As Lan woke up, he had somewhat of a headache, and he was in the bed still with his pajamas on. He looked around the room, and saw that the T.V was off and Mayl was in the hot tub on the balcony. He got up and walked to the balcony doors.

"Mayl?" Lan said,

"Lan!" Mayl shouted has she got out of the hot tub,

"Wha... What happened? What time is it?" Lan said as Mayl put a towel around him and hugged him.

"During the night are luggage got lifted up and went into the attic, and you walked up to get it back. When you were walking down the stairs, something pulled you back up. The stairs closed and I tried to open them back up. About a minute later, the stairs opened and you and our luggage got thrown out, and you passed out." Mayl explained to Lan,

"Dame. I'm not going back up there again." Lan said,

"Got that right." Mayl told Lan,

"So, how do you feel?" Mayl asked,

"I feel a little light headed, but other than that I'm fine." Lan said,

"I'm glad you're alright." Mayl said as they walked back inside.

"That should have scared them good enough."

"You son of a bitch!"

"What? I thought I got rid of you!"


"Shut up! I don't give a rat's ass. I'm going to wait a day or two before I strike again. Happy? Oh wait, you're never happy with what I do!"

For the rest of the day, Mayl kept telling Lan to stay in bed. Lan would always say he's fine, then Mayl would say he isn't and go on with what she's doing.

Day 12 Night #3 1:59 pm

During the night when Lan and Mayl were sleeping, O'BRien was in a "perverted" mood, so he decided to mess with Mayl. Mayl felt a little tug in her foot, which woke her up. Before she knew, she was being dragged on the ground, into the closet.

"LAN!" Mayl screamed as she was being pulled,

"Mayl?" Lan said getting up.

Lan saw Mayl being dragged across the floor and got up and ran to the closet.

"MAYL! LET HER GO!" Lan yelled pounding on the door, and trying to open it.

After about 30 seconds, the door opened and Mayl ran out crying,

"Lan... it..." Mayl tried to say,

"It ok Mayl." Lan said hugging her as tight as he could without hurting her.

Lan brought her to the bed and laid her down, he covered her up with the blankets, while he stayed above and looked over her.

Beginning of Day 12

When Mayl woke up, she saw Lan sitting upright and awake.

"Lan." Mayl said getting up,

"Are you ok?" Lan said,

"Yea, were you awake all night?" Mayl asked hugging Lan from behind,

"Yea. I was." Lan simply said,

"Come back to bed." Mayl said pulling Lan down,

"But... what if it attacks?" Lan said putting his head on the pillow,

"If it does, I trust that you'll protect me." Mayl said putting her head on his chest, and they slowly fell asleep.

When Mayl woke up, it was about 1:00, and to her surprise Lan was awake. Lan was just sitting there playing with her hair.

"Lan?" Mayl said,

"Yea?" Lan said,

"Did you just wake up?" She yawned,

"Yea." Lan said as he pulled Mayl closer,

"What did it do to you?" Lan asked,

"What?" Mayl asked,

"In the closet... What did it do to you?' Lan asked,

"It... It touched me." Mayl said,

"Like this?" Lan said as he played with her hair,

"Well, it wasn't exactly like that." Mayl giggled,

"Like this?" Lan said as he rubbed her side,

"No." Mayl said,

"Like this?" Lan said kissing her neck,

"No." Mayl said,

"Like this?" Lan said as he kissed her,

"No." Mayl said giggling,

"Like this?" Lan said as he rubbed her private.

"Yea." Mayl said,

"Did it feel good?" Lan asked,

"When you do it." Mayl said,

"Really?" Lan's eyebrow went up,

"Yea." Mayl said,

"Well I guess I'll just keep on doing this." Lan said still rubbing her private,

"Well, while I have pleasure, your arm is going to be sore." Mayl said,

"That's fine by me." Lan said as he kissed her,

"Are you horny?" Mayl asked,

"Maybe." Lan said,

"Oh Lan." Mayl said and she pulled him in for a kiss.

After they were done kissing, Mayl thought it would be a good idea to make lunch.

"Lan want to help me make lunch?" Mayl sais from the kitchen,

"Sure! Give me a sec." Lan said as he walked out the bathroom,

"Ok. What're we making?" Lan asked,

"Pizza?" Mayl asked,

"French Pizza! Let's do it." Lan said.

After they made the French Pizza, the two love birds sat back down in the bed.

"What are the chances of getting another ghost in the hotel room." Lan said,

"One in a million?" Mayl said,

"Maybe." Lan said,

"Well, that was some good pizza." Mayl said hoping to change the topic,

"That sure was." Lan said looking off into space.

Because I'm so great at making stories, I'm going to skip to when they go to sleep.

Night #4 12:43 pm

O'BRien was just plain bored, so he decided to have a little more fun with them.

