He noticed it a few days ago; the little mole resting behind the small curve of Mihashi's right ear. Coming to practice with freshly cut hair, Abe could easily see the beauty mark compared to before when those orange tuffs hid the freckle. No one else seemed to notice so he didn't say anything, but now sitting in his room across from said boy studying, he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Extending an arm over the table, Abe's fingers lightly brushed against the brown birthmark tenderly. Mihashi flinched back, his face blossoming red all the way to the tips of his ears. The signature diamond mouth flapped as he shuddered out a "w-what?" Bringing his hand to cup under his chin, Abe leaned against the table leisurely.

"There was a beauty mark, one right by your ear".

"R-really?" Mihashi brought his calloused fingers to his neck, rubbing behind his ear as if it would wipe the speck away. "I never knew", he admitted sheepishly.

Abe just grunted and turned back towards his homework. Mihashi flicked his eyes from Abe and to his papers a few times before finally settling down and concentrating on the math problems once more. A faint smile curved into Abe's lips. He'd never admit it, but the little spot was kinda cute.