss, waiting until her lover melted against her before pulling back. She smirked smugly at the dreamy, dazed look in Alex's gorgeous blue eyes before giving her another nudge in the direction of the shower.

Alex was quick, happy to feel a little more sanitary after what they'd done in her office, but unable to get the arousing images of riding Olivia out of her head. It wasn't her favorite position, as she most definitely preferred when Olivia was in the position of power and either pressed against her back or above her, but it certainly had its benefits. She found that she could control her own pleasure better from the top, and she knew how much Olivia loved watching her, which was incredibly arousing in itself.

When Alex walked into their bedroom with just a skimpy towel wrapped around her body, Olivia took notice, wondering if there would ever come a day when the blonde wouldn't steal her breath away. She had to fight to keep her hands at her sides instead of reaching out and ravishing Alex right there. But she had other plans, which included taking a quick shower herself and cleaning their strap-on. She was always a stickler for taking care of their toys properly, both for health reasons and because she was a bit of a cheapskate who wanted to get as much mileage out of her purchase as possible. Whenever she brought it up, Alex always reminded her that this toy, and most of the others, had originally been her purchases. Olivia usually had to silence her with a kiss.

When Olivia was finished, she walked back into the bedroom that she had shared with Alex for the last few years to find her girlfriend sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting. Olivia went up to Alex and tossed the freshly cleaned dildo onto the bed, not sure if Alex wanted to use it again tonight or go for one of their other versions. She decided to let Alex choose whichever she preferred this time.

As Olivia stopped directly in front of her in a pair of NYPD sweatpants and a black T-shirt, Alex couldn't help but admire her lover. Even in shapeless clothes, Olivia looked absolutely delicious, and Alex loved that she was the only one who would be getting a taste for the rest of their lives. There was no doubt in her mind that Olivia was it for her; no one else would ever compare with Olivia.

And with that knowledge, Alex leaned forward and pulled Olivia gently forward by her hips, pushing the detective's shirt up her stomach until she was close enough to gaze upon Olivia's firm, but slightly rounded abdomen. Alex pressed her face against the clean-smelling flesh and drowned herself in Olivia's presence before flicking her tongue out to dip quickly into Olivia's navel, shivering at the soft moan she drew from her detective.

Realizing that she hadn't actually tasted Olivia yet today, only the toy that her lover had strapped on earlier, Alex lifted her head to look into Olivia's rapidly darkening eyes. "May I lick you? Please?" she asked, almost pleading in her desire to take Olivia that way.

Olivia let out a loud, exaggerated sigh and spread her thighs, shimmying out of her pants. "I guess watching you ride me can wait... but don't tire yourself out going down on me. I'm not finished with you yet." Alex's tongue darted out to lick her lips when she saw that her lover was completely bare underneath her sweatpants. She didn't even wait for Olivia to finish pushing them down past her ankles before spreading Olivia's knees and dipping her head.

The detective cried out and clutched at her lover's shoulders when she felt Alex's tongue press inside of her, full stop. "What, no foreplay?" she panted as she tried to kick her pants off one foot without dislodging Alex. "God, that feels good..."

Alex moaned in response and continued what she was doing, voicing her approval when she felt another pulse of wetness hit her tongue. If she could only pick one sexual activity to share with Olivia for the rest of their lives, this would be it - nothing quite compared to the way Olivia twitched and rocked against her mouth. Craving even more, Alex peeled apart Olivia's outer folds with her thumbs, nudging at the exposed bundle of nerves with one finger as she tried to press her tongue even deeper.

Olivia gripped the back of Alex's head, not sure whether she should be chastising the ADA or encouraging her. Even though Alex was technically the one giving her pleasure, she was going about it selfishly. There was a noticeable difference between the times Alex went down on Olivia to please her lover, and the times she did it to please herself. This was definitely the second type. Olivia didn't mind - her body was certainly enjoying itself - but she was still fixated on the image of Alex riding her that had stayed at the front of her mind during the ride home. If Alex stayed where she was, with her tongue dipping and swirling around Olivia's entrance, both of them would float in an aroused, delirious sort of limbo for ages. That was probably what Alex wanted, but Olivia had other ideas.

