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Chapter 2: Confusion and Questions

A shadowed figure folded it's hands together calmly. "So the Titans are refusing to comply with the articles of the Shadow Proclaimation? They 'do' understand the consequences of the recorded actions, yes?" The voice was monotone, directed at the extremely nervous-looking creature across the podium.

The amphitheater-like room was filled with a great number of races, the room ringing outward with seats facing the center. It wasn't even remotely full, with most of those present looking rather bored. This was honestly a pretty low-level situation, but such a large breach of conduct 'would' have rather high repercussions. A few illegal planetary experiments was one thing, but such a scale involving sapient lifeforms without oversight…?

The problem may have covered only a a small sector of space and didn't register as a galactic or greater threat, but there were more then enough violations to call for an actual case of court in the Shadow Proclaimation's main space-station. Anything that the Doctor reported was taken with more then a grain of salt these days. This kind of case was more then enough to terrify most races, but the Titans were always stubborn when it came to their experiments.

The figure facing the podium shakily wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead, as the judge continued in a slightly strained tone. "You 'do' realize that those you represent are already are thin ice after the crimes of unregulated rift manipulation, correct? After already facing severe restrictions for previous illegal research, we find that the exact same crime is being repeated…" The shadowed judge lets out an annoyed sigh and opens a holographic file on the podium after a moment. Glancing over a few pieces of information, they give a slight nod before turning back to the sweating 'Herald' of the Titan race.

Due to their reckless and haphazard history in science, the Titans had more restrictions on them then most races. The biggest current issue with them, was that of experimental temporal manipulation. Though banned from it, the race was apparantly toying with a piece of obsolete Time Lord technology. They may have dumped the evidence on Azeroth with their 'dragons' to watch, but the court was perfectly aware of who put it there. Sadly, it was argued and a kind of circular game at this point.

The Titans were a rather isolated mid-level technology species, in regards to the Shadow Proclaimation. They usually only interacted with the Consortium and Naaru within their sector of space, though the two low-level groups often were happy to obstruct them whenever possible. Whenever a violation would come up, the Titans immediately tended to claim innocence and only sent their 'Heralds' to the station in their place. They were legally allowed to, but they always chose one of the few races that were immune to being read psionically. It may have been argued in their favor, but it was an unsaid fact that it was just a measure to prevent any of their lies from being detected by other members.

The main reason a case was even bothered with, was because of the temporal technology discovered. After their 'Herald' had spent the last hour using regulations to claim that there was no 'proof' that the Temporal Anchor was placed there by the Titans, that left only the issue of Azeroth…which could 'not' be claimed as another's work.

"The marked criminal and former leadership figure 'Sargeras' of your represented race, had taken your previous illegal research and used that for corruption of sapient lifeforms in 'multiple' dimensions of your sector of space, using them to overrun other inhabited planets. Now we find continued illegal research on a series of planets at the edge of your systems, with said criminal still at large. Violations exist 'including' transplanted sapient species, illegal energy experiments, biological manipulation of sapient races, unregistered creation of species…must I really go on?"

Outside of the stone-like room of the court, the rounded dull-grey halls outside were filled with a number of species going back and forth with some complaint or request. The Doctor shook his head in exasperation as he heading back to his ship. It would be easy enough to deal with the Titans in person, but he had handed the problem over and couldn't easily go back on that. He had a feeling that things would pick up sooner, rather then later. With the huge temporal pulse that Nozdormu had accidentally sent out, he seriously doubted that no-one else had received it. Some groups were bound to get curious about that planet…

Back on Azeroth, Nozdormu gazed silently at the object sitting aside from his horde. It looked innocent enough to the dragon, a mere metal box with a large red button sitting at the top. It had been only a day since the world's timelines were fixed and he felt emotionally exhausted by this point.

Immediately, he had the Caverns of Time closed off to mortals and had to give a carefully edited explaination of things to his flight at large. His mate Soridormi had only just now left his side, leaving him to his thoughts. He had known better then to tell about the most recent events, while he also left out anything about the Time Lord he had met…mostly because he wasn't sure what to think about that himself.

Nozdormu had quickly found that with the paradoxes gone, the Infinite Flight who became one with such distortions, had disappeared as well. He wasn't sure what to feel about their destruction, besides some regret. They knew what they were getting into, but was it even worth it? Did he waste their lives? In the end, he chose to think of that another time and his basic explaination for things, was that he had been stretched holding things together, just recently finding a way to reload and 'fix' the timelines.

Now he found himself staring silently at the unnerving box, asking himself if he would ever need to use it and hoping the answer was no. A shake of his head made to clear the dragon's thoughts. With a gesture the object floated over into the corner of the room and out of sight. Nozdormu had no doubt that there were a great number of beings aware that something had happened and that soon, he would be receiving more then a few visitors asking what he knew of it. It was inevitable, but he knew he could at least put it off…for as long as possible.

Throughout the world of Azeroth, there were indeed questions. Though the mortals of the world were unaware of the temporal chaos that had occurred, some learned from others who were. For the Twilight's Hammer cult, it was impossible to ignore the outburst from the Old Ones they worshiped. Evil or not, their screams of absolute terror would stay burnt into their minds. What could terrify the Old Ones imprisoned below Azeroth, who were 'Gods' greater then even the Titans? This questioned plagued those cultists and many others, but no answers came. When Elune cowers from something, the priests take notice.

A TARDIS's arrival had been the cause of this. Normally unseen, this time it's arrival had been more then blatant. In the face of its transdimensional scanners running other everything on every level 'including' those gods…well, it was noticed. It's temporal manipulation had affected even those beings and negligently disrupted their grip on countless dimensions for a time. That kind of impact on one world is worrisome, but to do that on every dimension with it's mere presence…well, they were overwhelmed.

Incidentally, the small scraps of information collected by the world's mages over the next few days…painted an unexpected picture. Suddenly, the small groups of Consortium on the shattered world of Draenor became much more interesting. The Naaru stayed silent, but the world was suddenly looking…bigger then it used to. The established world-views would be tested over the next years, yet some wanted answers 'immediately'.

Intellectually, the mages knew that Azeroth wasn't the center of the universe, though it often seemed that way...so the fact had been easy to ignore. Beings of the 'Void' and the 'Twisting Nether' were known to exist and were even fought occationally, but their existance now had more meaning. The Consortium were more then content to reveal more of the greater-universe to the local races, both to spite the Naaru who preferred to keep them ignorant…and simply because those races were finally interested in listening. In the past, people only came to them for jobs to earn primitive crystals or 'valuable' metals…now they were simply curious.

The massive temporal fluxuation managed to attract the attention of more then just those on Azeroth, in the end. Sargeras of the Burning Legion had enough demonic agents on the world to take note of the event, along with enough knowledge to know to step back for a time and assess the situation. He knew better then to gain the attention of the universe at large, but perhaps he could test what exactly changed on Azeroth? With this in mind, he made a mental note to send a fresh incursion of his forces onto the world.

The planet was going to be changing more quickly then ever. The Aspect of Time had returned to the world and some learned that there actually 'were' bigger things in the universe then their assumed gods. Nozdormu knew that this was only the beginning and that things would only grow more chaotic, but he'd stay hopeful for now. His own problems may have been incidentally solved by the Time Lord, but curiousity was a greater bringer of change then almost anything else.

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