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Gohan appreciated the finer things in life; the taste of noodles, practicing martial arts and simple tranquillity. That's why raising a baby as small as Goku wasn't a good idea… any sense of tranquillity was thrown out the window and replaced with chaos.

Sure, the child had changed rapidly since the day he was dropped in that canyon but that didn't make him any less of a handful. Gohan was almost completely positive that his appetite was abnormal and the child was a bundle of energy that seemed unable to sit still for even a second.

Naturally, because of this Goku had recently taken to wandering about. And as would happen with any curious two-year old, Gohan's small house was not enough for Goku's inquisitive mind. The child had disappeared several times.

One time, he'd found the young boy crying as he floated in a nearby river amongst numerous fish. Another time, he recalled Goku somehow landing himself near the top of a large palm tree. Goku was certainly one for adventure and he seemed to have an appetite for danger.

There was that time where he'd accidentally bitten a baby monkey, or the time that he'd been riding on the back of a ferocious tigress without her even knowing of his presence. It was scary to think what could potentially happen to the child if he wasn't careful…

Thankfully, Goku seemed to be a strong one too. He had quite a grip on him and Gohan was also quite sure that he was a lot quicker than the average three year old. He was just an odd kid… but it seemed as though he could definitely have a future within martial arts.

Strong, quick, determined and adventurous… the only thing lacking was brains. As strong as Goku was he also got himself into the stupidest situations and tended to get into his fair share of trouble, which was quite a feat considering that they lived in a secluded mountain.

He'd also tried instilling some book smarts into what-could've-been a prodigious child, but he'd had no luck. Grammar was amiss with the boy, and while Gohan was sure that he'd grasp it properly during the years to come (he was only three, after all); he had a fairly strong feeling that common sense or academics would not be Goku's strong point.

That didn't matter all that much though, as troublesome as the kid was; he loved him like he would a son. In fact Goku might as well have been his son… he'd been unofficially adopted, after all.

Speaking of which, he'd need to 'officially' adopt Goku sometime soon. He'd been pushing it off for the past few years, but Gohan knew that there was a fair chance that pushing it off and further would hurt him sometime in the future.

Sighing to himself, Gohan walked outside of his tiny house with a basket in hand. Walking into the forest surrounding his house, he plucked every ripe fruit that he could see; be it apples, bananas, pears or oranges.

Sooner or later, he just knew that he'd run out of food for the little tyke.

Vegeta cursed. He wasn't sure where Kakarot was… and he wasn't sure if he wanted to go and interrupt the woman's childhood. The consequences that could sprout from that were too numerous and too dangerous for his liking, he wasn't prepared to take a risk. However with Kakarot… well he could probably manage.

The problem was that, he wasn't sure what there was to do… If his calculations were correct, almost everyone he knew was either still in diapers or so useless that meeting them wouldn't have any benefit.

He knew that the Namek was still around… or at least his older half. Vegeta didn't exactly know much about the green bean's back story other than that one half of him used to be the guardian of the Earth. Perhaps he could go meet with him?

The old perverted hermit as probably there as well… but he was so pathetically weak, and Vegeta couldn't really see the point of meeting him.

But where could he go?

Alas, Vegeta was stuck in between a rock and a hard spot. He'd probably have to wait it out until he either found Kakarot or something else happened.

With that in mind, Vegeta figured that there was really only one thing that he could do; train.

He immediately flew down -convinced that he was in the middle of nowhere- to begin his search for shelter. He knew that there was no way he'd be able to live amongst humans, so he decided to take a page out of the Namek's book and resort to solitude.

Touching down upon the rocky surface, Vegeta tore off the cape which he had forgotten he had been wearing and incinerated it with his Ki. Royal heirloom or not, it was worthless now.

'I'll probably need to get some other clothes or something of the like, soon anyway.'

Doctor Briefs immediately dialled King Fury's personal number on the phone which was in his hand. This was… astounding.

He had been analysing the area surrounding. Earth until he suddenly detected some kind of object entering the Earth's atmosphere. He'd had a feeling that this was much more than a simple meteor or something of the like, and quickly sent over a robot equipped with a camera to the crash-site.

And what he had discovered… well, he was certain that it was going to change the way Earth viewed outer space. It was some kind of a strange space-craft or something of the like… however it was definitely some kind of piece of technology.

That much was certain; it had controls and various other gadgets that he hadn't yet tinkered with. However the most interesting thing about it was that the inside of the space-craft had a seat… a seat which had the remnants of a heat signature on it.

