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Chapter 1.

Shuusei walked quickly down an empty road trying to keep her tears falling.

The reason?

Of course it was her family, it was always her family. They didn't want her so they ignored her unless she did something bad, not that she did that often, then they were always on her, complaining how bad she was. They didn't want a weak and frail girl after all, no what they were hoping on was a boy who they could train to be a warrior in the war against the duras and bring some glory to their family, perhaps even evolving into a Zweilt guardian. They were the only family in the Giou clan that didn't have a Zweilt guardian at the moment which was very shameful for them. They would have been pretty content with a girl too but only if she'd been a strong and healthy though, then they could've married her of to someone significant in the clan. Strong and healthy was important to the clan after all since they need strong individuals who could fight the duras, and healthy women gave birth to healthy children.

Had Shuusei been in any other clan in Japan though she would've been the perfect daughter, she was quiet, obedient and calm. She'd the perfect material to be a proper lady. Unfortunately it wasn't another clan so here she was again going quickly down an empty road trying to stop her tears.

This time she had went to talk to her parents after a session of studying with a private tutor that every child in the Giou clan had to go through no matter who they were. The topic she'd tried to talk to them about were the praises she got from her tutor on how good she was. She was very serious after all since she liked to learn new things. Even though Shuusei was young she knew what she wanted and that was to advance in her studies. She thought that since her body wasn't strong enough perhaps if her mind was instead so would her parents stop ignoring her. The idea to advance was however rejected with the argument: why would we put more money on a child that is useless? This was met with silence first and then an apology from Shuusei and then turning around slowly, going out of the room and then dashing out of the house.

Every time similar things happened she told herself that she wouldn't cry next time, instead just ignore them as they ignored her.

She failed every time.

Suddenly she crashed into something hard yet soft.

Surprised she looked up and let out a gasp.

She'd crashed into a boy about the same age but it was his looks that made her gasp.

He was blond with unruly hair which is very rare and a darker skin color than her. His face was very beautiful too and Shuusei understood that when grows up all girls will be begging him to go out with them. But it was the eyes that captured her the most, they were amber colored with gold glittering in them, and they were alive. They were the warmest and most alive eyes she'd ever seen. Her own amber eyes paled in comparison and she'd been told that when she was born her eyes had almost had a life of their own with all the gold swimming in them, her family had thought that she would be someone special because of that but the gold had slowly disappeared and they lost hope. She decided that this must be how her eyes looked like when she was born.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked, looking very concerned, breaking Shuusei's concentration.

"Huh? Oh! Uhm yes I'm okay" Shuusei answered after collecting her thoughts, slightly wondering why he looked so concerned.

"Are you really sure, you are crying you know." The boy insisted.

"Oh… Well… Uhm I guess I am huh." Shuusei stuttered while trying to wipe away the tears.

"You shouldn't cry you know, you'll ruin your cute face." The boy said suddenly, Shuusei halted her hands and started to stare in disbelief at the boy.

Nobody had called Shuusei cute before so her cheeks started to turn red. In truth Shuusei was a very cute girl with big amber eyes, a cute face with the baby fat placed in just the right places and light brown hair that was slightly curled hanging down to her waist.

"I'm… not really that cute and I doubt my tears would be able to make it worse." Shuusei mumbled, feeling very embarrassed, still with rosy red cheeks.

"No, you are cute and even if you weren't, I would still say that your tears are ruining your face since no girl should cry. They should smile and be happy." The boy exclaimed with a reprimanding tone in it, but with a cheery end.

"Uh well thank you then, I guess." Shuusei responded hesitantly.

"Now you tell me what's wrong so that I can help you and not having to see you cry, by the way I hope it's not me since you wouldn't want to look at me taking care of myself." The boy demanded not hearing how weird the last part sounded.

"Pfft, hahaha" Shuusei started to laugh not being able to keep herself from it. "Taking care of yourself, that's funny." She continued.

"Ugh okay that was a bit weird but I mean it, if it was me then I'll make up for it." He said seriously trying hard not to laugh with Shuusei.

"Well you can be calm; it wasn't you who did it." She said after she was done laughing and got a depressed aura around herself.

"Who was it then?" The boy asked her cautiously, seeming to understand that this was a delicate subject.

Shuusei sighed. 'This boy is really persistent.' She thought.

"My parents" Shuusei said in the end, not wanting to lie to this beautiful boy. She had to admit she got quite attached to him even though they've only known each other a very, very short time. He was that stupidly honest kind of boy and very warm person, and she really liked it since he was one of the few persons that treated her kindly and really meant it.

"Oh… I'm sorry." He looked down; looking like he wasn't sure to say and she guessed he didn't either.

"Well I'm used to them hurting me though." Shuusei tried sounding like she didn't really care but she could hear her voice waver.

"You should never get used to something like that!" The boy almost shouted. "You should never be hurt by someone else, especially your parents. Oh, I know, I'm on my way to learn fighting or something like that and when I'm done I'm going to come for you and take you away from here. I promise." He continued.

She stared dumbstruck at him. Did he really just say that he would take her away from here? That sounded too good to be true and they didn't even know each other for God's sake. He must really be naïve, and he was talking about fighting and if you lived in this part of the country it was a high possibility that he belonged to the Giou clan, which meant he would never be able to take her away. You never get away from the clan after all, even if you fled, they would always find you.

"Uhm not be a killjoy but I don't think it's possible." Shuusei decided to say in the end, trying to bring this conversation down on earth again.

"No, I'll make it possible, just you wait, I promise." He said confidently and suddenly he smiled, and Shuusei could just stare.

It was the most radiant thing she'd ever seen, even the sun paled in comparison. There was so much warmth in that smiled too, and for Shuusei, who'd hardly gotten a smile towards her and even less on of the smiles on this level, this was something she'd never dreamed of. She could just stand there and watch basking in the warmth that suddenly seemed to surround her.

"There you are! You're not getting away again!" A new voice called out which belonged to a tall, dark haired man.

"Uh, uh he found me, I got to run. Bye!" The boy said hurriedly before dashing away from the other man who was starting to chase him. Shuusei could only watch the scene unfold before her until they were gone.

'What did just happen? She'd gotten a promise from a boy she didn't even the name of and it was a promise to take her away from her family too. This is really bizarre. But that smile though, that was something amazing, unforgettable.' She thought and decided she was too stunned to able to do anything other than going home again.

Shuusei sat up suddenly in her bed, looking around with a confused face.

'Oh, it was that memory again.' She thought tiredly. That had happened 6 years ago and she'd never seen the boy again. She'd tried many times to forget that incident but no matter how much she'd tried it always returned, and her eyes plays it for her time and time again. It was weird actually, her whole body, brain and spirit was set on forgetting that boy, everything except her eyes, in the beginning she had played with the idea that perhaps she did have a gift but it seemed too unrealistic to be true so she'd just rejected the whole idea.

That beautiful boy had with no doubt grown up to be a handsome young man with many admires so he would probably not remember her, only she was still dwelling in that short meeting.

She really wanted to see him though, perhaps if she saw him then these memories would fade and she would be able to focus on her own life instead of thinking on a boy's she hardly knew.

That warm smile though, she would never want to forget, which was the only reason she was somewhat okay with remembering, but still it wasn't enough to making it worthwhile to remember the whole incident.

She lay down again on the bed trying to fall asleep again. It would be a new monotone day tomorrow without seeing him and it would be a little easier to get through if she was well rested and focused on her work, and soon she fell asleep again.

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