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[1] Who is that?

Miki looked incredibly nervous, and Japan sympathized with his daughter. She was standing as the center of attention at their UN meeting. It was Japan and America's turn to speak and finally introduce her to the world.

"Say 'hi,' Mickey," America encouraged her.

"Hello… Konichiwa…" she said. Luckily her voice was loud enough even though she was nervously fingering one of her ponytails.

"Aw, who's this little cutie?" Italy wondered. Other nations looked curious as well.

"This is Miki," Japan began. "Her name is Amerihon, or Ameripan."

"Ameripan?" Germany repeated.

"Hai. She is a small country in the North Pacific Ocean," Japan explained.

"Honhonhon, you two 'ave certainly been busy, no?" France teased them.

"N-no," Japan stuttered. They had been expecting that sort of thinking, but it was still embarrassing to hear.

"How come you never mentioned her before aru? How long has she been around?" China wanted to know.

After that, quite a few more questions about Amerihon's age, and also implications about America and Japan's relationship, were asked.

"Everybody shut up!" Germany shouted, once again calling order to the meeting. He turned to the three of them.

"Could one of you please explain how Ameripan is a country?" he requested.

"Check it out, dude, it's like this," America spoke up. "A part of me and a part of Japan got torn off from the rest of us, and then they drifted into the ocean until they crashed into each other like, 'Boom!' And that's how Mickey was born."

Normally, this probably would have been seen as more of America's wild imagination, but Japan nodded along with the story, so it was clear that what he said was true. Miki had become distracted and was looking around the meeting.

She seemed to be pretty interested in all of the people around her. Japan realized it must have been exciting to be here and meet other countries for the first time, although Miki hid her excitement very well.

"So basically, the power of love drew you two together to create your beautiful child?" France summarized.

"N-no," Japan stuttered again. It wasn't exactly false, but the way he said it was definitely wrong.

"Leave them alone, you frog," England defended them.

"Oh? Is that jealousy I detect?" France teased.

"Enough! Let's just get back to the meeting, ja?" Germany stepped in, preventing what would probably have become another one of France and England's arguments.

The three of them were allowed to sit down, Amerihon choosing to sit in Japan's lap rather than wait outside. She was allowed to, probably because she was so quiet. The rest of the meeting went about as well as any other meeting.

Japan was pretty relieved. He had been worried introducing Miki would be more difficult than it had been. Plus, they had avoided bringing up the earthquake and the fact that they had left out some information about how much damage was done.

Later, they would probably need to put Miki's exact location on the map. Neither Japan nor America was looking forward to it. It felt like they may as well have been placing a target. They would just have to be aware of any possible dangers.

America wasn't paying much attention to the meeting; instead, he was looking at the various countries attending. He was probably searching for anyone who looked like they wanted to try and take or harm Miki. Japan was trying to pay attention to the meeting, but he was also keeping an eye out for anyone suspicious. He noticed Italy had a blissful expression on his face and looked as though he wanted to talk with Miki, but he didn't seem like a threat. Actually, a few countries looked like they wanted a chance to meet Miki, but that wasn't a reason to suspect them. Japan was wary of Russia, who looked maliciously innocent. He knew America would be cautious of Russia as well, so together they could handle him.

Once the meeting was halfway over, and everybody left the main room for a break, a few people approached Miki.

"Hello there, my name is Italy, but you can call me Feliciano if you want."

"Feliciano…" Miki repeated. It was her first time hearing a name like that.

"Yeah! Just like that!"

"Over here!" China called her. "My name is China, or Wang Yao."

Japan was a little more watchful of China, but he probably had nothing to worry about.


"I'm your uncle, so if you need anything you can come to me," China told her.

"Arigatou," Miki uncertainly replied. Japan had no comment.

"You can always come talk to me, little Ameripan," France told her. "Just think of me as your Big Brother."

England leaned down to Miki to whisper something not very discretely into her ear.

"Don't listen to that frog, alright? He's just a perverted old man," England told her.

"Hey, I am not! And since when are you two so close?"

While England and France began to fight again, Japan noticed Russia making his way over. He didn't even have to do anything, since America immediately stepped in the way.

"Oh no, no way are you going anywhere near Mickey," he informed Russia.

"But America, I just want to meet the newest country, da?" Russia informed him.

America was stubborn in his defense of Miki, and would not let Russia get close to her.

"Otou-san, dare desu ka[1]?" Miki wondered.

"It's no one, Miki," Japan answered. "Just be sure to stay far away from him, ok? He's dangerous."

Miki nodded up and down obediently, much to Japan's satisfaction. Pretty soon, the break was over and all the countries began to file back into the main room.

"Hold on," Germany stopped Japan. "I think it would be better for her to wait out here now, since she won't be a part of the meeting."

"What? But… Out here, all alone?" Japan questioned.

"Yeah, dude, come on!" America added, having stopped with them.

"I'm sorry, but she will be a distraction to the other countries, and I see no reason she can't wait outside," Germany insisted.

"It's too dangerous! She could get kidnapped or something!" America protested.

"Nein, she will be perfectly safe waiting here. Besides, she won't even be alone."

Japan and America had to reluctantly agree. Japan squeezed Miki's hand really tightly before letting go, and then they left her in the hall and went back inside.

The rest of the meeting was much like the first, except this time Japan couldn't help but worry about Miki and wonder if she was doing all right. He knew there was no reason for him to worry, since he had even let Miki fly on an airplane on her own. However, he still couldn't help but be nervous for her, and was thankful when the meeting finally ended so he could see her again. Japan and America were the first ones out of the room. He scanned the outside quickly for Miki, and panicked at what he saw.

"Mickey!" America called out when he saw Miki lying on the ground, not moving at all. He and America raced over to her. She looked unharmed, and she was still breathing, but Japan was still frightened.

He was a little startled when Sealand ran over and tapped her lightly on the head. Japan was even more startled when Miki sprang up and started to run away.

"Whoa, Mickey, what're you doing?" America asked, grabbing her arm before she could get away.

"We're playing freeze tag, Dad," she explained. "Can you let me go? I don't want to get frozen again!"

"But why were you lying on the ground?" Japan asked.

"I tripped and fell when—ah!"

Japan turned to see whom he thought was Wy come running up. Miki jerked out of America's grip, and began running away from her. America let her go, and the two were quickly out of sight.

"You know, Mickey doesn't have many friends her age, does she?" America observed.

"Not really, since she's a country," Japan agreed.

"Maybe this'll be good for her."

"Hai. It seems so."


Japan and America looked to the source of the strange noise, and saw Russia lurking off in the distance.

"Let's go beat up Russia," America suggested.

"Hai, I agree."

They approached Russia in a way that made it pretty clear they were ready for a fight, America rolling up his sleeves, and Japan taking out his katana.

"What's wrong? I just want to make friends," Russia claimed.

Japan and America fought Russia while Miki played with her new friends. They felt reassured that Miki would be safe from other countries, but made a promise to themselves to give Amerihon some defenses, and come to her aid if another country ever threatened her.