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My Only Love Pair: B/V Summary: Bulma and Veggie are in the hyperbolic time chamber, by accident! How will they survive!? The fic is based on the original time line, just some changes.

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OK I know the door to the hyperbolic time chamber, can be opened, but I choose for it not to be opened. And well I think that's about it.

Deep in my soul...love so strong, it takes control...Now we will know, the secrets there, the feelings show...Driven far apart...I make a wish on a shooting star...There will come a day, somewhere far away, in your arms I'll stay, My only love...


Chapter: 1 Beginning of Hell

"This is all your fault Vegeta!" Bulma screeched scowling at the Saiyan behind his back, "Now I'm stuck here in this God forbidden place with YOU!" Vegeta promptly turned around, " My fault!? How is this my fault? All I did was come in here to wait for Kakarot, how was I supposed to know the door closes when two enter the room!?" Vegeta growled at her, his patients was growing thin. "You could have sensed me!" "First off woman, I can't sense anything as weak as your pitiful excuse for a KI and second, I hadn't known that there was anyone in the room, so fucking leave me alone!" Frustrated, Vegeta stomped off, his aura growing around him. It had taken most of his self control to not send her to the next dimension.

-*- Flashback- Bulma had been on the Lookout waiting for the others to see Goku and Vegeta off. And she was curious as how the Hyperbolic time chamber looked. Goku had told her that very few actually accomplished the year there, most got lost in the deep void. Goku was one of those few who made it through the whole year. Now he was going back in again, due to Goku's 'brilliant' idea. He had asked Vegeta if he wanted to join him, at first the prince had refused, but until Goku had explained to him what it did, Vegeta became more interested. Goku had been thrilled, he had said it would be easier for Vegeta to obtain Super Saiyan form if he actually fought one.

Bulma stood waiting, while continuously glancing at the chamber door, it wouldn't hurt if she just had a sneak peak? And she could come back out since the door only closes when there are two life forms or no life forms in the room. Opening the door she headed in. Oblivious to the fact Vegeta has just arrived.

Vegeta growled noticing no one was around. The baka's are late. Looking to the chamber, he noticed the door was open. "I guess I have to wait for the baka yuro." Entering the chamber, the door instantly shut behind him.

-*- End Flashback -*-

Bulma huffed looking about the room. Two beds, that was good. One bathroom, the door to it were curtains, that could pose as a problem. Sighing, she sank into the nearest chair. One whole year trapped in the same room as a certain pain-in-the-ass Saiyan. Bulma looked up to see Vegeta walk back into the living quarters. His usual scowl on his face. He headed over to one of the beds, good thing they had curtains, although they could have been a different color then purple. Opening the curtain, he promptly closed it once he got on the other side. "What are you going to do?" Bulma questioned. "Sleep." Vegeta answered laying on the bed, after removing his armor, boots, and gloves. "Why are you sleeping? Didn't you sleep enough last night?" "No, you and the pansy ass weakling kept me up half the night due to your moaning!" Bulma blushed, not giving a response.


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