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My Only Love Pair: B/V Summary: Bulma and Veggie are in the hyperbolic time chamber, by accident! How will they survive!? The fic is based on the original time line, just some changes.


Last time: Bulma stood in the nude just about to get in the bath. Shirking she grabbed the nearest towel. Vegeta's resent expression turned into amusement a smirk plastered onto his face. Bulma's face took on anger. "Get out you pervert!" Vegeta didn't budge. "I need a shower woman, I would suggest you move, you are in the presents of a Prince." Bulma grolwed, he wasn't going to win that easily. "What Prince, I don't see one. Are you feeling okay Vegeta?" Vegeta's smirk deepened (as if it ever could) a mischievous glint in his eyes...

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Chapter 3: Just Some Torture


Bulma looked at him seemly trying to figure out what he was up to. Sighing Bulma gave up, she would never figure him out. "Well what is it Vegeta, I'm going to take a shower now, and you can wait."

"Fine I'll wait," he responded while leaning into the wall, arms crossed, the smirk still there. Bulma glared at him, "How about outside, I would rather you not to see my beautiful body," "Beautiful? I've seen a pile of dog shit that looked better," quit the contray he didn't think she looked that bad, but he wasn't about to complement her,"And besides, I'm comfortable here woman." Growling Bulma stomped out of the bathroom, earning a smirk.

Bulma wasn't going down that easily, she would show the Saiyan. Stomping into the main room she quickly got dressed and set her plan in motion. She smirked.

Vegeta stepped into the shower thankful for the hot water. His thoughts heading back to the woman, it had been easy to get her out, she probably had something planed for him, most likely no cooking.

Bulma laughed silently as she looked at the water heater, oh Vegeta would pay alright. Turning the nob to 0' Bulma's Laugh echoed throughout the room, as vegeta's shout could be heard.

"Woman!" Vegeta 'calmly' walked to Bulma, a mask of rage filling his face. Bulma smirked, "That's what you get." Walking out she she grinned as she heard him muttering about stupid onna's.

"I'll show her, no one messes with the Prince of all Saiyans and gets away with it...no one."

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