Someone… or rather something, had been on that chair. Needless to say, he was now on the lookout for any abnormal-looking creatures. That was a task made hard by the fact that the Earth was filled with various creatures of all kinds, but nevertheless; he wouldn't be crazy to assume that aliens existed, having what seemed to be irrefutable proof that they did.

And if they didn't exist? Well, he was on good terms with King Fury anyway; so it wouldn't be that much of a big deal.

"Hello?" Fury's voice asked, having finally answered the phone.

"Yes… this is Doctor Briefs, King Fury." The grey-haired man tried to put on his most official voice, this was an important discovery and he needed to keep it official and formal.

"Ah, what can I do for you?" asked the king, casually.

"Well, I'm calling in regards to a certain scientific discovery I have made." Pushing up the rim of his spectacles, the doctor prepared the orally give his written report.

"I'm assuming it must be important, right?"

"Yes, yes; I'll get on to that. Now I'll have my secretary send you a full brief of the situation, but at approximately 4:30 am this mornin-"

"What were you doing up that early?" Fury questioned inquisitively.

"Well… I wouldn't call it early; so much as I would late. But as I was saying, I detected an object of some sort entering the Earth's atmosphere. I immediately sent one of my bots over while I checked wherever I could to see if it was a fallen satellite or something of the like, despite my hunch that it wasn't. And guess what I discovered, sir?"

"You tell me, Doctor." He wasn't sure if he detected a hint of confusion on the other end, but he didn't pay any mind to it. This was his big discovery and he could care less about the king being a confuse

"A space-craft!" exclaimed Doctor Briefs.

"I see… well send over the brief, and I'll get this checked out." said a somewhat sceptical King Fury, and honestly he couldn't bring himself to blame the king. It sounded crazy, he knew. But he didn't care…. It was too exciting.

"Wai-" Doctor Briefs frowned. The line was dead. He hadn't finished, but it didn't matter all that much. This thing was going to be humongous regardless…

He quickly called his secretary and briefed her on the situation.

Vegeta calmed his mind and focused. He gently let his spirit and Ki float out in front of him, attempting to form a body double of himself.

Normally, the Namek's technique would have been of little to no use to him; but as was becoming frequent as of late, he now needed it.

He smiled as it worked and the duplicate of him, stared back. Smirking, he flipped backwards before quickly jumping into a kick which was aimed at its chest.

However it was not to be, as the duplicate suddenly dispersed into nothingness. Vegeta frowned unhappily.

'It should have blocked that… or at least been able to withstand the hit. I really need to perfect this technique…'

There wasn't much that he could do about it, other than practice and he was already doing that; having virtually nothing to do.

Frowning, he dropped down to the floor of the cave in which he was in and began to push himself up and down with his hands.

"One… two… three… four…"

"Honey, come on!" Doctor Briefs called to his wife from outside the chopper.

"Coming, dear!" Mrs. Briefs yelled back as she grabbed her purse and headed out to front door of their rather expensive house.

"Pfft… are we there yet?" A young girl with strange turquoise-green hair, sitting on a seat beside Doctor Briefs asked.

"Sweetie, we haven't taken off," the aging man sweat-dropped.

"But I wanna see the alien!" The young girl protested.

"Now, now; Bulma dear," Mrs. Briefs said as she climbed into the back seat of the chopper, "don't bother your father."

"Hmph… fine." The young girl crossed her arms across her chest.

"So where exactly did the space-craft crash, hon?" Mrs. Briefs asked, smiling brightly at her husband.

"Well, it's in a far off mountain range. In fact, it's not all that far away from an old friend's place… perhaps I'll hit two birds with one stone and pay him a visit as well," said Doctor Briefs optimistically.

"Oooh… I knew I shouldn't have worn this dress!" Mrs. Briefs said gesturing towards the bright red sundress she was wearing.

The Doctor watched bemused as his daughter rolled her eyes, before turning towards him.

"So which friend of yours are we going to go see?" Bulma asked inquisitively.

"Well, he's a bit of a strange one; but he's a pretty nice when you get to know him. He's a pretty big guy too, but an old friend."

"Well, have I met him before?" asked the young child. Dr. Briefs knew that she had a fairly advanced brain for her age, proof of his genes having leaked through into the child who had for the most part inherited her mother's looks.

"I doubt it… Although you may have heard of him before."

"So he's a famous guy?"

"I wouldn't quite say that, but I suppose so."

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