this is an Eragon/ Merlin crossover

Brom looked out the window of his small home, looking at the rising sun. It was mornings like these that his brother loved. Where the sun peeked bright orange over the horizon, the snow laid fresh on the ground but the green of trees remained. The town was still quiet but the sounds of birds could be heard. It was the same peace they grew up in. where all that was around was their family and nature there was no rush for anything. He picked up his pipe and lighted it inhaling deeply before blowing out the smoke. His brother always said it was a nasty habit, but he never listened, of course he was right. He shuffled back to the warmth of the fire in the fire place. He grabbed a book along the way and sat down in his chair. He opened it up to the first page. It started with a name written with gold: Bardolf, he was the first of his ancestry. Then his two brothers and sister. Colbey, Dallen and Wren. Bardolf was the first of the dragonlords the only one to have the family to be able to control as well as communicate with a dragon where as his siblings only had the power to communicate with the dragons. Colbey, Dallen, and Wren were the first dragon riders. No one was sure how they had gotten their powers, but some thought that a dragon had owed their family a debt. When Bardolf died his power was passed to his main heir, his second eldest son Barnum. The rest of the siblings became dragon riders as did their heirs. The power of the dragonlord was only passed from father to son though which son at times, was unknown. There were more dragon riders and dragon lords than those in his family, the house of Bardolf, there was the house of Dlabert, the house of Marwood, the house of Sadler, and the house of Hamilton, consisting of elves and humans. The families had grown over the ages, at one point there was over 1000 dragon riders at once. Then war came and it kept coming. The numbers of dragon riders decreased to under 50. Brom flipped through the family tree to the last 3 generations. His great-grandfather Balder, who passed his powers to his only child Bert. And from Bert the power of the dragonlord was passed to this son, Brom's father, Brainard. And from Brainard to Balinor, Brom's elder brother.

Yes, it had been long since he had seen Balinor. His brother left when he was 18. he went to a kingdom called Camelot. He saw his brother once after that


he was in the market at the time.

"Excuse me can you tell me where I can find Brom?" a cloaked man asked someone to his right. He heard no response so he guessed they pointed over to him. He felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Brom?" he turned and there stood the cloaked man standing half a foot over him. The shadows from his hood castes a shadow over half his face but he still saw the rest, it was his brother.

"Balinor!" Brom hissed pulling his brother into an ally.

"I'm sorry for showing up here like this Brom but I need to warn you." Balinor said.

"I'm not mad at you brother just surprised. What did you want to warn me about?" Brom asked.

Balinor glanced up and down the alley grabbing his little brother's shoulders.

"I was betrayed, all of us were. The king of Camelot said he wanted peace between the dragons and dragon lords. He lied he slaughtered the dragon's who tried to protect us, then took us captive for public execution. A man there who I trusted broke me out. I went to a village. There was a woman." Balinor paused shaking his head. "The knights followed me. They continue to do so. They will come here, hide, tell them nothing. Just be careful, I can't lose you Brom, your the only family I have left."

"Alright brother."

"I must go, be safe Brom." Balinor said, with a kiss on his brother's brow and a swish of his cloak, Balinor disappeared.