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Chapter 3.

There he actually was, the boy who she wished to forget but couldn't and who she thought would never appear before her again.

She couldn't stop looking at him and observed every detail. He still had the messy blond hair and those living, glimmering, golden amber eyes that took her breath away. His face had gone from beautiful to good-looking; just the type girls go crazy over, she'd been right about that. He seemed taller than her and he was muscular with lightly tanned skin that matched perfectly with his eyes. He was clad in a red kimono that matched his skin and the fire in his eyes.

While Shuusei stared breathlessly at the boy, he could only stare back. The girl he'd bumped into who was now sitting on the ground was gorgeous in his eyes. Her face couldn't be described other than beautiful with her pale skin that was slightly red at the cheeks and her amber eyes were the most mysterious and intriguing he'd ever seen. Her light brown hair was slightly curled and hanged naturally around her body. She was quite tall for a girl and though she might not have fully developed all of her curves but that slimness was perfect for her and she seemed very agile because of it. She wore gray training clothes which wasn't her color at all, it took away most of hers colors.

Deciding that the bare ground wasn't a place where a young girl should sit so he stretched out his hand.

"Are you okay? He asked, successfully breaking Shuusei's staring and after looking at his hand for a few moments like it was poisoned, she grabbed his hand and raised herself from the ground.

"Yes, thank you." She answered politely and dusted of the dirt from her clothes.

"We should…" The boy started before he was cut off by a new voice.

"Hotsuma, you need to stop running away by yourself when we're traveling." A dark haired man said while gripping the boy's, now identified as Hotsuma, shoulder to hinder him from running away.

"You know we have to at least introduce ourselves to the leaders before even thinking about rushing away to explore, or meeting with girls." He continued scolding Hotsuma and putting in the last part when he looked over to Shuusei.

"Tsk, who cares?" Hotsuma muttered.

"Everyone except you obviously, it's called manners you know." The other man answered.

"Fine, I'm coming" Hotsuma snapped back but before turning to Shuusei.

"Are you perhaps a part of the Usui family? If so then you can come as well, this old man is no fun company and it's always reassuring to know at least one person when coming to a new place." Hotsuma asked turning to Shuusei, but she just looked sadly at him.

"Hey, who are you calling an old man?" The man shouted but Hotsuma just ignored him, waiting for Shuusei's answer.

"I'm afraid I'm not allowed to" Shuusei answered before starting to walk away, knowing he will probably ask more questions if she didn't walk away.

"What's with that answer?" Hotsuma called but seeing no reaction from her, tried something else.

"I'll meet you again, okay? I'll be sure to find you." He shouted after her, and this time he saw her slightly turning her head and a small smile made it to her lips before she turned her head away.

That was one of the saddest smiles Hotsuma had seen and it made him decide on the spot that he would make her happy one way or another since he definitely didn't like her sad look.

"So who was she?" The man known as Takeru questioned.

"Ah, she's… damn it, I forgot to ask her name." Hotsuma growled.

"Haha, that is so like you. Anyway we need to get back to the others. Let's go." Takeru said and continued to laugh while walking. Hotsuma was just about to go as well but his eyes landed on a book on the ground and he picked it up, he guessed the girl had dropped it since there was no one else here. He picked it up and started following Takeru. He would return here later to see if she would come looking for the book and for the rest of the walk his thoughts were on the sad girl both from now and from all those years ago.

On the other hand Shuusei went to her abandoned garden to think. She climbed up in the tree and looked down in the pond.

The boy, Hotsuma, she'd finally met him again and he'd grown up to more handsome than she thought, he appeared to be quite persistent, a little naïve and definitely a rebel. Still he seemed to be the cheerful type that was liked by everyone, not at all like herself who was hated. And he was a member of the Renjou family, which meant he was a candidate for the new God power, and since he was handsome and had an interesting personality, and knowing Izanami so would she not let this go unnoticed. That and the fact she was forbidden to speak to anyone of them unless they initiated it made it very unlikely they would meet again, and if they ever would meet and someone saw them she wouldn't be let of easily.

Taking all that in consideration together with her own bad luck so wouldn't it surprise her if he would forget her quickly and focusing on his training and possibly Izanami. That he had a Gods power wouldn't surprise her either and then Izanami would turn out to be the other. They would then leave this place to train and develop their relationship so they would be just as close to each other as the other Zweilt pairs. She on the other hand would still be here forgotten without anyone caring until she dies. That wouldn't surprise her at all; she was no good after all.

Suddenly pictures would flash by her eyes in the water. It was her and Hotsuma laughing in a place she'd never seen before together with pictures of her fighting. It stopped as quickly as it had started and it had only taken a few minutes.

"Hahahaha" She started to laugh like crazy while tears starting to run down her cheeks. It wasn't enough with her being useless, she was starting to hallucinate as well, if they found out about that then she would be locked up for the rest of her miserable life.

