Do I still love my best friend?

Okay, you know the story, but this is the sequel so you'll figure it out.

A/N: Okay here is your awesome sequel.


Wren ran to her second floor apartment, hurrying to her door, and all the while trying to get her keys. Once she got to the door she opened it and saw her son and Justine watching TV. "Justine I'm so sorry, they made me take an extra shift at the mall." Wren said putting her stuff in the little living room. "It's okay, I love spending time with TJ." Justine said ruffling the little boys black hair (TJ is and abbreviation for Trunks Junior, and he looks like Trunks except with black hair and blue eyes). "Mommy, I made this for you in class, you can wear it all the time." TJ said running to his room to get his book bag. When he came back he was holding a little bracelet with shells, beads, and words that said 'love you mom'. "Oh, I love it; I'm never going to take it off, want to see what I got you?" Wren asked going to her purse. "Okay Wren, Tee is waiting for me." Justine said kissing TJ on the cheek and giving Wren a hug. "Bye" Wren and TJ said in unison. Wren pulled a picture book out of her purse and handed it to him. "Pictures" TJ asked in a questionable tone. "You said you wanted to see a picture of your dad." Wren said opening the book to a picture of herself and Trunks, Wren was wearing a long tight fitting purple dress and Trunks was wearing a black suit with a fedora. "Is the guy with purple hair my dad?" TJ asked looking at the picture. "Yeah, you look just like him." Wren said smiling at her son who was admiring the picture. "The only thing that looks different about you is your hair." TJ said touching his mom's short hair. "Yeah, I know." Wren said touching her own hair. "Can I bring this in for show and tell?" TJ asked holding the scrap book closer to his little torso. "Okay, only if you brush your teeth and go to bed." Wren said kissing her son's head and watched him as he ran off 'I wish he could met you' Wren thought to herself as she got up to clean the kitchen.


"MOM, hurry up, we're going to miss our flight." TJ said playing on his phone. "Okay, don't rush me; I know what I'm doing." Wren said rolling her eyes. "Are you guys sure you want to go?" Ricky said looking sad. "Come on Ricky, you can visit." TJ said patting Ricky on the back. "Yeah, and we'll call you when we get there." Wren said giving Ricky a hug. "Okay, come here TJ; give your uncle a hug." Ricky said holding his arms out after Wren finished giving him a hug, TJ just looked at him like he was an idiot. "You act so much like your grandfather." Ricky said scowling at TJ. "Your face." TJ said rolling his eyes. "Okay lets go before you guys get into another fight, I'll say hi to Thyme for you." Wren said then pushed her son out of the door.


"Mom, when was the last time you were on a plane?" TJ asked looking at his mother who was seconds away from sleep. "When I found out I was pregnant with this annoying little boy." Wren said then looked at her son and smiled a sleepy smile. "Not funny." TJ said rolling his eyes and smiling at his mother also. "But do you have a job when we get to Japan?" TJ asked looking out the window. "Yeah, I'm working at Turner and Tom." Wren said then closed her eyes. "Mom you going to sleep?" TJ asked putting a blanket over his mother. "You're so sweet, just like your father." Wren said then fell asleep. TJ resented the last part, when he was younger he always asked what his father was like, his mother would always say nice, handsome, sweet, and funny. Then he would ask 'Mom if dad is so nice, why isn't he with us?' TJ would ask that every time and she usually would change the subject, or start to cry, but one day she told him and she said 'Because he hurt me really bad' and after that TJ resented his father and hatted that he was named after him. The scrap book that his mother gave him with pictures of his father in it, he burned is, and didn't even look back. 'I don't think I would like to see my father' TJ thought then put his head phones in.


"Mom, wake up, we're almost there." TJ said shaking his mother awake. "What" Wren asked rubbing her eyes. "We're in japan, we'll be landing in about ten minutes." TJ said putting his stuff in his book bag. "Okay, hopefully mom and dad are here." Wren said folding up her blanket and putting it in her bag. "I can't wait to see uncle Goten." TJ said looking happy. "You just want to torture him." Wren said rolling her eyes. "Yeah, I do." TJ said laughing with his mother.


"Where are they?" Bra asked looking around people. "I don't know." Goten said eating a hotdog. "Really Goten?" Jonny asked pointing at the hotdog. "What I got hungry." Goten said eating the rest of his hotdog. "Wait is that them?" Thyme asked seeing black hair. "Wait I think it is." Chichi said trying to get a better look. "Hey guys." Wren said behind her friends and family. "What are we looking at?" TJ asked trying to see what they were looking at. "TJ, be quiet we're trying to…TJ OH MY GOD YOU'VE GROWN!" Bra said running up to her secret nephew. "Thanks auntie Bra." TJ said hugging the shorter women back. "Mom, I can't find my phone, where did you put it?" Bra's daughter Bulma Lee asked looking threw her mother's purse. "It's somewhere you don't need to know, you're grounded young lady." Bra said pointing at her daughter. "What she do?" Wren asked looking at Bra confused. "She set a bomb off in her lab." Bra said rolling her eyes. "Wait, she gets her own lab, mom, not fair." TJ said pointing at Bulma Lee, she stuck her tongue out at her cousin. "Okay, we'll do that later, let me say hi to my daughter and grandson." Chichi said walking over to hug her family. "Mom, where is dad?" Wren asked looking around. "He was here a second ago." Chichi said looking around. "I'm right here." Goku said giving Goten a bag full of burgers. "Really" Chichi said threw gritted teeth. "We got hungry." Goku said eating his bag full of burgers. "You never change do you grandpa?" TJ asked smiling and shaking his head at his grandfather. "Nope, but you do, last time I saw you, you were to my hip." Goku said measuring himself and TJ. "He gets that from his…" Jonny was cut off from a slap upside the head from Thyme. "So Wren where are you guys moving?" Thyme asked scowling at Jonny. "We're getting that three story house near the mall." Wren said smiling and walking with everyone. "Oh, that place is beautiful." Bra said holding Wren's hand. "And we're going to make the second garage my lab." TJ said smiling. "We're thinking about it." Wren said smirking at her son.

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