"My clit, baby," she murmured, gently trying to guide Alex's mouth up.

Alex only resisted Olivia's direction long enough to dip her tongue once more into Olivia's tight heat, unable to deny herself one last undiluted taste of her lover. She knew that Olivia just wanted to come and move on to her favorite visual, and Alex couldn't deny that she longed to have Olivia back inside of her. If she really wanted to, Alex could have drawn it out a little longer, but she was in the mood to indulge pretty much any request Olivia might have tonight. The detective could sense when Alex switched from a selfish mentality to one of submissiveness, and she wrapped her fingers a little more tightly in Alex's hair as the blonde began lavishing attention on her clit, both to ground herself in the moment and because she knew Alex liked it.

They both knew it wouldn't be long before Olivia came. Alex knew exactly where and how to touch Olivia to coax out the most intense reaction. She took Olivia's clitoris lightly between her teeth, making Olivia suck in a breath at the unexpected treatment, before closing her lips around the hard bundle of nerves and sucking. She loved when Olivia let go of her usual restraint and stopped trying to muffle her moans of pleasure, pulling Alex's mouth even more forcefully into her.

Alex could feel Olivia getting so very close to the edge, and if this had been about her, then she would have backed off until Olivia was no longer in imminent danger of climaxing. But this wasn't about her, so she sucked a little harder on Olivia's clit and maneuvered her hand so that she could push two fingers into her lover. Knowing how close Olivia was, Alex didn't even give Olivia a couple of preliminary thrusts before curling her fingers. Alex felt satisfaction explode in her chest when she heard Olivia's cries of completion and felt a release of wetness against her hand while Olivia's clit twitched in her mouth.

Alex tried to ride out the spasms, following the movement of Olivia's jerking hips as best she could. Then, in the few moments left to her before Olivia forced her to move on to other activities, she dipped her tongue back down to taste the reward she had earned. Olivia gave a few muffled sighs, her heels nudging against Alex's sides, but the blonde refused to be dissuaded until the glistening wetness coating Olivia's inner thighs and her own fingers was gone.

Finally, Alex leaned back, sitting on her heels and smirking down at her lover, who was breathing hard but still grinning up at her. "Thanks to you, I can't walk," she said slowly, her voice a little hoarse. "So be a good girl and get my cock for me. I don't think we'll need the harness."

"You really want to do this, don't you?" Alex teased, briefly rummaging around in the messy covers until she found what she was looking for. "Here we go," she said, tossing the slightly cold silicone onto Olivia's stomach. The detective flinched, her abdominal muscles twitching at the surprisingly hefty weight, but she took the shaft in her hand and brought the shorter end between her legs.

Deciding to be helpful, Alex brought her thumb back up to Olivia's clit, rolling over it lazily in a sweeping pattern just in case Olivia needed a little extra incentive while she slipped the shorter end inside. Eventually, the seat of the toy forced her to remove her hand so that it could stand up straight. Alex looked at Olivia's eyes, and the hunger she saw there made her legs flex. She had a feeling she wouldn't be going for her morning run tomorrow morning - the muscles in her thighs would probably be burning, and Olivia always took longer to come in this position than she did in missionary or from behind. Alex was convinced that she held out on purpose to enjoy the view longer.

Olivia finished seating the toy within her, jostling it around until she found the optimum position. Then she looked at Alex, who was watching her with rapt attention and looking hungrily between her legs. Alex would sometime put up a token protest, but all Olivia had to do was look at Alex to know they would both be getting a lot from this. "Come here, baby, you know you want to take a ride," Olivia said cockily with an exaggerated eyebrow waggle.

"You are so ridiculous," Alex laughed as she straddled Olivia's legs. "You're lucky I love you." She leaned over and pecked Olivia on her grinning lips, careful to avoid poking herself uncomfortably in the stomach with Olivia's cock.

"I love you, too," Olivia said sweetly. "But I still want you to slide yourself down here," she finished with another devilish grin. She reached over and gripped Alex's hips, but didn't do anything other than verbally encourage her lover. Olivia was patient enough to wait for Alex to go at her own speed. It was always better when Alex set the pace, because she tended to start nice and slow, giving Olivia the incredible visual she longed for.

