Title: Contradictions

Summary: Molly Danielle Weasley is made of contradictions, from her appearance to her personality. \ Molly in 290 words \ freeverse

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. I know you're all shocked.



Molly Danielle Weasley

is made of contradictions

she keeps her bangs poker strait,

hanging over her eyes, a single blue streak interrupting the brown

but behind, her hair is neatly French braided

her shirt is dark and edgy, but on the bottom she wears jeans

her lipstick is red and her eyeliner dark

but her neck is surrounded by her Ravenclaw scarf

{because maybe she does care about something}

her nails are generally adorned with nail polish

-some color accompanied by black crackle polish

the black is dark, but it is misleading

because underneath, something as innocent as pink sparkles can often be found

her black barcode tattoo is dark against the pale skin of her wrist

but instead of something dark and pointy like one might expect,

her earrings are pearls

but it's more than just her appearance that contradicts

she's the Queen of Sarcasm

and yet she's ridiculously kind when she wants to be

her wrath is to be feared

but if you're on her good side, you may just be smothered by hugs

she's as clever as any Ravenclaw,

but she doesn't always care enough to do her homework

she plans to work at the Ministry like her father when she's older

but she dreams of being an Unspeakable

she's the type that looks and acts like she's hiding a heartbreak

but really, she's still looking for someone to love

she's got a sailor's mouth and

her swearing drives her father up the wall

but if you smoke around her, she'll have your head

she almost seems bipolar

-sweet and kind one minute, swearing and dangerous the next

but that's what happens when

fire & ice

are put together into one girl

she becomes full of contradictions