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America walked through the crowded airport, smiling his trademark smile, in search of the right flight. He wore his bomber jacket and his glasses, Texas on his face, and appeared to be in as good a mood as always.

"Yo, Mickey, which one are we looking for again?"

He was speaking to a small child, probably close to the age of ten or a little younger, who he was leading around by the hand. In her other hand was the ticket for her flight, which she held up in front of her to read from.

"A 7," she read aloud.

"Alright dude, this way!" America cheered, turning in the direction a nearby sign indicated the gate would be.

Mickey was a girl with long light brown hair pulled into two high ponytails, and dark brown orbs for her eyes. The pair was in a bit of a rush since the flight was about to leave. Unfortunately, they ran into quite the crowd at the gates.

"Dude, is that your flight? Hurry!" America rushed them forward. He helped Mickey give the fight attendant her ticket, and then nudged her onward. Unfortunately, she dragged her heels and didn't budge.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked her.

"… I'm not ready yet," she told him.

America felt a little rushed, but tried not to panic.

"Ok, what? Did you forget something?"


"Can it wait until after your flight?"


"What is it then?"

Mickey paused before answering.

"You didn't say goodbye…" she reluctantly answered.

America felt relieved that that was all. He gave her a hug, hopefully not squeezing her too tightly, and then patted her head.

"See ya Mickey! Call me as soon as you get to Kiku!"

Mickey finally smiled just a little, which was a lot compared to the often indifferent look she usually had on her face.

"Great, now you gotta' go," he tried to hurry her off, but again she hesitated to leave. He was about to ask what it was now, when he noticed her tremble a little.

"Here, dude," he said. He took off his bomber jacket and placed the oversized article of clothing on the girl's shoulders.

"Your bomber jacket?" she questioned. "Don't you need it?"

"Nah, it's ok. You can borrow it for now," he told her. He had others, anyway.

She nodded, and finally went down the terminal headed to the plane. America sighed, and the moderately annoyed employee was finally able to move on with the flight.

America turned and looked around as he walked off, noticing the signs for various flights. One was for Mickey's flight, Washington DC to Japan. He laughed and thought about Iggy while looking at a different one.

'Dude, which one is that?' he wondered. Out of curiosity, he searched for which plane it was, but didn't find any that made sense. 'That can't be right.'

It looked like the sign was for Mickey's plane, but she was going to Japan. To make sure he was right, he looked at the sign for Mickey's plane, and saw that it pointed him to…a different plane.

America quickly backtracked to the employee in charge of the gate, the annoyed lady from before, and got her attention by slamming both of his hands down on the desk.

"Dude! You have to stop that plane!" he shouted.

Despite already being annoyed by him, the woman did her best to keep calm.

"I'm sorry sir, but the plane has just taken off, and it can't be stopped now," she informed him as politely as possible.

"But I accidentally sent my daughter to England!" he shouted. A lot of people were staring because of the volume of his voice, but he didn't notice.

"That's very unfortunate, but I don't have the ability to stop the plane," she informed him, a little of her irritation slipping out now.

"But I'm America! You have to stop it!"

"I'm sorry sir, but there's nothing I can do to help. Now if you don't leave, I'll be forced to call security and have them escort you out."

"Mickey can't survive in England! She'll get food poisoning from those awful scones!"

At this point, the woman called security, and America was escorted out of the airport by two large men. And here 'escort' means he fought off the first three security guards, knocking them out cold, but not before more had arrived and one took the chance to get him with his taser gun.

Once America had recovered outside of the airport, he finally gave up on trying to reason with the airport people. Instead, he took out his phone and dialed Japan's number.

"Come on, come on, come on…"

"Hai, Nihon desu."

"Japan! It's America! Mickey just got on the wrong plane!"

"N-nani? How did this happen?"

"Uh… the signs were wrong! Anyway, she's on a plane to England now! What should we do?"

"Alright, can you ask the flight attendant how long the flight will be and call her once the plane lands?"

"Uh… no, they don't speak English!"


"So what are we gonna' do? What if Arthur finds her?"

"… Calm down, I am sure the chances of that happening are low. I'll get a flight to England as soon as I can."

"Right! Then the Hero will call Mickey right now!" He dialed the number for Mickey's phone without ending the call to Japan somehow, and waited for the machine to pick up.

After two rings had gone by, there was a loud ringing noise from America's pocket.

"… Alfred, what is that?"

"Uh…" America pulled Mickey's phone out of his pocket. "Oops, you're breaking up! Sorry Kiku, gotta' go!"

"Wait- Alfre-!"

America hung up the phone and turned it off in case Japan decided to call back. He looked at Mickey's phone regrettably before stuffing both phones back into his pockets. 'Now I have to think of something to do. I'm the Hero!' he thought. After a moment, he finally came up with a plan. 'Oh I know! I'll just call in the airforce to stop Mickey's plane!'