Alex reached down and couldn't resist getting Olivia back for her teasing by jerking the cock a little, making Olivia close her eyes and tighten her hold on Alex's hips as she groaned in pleasure. The best feeling in the world was knowing that she made Olivia feel good - as good as Olivia made her feel. She waited until Olivia opened her eyes before lifting herself over the detective and fitting the tip of the cock to her entrance.

Olivia absolutely loved watching the various facial expressions that flitted across Alex's face as she lowered herself down. The look of something akin to relief at the first touch of the head, the slight strain as she felt the pinch of her inner walls being stretched, and the satisfied grin as their pelvises finally met. Immediately, Olivia's hands gravitated to Alex's hips. Theoretically, the whole point of having the blonde on top was to give her more control, but Olivia often found herself guiding their rhythm from below anyway. She couldn't seem to help herself - the visual was just too intense.

Teasingly, the ADA began swiveling her hips, rocking back and forth without letting the shaft withdraw. It felt mildly pleasant for her, but the effect on Olivia was obviously much stronger. The forward pressure rubbed the seat of the toy directly against her clit, and she bucked up, desperately trying to force herself even deeper within Alex. "Damn it, I hate it when you do that..."

"You love it when I do that," Alex countered, deliberately repeating the motion.

"I love it too much when you do that," Olivia offered as a compromise. She really wanted to see Alex enjoy herself, but realized that she would end up coming far sooner than she preferred if her lover was allowed to keep up the steady grind she had established. Deciding to combat Alex's teasing the only way she knew how, Olivia forcibly lifted Alex's hips up and then brought her back down. It helped that Alex only resisted for the first couple of seconds. That evened the playing field, and she watched with pride as Alex picked up the motion on her own, using the muscles in her legs and lower back while she braced herself on Olivia's shoulders.

Olivia didn't just love this position because she could watch her cock fill Alex over and over again. It also excited her to see Alex take her own pleasure. Watching Alex build up to the rhythm that she loved the most, rocking at the perfect speed and controlling the depth, was all it ever took to drive Olivia to the edge. And because it was such a trigger to watch Alex ride her, Olivia usually waited until they'd both had a couple of orgasms to suggest it, so that she had a better chance of lasting long enough to really enjoy it.

Alex had used Olivia's love of their current position to do some experimenting of her own. While the blonde most definitely preferred feeling Olivia over top of her - loving how that position allowed her to be subtly, or sometimes not so subtly, dominated while at the same time giving Olivia the freedom to show how much she loved her – Alex adored seeing the desire that shone in Olivia's eyes while she watched. Alex was usually too preoccupied with the wonderful sensations rocketing through her body when Olivia was in totally control to appreciate her lover's facial expressions, but when she rode Olivia, she was able to pay more attention. It only made her feel more desired to see the heat in Olivia's liquid brown eyes.

Olivia was enjoying the view and was just about to slip her hand around Alex's waist to gain access to the blonde's hard clit so they could get off together, when Alex unexpectedly leaned back and Olivia had to continue holding onto her hips to keep Alex steady. Giving Olivia a decidedly evil smirk, Alex slid her own hand down her torso, tweaking her nipple teasingly along the way before combing her fingers through the short, damp hairs protecting her sex. And while Olivia wished that she were the one touching Alex there, it was undeniably arousing to watch Alex do it herself.

Alex made sure that Olivia was watching before she rubbed her fingers over her clitoris, letting the shiver of pleasure roll through both of them since they were so intimately connected. She couldn't help but moan at the contact on her needy flesh, but her pleasure was doubled when she heard Olivia groan at the show she was putting on. God, she loved how easily she could effect this woman, and loved that she was uninhibited enough with Olivia to be so open.

"You always touch yourself in this position," Olivia said, her voice slightly strained as she watched the muscles in Alex's legs flex. She almost wished that she could see the muscles in her ass and lower back work, shifting beneath her pale skin, but she knew that watching both at the same time was impossible. There was no way she was going to abandon her current view. It was really too bad that Alex's hand obscured most of the action, but simply watching the movement of her wrist, combined with the knowledge of what she was doing, made Olivia pulse around the shorter end of the toy.

