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Chapter 4: Attack

You found him? Thank goodness! I'm glad he's alright!

It brightened her days, but she still won't let go of the harp.

Did you tell him she's still alive? Or do you prefer to wait until it's all over?

Afraid of being overheard I suppose… I know you too well.

Kaito, Luki and Len were riding on the back of their horses; they were heading to a village controlled by the royal family… Well, rebels were now starting to overpower it, but they still needed help.

Len felt the bag on the end of his horse move. He looked in it. A blond kid was there. He had a light green eye; the other was covered with bandages.

"Oliver! What are you doing here?!" Kaito said angrily.

"I wanted to come!" Oliver said stubbornly.

"Your mother will be devastated if something happened to you!" yelled Luki.

Len actually knew how the little guy felt, being left from an adventure. It happened a lot when he was a kid.

"We can't turn around now; we're too far from the town."

Kaito sighed; his brother was right.

"Well, just stay with Len, alright?"

"Yes Kaito!" the child said, clearly happy.

"Something happened to Neru and I know it. I know you do too, Teto."

Teto looked at Lily, an ex-maid from the royal palace.

"I don't kno-"

"You are involved with her disappearance. Where is she?"

"Lily, I have no idea…"

"Liar! Are you telling me you know nothing about your best friend?"


"Don't give me false information!" Lily shrieked.

"Oh really? Well, at least I'm not the one who decided to let Len get me into his bed!" Teto shrieked, losing her calm.

Lily turned to a deep shade of red.

"I-I… He… It's not my fault… Wait, DON'T YOU TRY TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT!"

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO NERU! SHE'S PROBABLY DEAD FOR ALL I KNOW!" These words we're followed by tears.

Lily didn't pity her.

"If you are truly a good spy, then you're an amazing liar."

And she left her there alone, crying in the small dingy room.

The sun was setting and the small group was almost to their destination. The whole trip, Oliver had been quiet, and so Len always wondered if the child was still behind him.

Suddenly, Luki stopped.

"Wait…" the man said.

Len noticed that the ground was shaking. He looked at his older brother, a questioning look painted on his face.

"Look," said Oliver, pointing in an opposite direction.

There were about twenty men, all wearing the royal family's crest on their armor; the palace's army.

"Stay behind me," Len said to Oliver. He slowly nodded.

They pulled out their swords.

"We're outnumbered! We won't be able to kill them all!" Luki screamed.

"Oh, we will. They have awful defenses," smirked Len.

"But, we're outnumbered. By nearly twenty men!" Kaito said, panic in his voice.

Len knew that his brother was right, but he still had to try.

Oliver was trembling.

"I'll protect you, I promise," he whispered.