She could feel her laughter calm down while the tears continued running. Yes, the hallucination showed her deepest desire. She wanted away from here to a more exiting life together with Hotsuma who intrigued her since she'd never met someone like him. Nothing would make her happier but knowing it was impossible just made it more depressing.

This really is crazy; here she was, having a total breakdown just because of a boy she barely knew, he really has to be special to draw her to him so much just after two meetings, and for her it was that small glimpse of his, what she believed, kind personality, his eyes and that amazing smile. There was his warmth as well; she never felt any warmth since nobody had ever bothered showing her any warmth and that resulted in her feeling quite cold. Then Hotsuma came and gave her a taste of what it could feel like. She felt herself wanting more of that even though she knew it wouldn't be possible.

She wiped away the last tears from her chin before jumping down and washing of her face to get rid of the small redness from her crying.

Deciding to distract her thoughts she starts looking for the book she'd picked up earlier to read but when she couldn't find it she remembered that she dropped it when she collided with Hotsuma.

'Fantastic, just my luck' she thought before heading back where she dropped it hoping that nobody had picked up the book.

Another picture flashed by showing the book being picked up by Hotsuma. No. please don't let Hotsuma pick it up, she would never be able to get back the book without a confrontation. That couldn't be called anything other than a twist of fate, throwing her into him time after time. Really, what did she do to deserve this fate? She tried to be good even when people continued to look down on her. She didn't need more things to make her to want to be someone else, Hotsuma wouldn't need someone like her in his company long and she didn't want to deal with anymore rejection.

When she came to the street where she met him she looked around on the ground but seeing as there was no book there someone must have picked it up. Knowing that there was a very slim chance that she would get back her book, she looked dejectedly around one more time before sighing heavily. This really wasn't her best day.

At the same time Hotsuma had finally been able to shake away the girls so that he could look around in town and at the same time searching after the mysterious girl from 6 years ago. He had only just met those girls from the other family but he could confidently say that preferred the brunet any day, just thinking about the introduction meeting made him shudder.

"And that is our last youth, in all together there're 2 girls and 3 boys of the youths that have the potential to become a new Zweilt, but our most probable is Hotsuma." Daichi-sama said. In all they were 5 youths, Takeru and Daichi-sama that had come here since they saw no meaning with the whole family coming here when they were only supposed to be here a month, besides they needed some people to guard their home. This resulted in that their introduction had ended quickly but that wasn't the case with their hosts.

Firstly they had introduced all 3 elders, then the head teachers before finally moving on to the 2 boys and 4 girls. Hotsuma had first hoped that even if the brunet had declined his invitation so would she still be there but when he saw all of the candidates his hope disappeared.

"Now you are free to do what you like but I recommend you to get to know the persons you are going to spend the rest of the month with" One of the Usui elders said, Hotsuma couldn't actually care less about anyone of them, let alone even remember their name. Well, ever since he came here only one thing actually mattered and that was so brunet girl so he gave no thought to the persons he didn't care about.

He was just about to walk away from there when 3 of the girls came forward surrounding him, making him unable to escape.

"Hi, your name was Hotsuma, right? My name is Yuri." The first girl said.

"I'm Junko" The second girl said.

And I'm Tsukiko" The third one continued.

"Hello." Hotsuma answered patiently though he was feeling it was running out already. He'd just enough time to say that before he was bombed with questions.

"What do you specialize in?"

"Do you have a girlfriend or fiancée?"

"How is it at your home?"

"Do you hope you're the new Zweilt?"

"Have you traveled to a lot of places?"

To just mention a few questions and they gave him no chance to answer and just before he snapped another person spoke.

"Girls, can't you see that you're smoldering him with your questions? You should be calmer you know." The new girl reprimanded them and if Hotsuma remembered correctly she was one of the favorites of the other family.

"I hope they weren't too hard on you, they are barely becoming young women and they haven't seen much of the world so they can be a bit ignorant. Oh, please forgive my manners, my name is Izanami." The girl continued after seeing the girls running of giggling to talk to the rest of the boys, and giving Hotsuma no chance to excuse himself.

"No, it's okay, and I'm Hotsuma." He responded while thinking he really wanted to get out of here.

"Yes I know, you were quite hard to miss under the presentation, your elder really praised you. But is he just boastful or are you as good as he say you are?" She questioned while batting her eyelashes in a flirting way but Hotsuma totally ignored it, or he just didn't notice.

"I would say it's a bit of both." He answered short, really trying to get this conversation to end but she was stubborn.

"Then maybe you could show me some techniques while you're here, I'm really interested in learning new things and I'm really good at fighting so you won't feel bored. What do you say?" She persistently said making Hotsuma really close to snapping. He wasn't the most patient person after all.

"Whatever, perhaps later, now if you would excuse me, I need to go." Hotsuma answered harshly while glaring at her, hoping it would scare her away.