"Well," Alex said, her hair hanging down on either side of her face and swaying slightly with every movement of her body, "I know you appreciate the show." Olivia couldn't decide which she liked better - seeing Alex with her hair in a tight, controlled chignon that she could ruin later, or watching her with her hair down, loose and unrestrained as it fell about her shoulders in pale blonde sheets. For now, she decided that she liked Alex with her hair down, especially since she was still wearing her glasses.

Thinking about the glasses was too much, and Olivia gripped Alex's hips with her hands, interrupting her in the middle of her rhythm and pulling her down in one sharp movement. "I think it's because my hands are usually doing this..."

Alex's breath hitched as she was filled, and she stopped stroking herself for a moment and shuddered at the unexpected sensation. Even though she preferred other positions, she had to admit that riding Olivia was the best way to feel every single inch of the toy inside of her. "Oh God," she mumbled, shivering slightly as she felt Olivia's grip tighten on her waist. That single act was nearly always enough to put her close to the edge. Something about having her hips moved for her made everything feel so possessive - she felt more controlled even as Olivia's movements felt more desperate.

Alex's gasp of pleasure sent a shiver down Olivia's spine and made the heat in the pit of her stomach tighten even more. She couldn't stop a particularly aggressive thrust of her hips as she brought Alex down hard on top of her, drawing another sharp cry from her lover. Alex's love of being controlled in these situations only fed into Olivia's desires, and the detective couldn't stop the low growl that rumbled in her throat as Alex leaned back slightly, once again giving Olivia the mesmerizing view of her cock sliding in and out.

"God, Liv. I'm going to come. Please, let me come," Alex panted breathlessly as she matched Olivia's hard, fast rhythm. Her words came too fast for Olivia to understand, but they'd been in this position often enough for her to get the gist of the words.

Many times in the past, Olivia had slowed their pace and made Alex wait for her orgasm, mostly in an attempt to stifle her own until she'd gotten her fill of watching Alex ride her. It was a beautiful sight to behold. But this time, Olivia couldn't bring herself to stop the motions that would bring them both off.

"Yes, Lex, come for me," Olivia said raggedly. The words were barely out of her mouth when she felt Alex's hips roll in just the right way, moving the piece inside her own body unexpectedly. Even though she wanted to wait for Alex, Olivia knew that it was futile to fight the pulsing waves of her orgasm. She gave herself over to the pleasure as she contracted hard around their toy and prayed that Alex had enough to get what she needed as well.

The feel of Olivia's hips thrusting upward in a jagged, uneven rhythm was more than enough to send Alex tipping over the edge as well. Olivia's left hand gripped Alex's waist possessively as she rode the tail end of her own orgasm, but she did her best to help her lover along by flicking Alex's clit with her right thumb.

A few minutes later, Alex slumped forward, wincing slightly as the toy shifted inside of her. The new angle put extra pressure on Olivia, though, and she smiled when she felt the detective shudder beneath her. Olivia's hands were still clutching her hips, and she savored the firm grip. "Oh God..." she murmured, her voice slightly hoarse. She didn't remember screaming, but her sore throat was proof that she must have at some point.

Olivia let out a heavy sigh. "Uh-huh. Oh God..."

"Having sex in my office earlier was incredibly risky, Olivia," Alex said once she caught her breath. "If someone had walked in on us..."

"Yeah, yeah. So, when do you want to do it again?"

Alex grinned and swung one of her legs over Olivia's waist, reluctantly dismounting the toy and collapsing on the bed. Olivia continued lying flat on her back and stared up at the ceiling, although she did smile when the attorney's head rested on her shoulder. "Maybe next Friday," Alex suggested. "Not every week, but... I wouldn't object to seeing more of you after-hours at the DA's office."

A satisfied grin settled on Olivia's lips. "Sounds like an excellent plan to me," she said as she wrapped an arm around Alex's waist and pulled her lover closer. Olivia hadn't really imagined that her boldness tonight would lead to an encore, but she certainly wasn't stupid enough to turn down more sex. Now she just had to think of something even more fun for next week. It was a challenge that Olivia was more than happy to take on.