He thought back to the first time they encountered, and decided to pull out one of his own tricks.

Slowly and started to wrap them slowly up in the blankets. He made sure that they couldn't escape this time... or so he thought.

Day 13

When Mayl woke up, she was wrapped upped and she couldn't get out.

"Lan? Lan?" Mayl said,

"Hmmm." Lan mumbled,

"Lan wake up." Mayl said.

I didn't work. Mayl couldn't use her arms, so she used her lips. She kissed him, and boy did that wake him up.

"What's wi- what the hell?" Lan said,

"Why are we stuck?" Lan asked Mayl,

"I don't know." Mayl said,

"Well, how do we get out?" Lan said in a "thinking" type of voice.

"I don't know." Mayl said,

"Well I... can move... a little bit." Lan said as he was struggling free,

"Can you get out?" Mayl asked,

"Yea." Lan said. He almost had an arm free.

"So... how's your day going?" Lan said in a sarcastic voice,

"You know the usual, getting wrapped up in blankets." Mayl said also in a sarcastic voice,

"That's why I love you Mayl." Lan said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Lan got his arm loose and was able to pull himself out faster.

"Ok... a Mayl... I going to move my foot, so sorry if I hit you." Lan said,

Lan moved his leg, and he was out. Mayl then could move and they both were out.

"Well, I'll make the bed and can you look over the footage?" Lan said,

"Maybe it should be the other way around." Mayl said,

"If you want." Lan said,

"Ok." Mayl said as he handed him the camera.

Lan looked over the footage and Mayl made the bed, and like usual Lan showed her the footage.

"Wow." Mayl said,

"Really?" Lan said,

"THAT'S ALL YOU GOT?" Lan shouted at the attic.

"Oh, that's not enough for you?"

"Lan I wouldn't do that." Mayl suggested,

"What? It's not like it's going to do anything." Lan said,

After Lan said that, O'BRien picked him up and through him at the wall.

"LAN!" Mayl shouted,

"Ok... you! Win... ghost" Lan said as what was appeared to be pointing to the attic,

"Are you alright." Mayl asked,

"You... I love you!" Lan said,

"I think it hit your head too hard." Mayl said,

"Mayl?" Lan said,

"I'm afraid of what you're about to say, but what?" Mayl said,

"I was just playing, but that really hurt, and when I pointed at the attic, that was legit." Lan said,

"Can I feel the back of your head." Mayl asked,

"Please." Lan said,

"That's a pretty big bump." Mayl said feeling the back of his head,

"Shoulda listened." Lan mumbled,

"Let me go get an ice pack." Mayl said as she got up,

"Thanks." Lan said.

About an hour later, Lan was sleeping, so Mayl went out on the balcony to sight see.

"What a beautiful view." Mayl thought,

The view was, once again, amazing. There were birds flying around, the leaves were changing on the trees, and it was the perfect temperature.

"Beautiful huh?"

This startled Mayl and she turned around quickly. To her surprise no one was there. Lan was still in bed sleeping.

"Who said that?" Mayl said,


"Where, who... what?" Mayl said turning pale,

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

"What... are you doing here? Are you a... ghost?" Mayl tried to say calmly,

"I'm the 'Perverted Phenomenon' that's been 'haunting' you guys."

"So... are you the... same ghost?" Mayl said,

"From last time? Yea."

"Why... are you doing this? You weren't that violent last time. At least from what I remember." Mayl said.

"Yea... you know what? I like you."

"What do you mean?" Mayl asked,

"You're the first one who actually 'talked' to me."

"Well... well..." was all Mayl could say,

"Everyone else sorta freaked out."

"Well, why did you do all that stuff to Lan?" Mayl asked,

"He just an ass."

"Well, he is sorta my boyfriend." Mayl said,


"Mayl?" Lan said walking out into the balcony,

"Hey Lan, how's your head?" Mayl asked,

"It's doing fine, but it still hurts." Lan said,

"We'll talk later." Mayl heard in her ear.

Night #5 1:35 pm,

"Wake up." Mayl heard in her ear,

"What?" Mayl whispered,

"I want to talk to you about something."

"What is it?" Mayl whispered,

"It's about what I do."


"I bring people together."

"Yea... about that... it's how you do it."

"That's all I know."



"Mayl?" Lan said,

"Sorry Lan. Did I wake you up?" Mayl said,

"No. I was going to get a drink." Lan said,

"Oh." Mayl said,

"Who are you talking to?" Lan asked,

"Nothing. Just thinking out loud." Mayl said,

"At... 11:40 at night?" Lan asked,

"Well sorry!" Mayl said,

"No... Mayl... I didn't mean it that way." Lan said,

"I know." Mayl said as she put her head on his chest,

"Let me get something to drink. ok?" Lan said as he got up.

O'BRien just looked,

"That asshole! I'm was talking to her first!"

His hatred to Lan grew.

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