She shrank away from in fright but she collected herself before anyone would see it other than Hotsuma that is.

"Oh well, that can't be helped. But if you need anything then just ask me, I know about anything worth knowing about." She said in a sweet voice, but it sounded faked in Hotsuma's ears but he didn't care.

"Thanks. Bye" Was Hotsuma's short answer before he walked away, not even bothering to waiting for her to say her farewells.

Yes, those girls were clingy, well they were probably nice girls but they just weren't the kind he got along well with or was interested in.

He looked down on the book which owner he was searching for. "Defense: magic barriers advanced" stood on the book.

'Huh, that's weird.' Hotsuma thought. He might not be someone who knew much about girls but he was pretty sure that was not something they usually read. Well, not normal girls at least as she seemed to be one. Wait, doesn't that mean she's not a normal girl? Wouldn't it be possible if she was with the Giou clan? But on the other hand it seemed like she wasn't welcome there or didn't belong there. There was something very strange happening here but unfortunately Hotsuma isn't the smartest one out there so he couldn't come up with an explanation that would fit.

Hotsuma decided that this would be the question he would ask her direct after he asked for her name next time he saw her, which he hoped wouldn't take a long time.

He started searching for her more eagerly looking on every person who moved to see if he saw that long hair or those mysterious eyes. He walked on the path where he met her last time hoping she might cross there often and at last he saw a girl with long brown hair and he could recognize her immediately.

She didn't seem to notice Hotsuma's presence and was instead looking on the ground searching for something. Hotsuma was pretty sure she was looking for the book though.

"Are you looking for this?" Hotsuma suddenly spoke without warning and Shuusei spun around looking on him with surprise before her eyes fell on the book.

"Yes, thank you for finding it." Shuusei said quickly before grabbing the book and dashing off. Hotsuma could just stare for a few seconds because of the surprise but he had some questions he wanted answered so he broke free from his staring to starting to chase her.

"Wait, can you please wait? I have some questions I want to ask!" He called after her while running after her, but Shuusei just ignored him since she knew she would get into a lot of trouble if anyone saw her with him anymore.

She ran into the maze of small streets that existed everywhere around the town hoping she would shake him of but he was more persistent than she expected. After running for about 20 minutes she noticed he was gaining on her and she was getting slower, well it wasn't so weird, her body wasn't the fittest after all. She needed somewhere to hide and quick, otherwise he would get a hold of her and they were far too close to where they lived, she hadn't been focusing on where she ran. Very stupid of her, she usually didn't make blunders like that. Looking around her she suddenly noticed one of the small gardens that existed in the town and lucky for her it was one of the more overgrown ones. She sprinted over there and ducked under one of the bushes and then swung herself up in a dense Elm tree. She sat still on one of the branches while trying to be as quiet as possible so he wouldn't notice her.

Hotsuma ran after her into the garden and stopped when he didn't see her. He looked around for anything that might hint to where she went, but he only felt the wind blowing.

He sighed, it seems like she got away again without him getting any answers. He decided to give up this time but next time he saw her he would definitely get ahold of her. He walked out of the garden with a small hope that he would see her on his way back.

Shuusei watched Hotsuma searching but when he found nothing he left. After 5 minutes Shuusei decided that he wouldn't return and jumped down on the ground.

It had been pure willpower to be able to sit still up there and not jumping down to announce her presence to Hotsuma. Her rationality had won in the end. She didn't want any more illusions of a better life that would be impossible to achieve anyway, which she would conjure if she allowed herself to be in his company. It was better to be forgotten in that case, it was the most logical thing after all.

This was going to be one weird month if he was going to chase her every time he saw her. On the other hand if she didn't show herself then he wouldn't care and ignore her and no one would know she'd broken the rules after only one day.

She really hoped they would find the guardians before the end of the month so they would leave before Takashiro-sama would to come down. That was the plan after all, if the Zweilts were discovered before the end of the month then they would travel to wherever Takashiro-sama was at the moment, but if they didn't then he would come down personally since he could sense the powers in people. They wanted the new ones to be partners and that was only possible to be if they chose them themselves and not someone else. Those pairs either ended up dying after only a few months or they split up again. The elders had then hoped that if two powers were awakening around the same place around the same time without interference then the chances were high that they were compatible with each other. This was the reason to this whole little training camp. In the beginning she thought it sounded interesting but now she just wanted it to end so these impossible dreams would stop haunting her.

That was what her brain said but her heart said something entirely different. It wanted to be with him right now and stay there forever. The bare thought of leaving him and never seeing him again made her grow cold, colder than anything she ever felt in her entire life.

No, these opposite feelings made her feel things she never wanted to feel and the only thing she really wanted now was for it to stop, one way or another. This storm of emotions was too much to handle for someone who tried to kill her emotions the best she could so that she didn't get hurt by others.

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