Do I still love my best friend?

Okay, you know the story, but this is the sequel so you'll figure it out.

A/N: Okay this is the planning months for Wren and Trunks' weddings.


"Okay, Wren which cake does you like, personally I like the vanilla cake with the butter cream frosting." Bra said eating more cake. "I like the red velvet cake with the chocolate frosting." Thyme said drinking some wine. "Well they both taste good, but my favorite is the red velvet with the white wine frosting." Wren said looking at the cakes. "What are the kids going to eat?" Bra asked confused. "They're going to get an ice cream cake." Wren said in a 'mater-of-fact' way. "Oh, well then." Thyme said the same way. "I need to buy Josh is tux, I need to make sure dad has a tux, I need to rent a limo, and I still haven't found the right place to have the ceremony at." Wren said looking over her to-do list. "Hello, do you know what cakes you want miss?" The owner asked smiling at the three women. "Yes I do, I want seven layered red velvet with wine frosting cake, a bride and groom on top and I want it to say together forever." Wren said smiling. "Okay, we'll get right on that." The owner said. "And I'll e-mail you the address." Wren said smiling, getting up with her friend and leaving.


"We're we going to have the ceremony?" Casey asked freaking out. "We could have it in the garden of my parents' house." Trunks said watching football and drinking a beer. "Okay, but you still need a suit and I need to pick out my dress." Casey said looking at her papers. "How about you call some friends, go pick out your dress, and have a relaxing day." Trunks said getting up and hand Casey the house phone.


"Okay and then Wren walks down the aisle." Chichi said they were at the church that the wedding is going to be held doing the rehearsals. "Okay, now the priest." Chichi said signaling the priest. "We are gathered here today to witness the betrothing of Wren-Wren Elizabeth Son and Josh Adam Banks if anyone thinks these two should not be wed speak now or forever hold your piece." The priest said smiling at the young couple. "Okay we can stop there since we finally got it right." Chichi said then sat down. "Can we eat now?" TJ asked rubbing his stomach. "I'm with TJ." Goku said holding his stomach. "When is the rehearsal dinner?" Chichi asked ignoring her husband and grandson. "Next Tuesday." Josh said sitting down. "And the wedding is next Saturday." Wren said sitting next to Josh. "Wait, isn't that when Trunks' wedding is?" Goku asked looking confused. "Yeah, but his is an hour after mine so TJ can still make it." Wren said reassuring her parents. "Oh, okay then." Chichi said standing up. "Come on Goku, let's go home." Chichi said grabbing her whining husband. "You guys want to go get some food?" Wren asked walking over to TJ who was lying down in the middle of the isle. "YES" TJ and Josh said looking happy.

Wren was eating some sushi, and was laughing with Josh and TJ. "Mom, Mrs. Carlen has it out for me." TJ said getting some sushi. "I'm sorry that's my fault." Wren said smiling innocently. "Why, what happened?" Josh asked looking confused. "She didn't like me in High school, I didn't like her and I was kind of a delinquent." Wren said laughing with TJ. "Wow" was all Josh said shaking his head and frowning.


"Okay trunk, this bachelor party is going to be AWESOME." Goten said pushing a blindfolded Trunks into Jonny's living room. "I wouldn't know, I can't see." Trunks said trying to feel were he's going. "Well when you can see, it'll be awesome." Jonny said getting a chair for Trunks to sit in.

Once Trunks was sitting down, Goten pulled the blind fold off but first he tied his wrists behind the chair. "Gentlemen and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to this idiot's bachelor party." Jonny announced then turned on the radio and a stripper came from behind a curtain. "Wow" Trunks said looking at the girl, she looked like Wren but with blonde hair and she was more endowed. "I hate you guys." Trunks said scowling at his two best friends. "Do you think he knows we picked her because she looks like a blond Wren?" Jonny whispered to Goten who was smirking evilly. "Probably but who cares." Goten said shrugging his shoulders.

"I heard you're getting married." The girl said with a perky, kind of childlike, voice. "Yeah" Trunks said dazzled by her. "Well, I'm here to give you the best party ever, I'm Daisy." Daisy said then started to give Trunks a lap dance. "Wow" was all Trunks could say. "What were you saying about you hated us?" Jonny asked moving closer to Trunks. "You guys are awesome." Trunks said staring at Daisy. "We know." Goten said high fiving Jonny.


"Wren Thyme and I pitched in and got you something." Bra said wiping her mouth and hand Wren a little box. "I think it what your heart really says." Thyme said drinking her water. Wren opened the box and there in the middle of the box was her birthstone, emerald, and Trunks' birthstone, sapphire. "This isn't Josh's birthstone." Wren said looking confused. "Oh, sorry we got confused." Thyme said in a not caring way. "This is Trunks' birthstone." Wren said throwing down the box. "Wren, just admit it, you still love Trunks." Bra blurted out. "I don't, I love Josh, okay I'm in love with Trunks Briefs." Wren said then covered her mouth and ran out of the restaurant.

Wren made a fast scrabble for her car keys but was stopped by Thyme and Bra. "You said you are in love with Trunks Briefs." Thyme said softly. Wren looked at her friends and laid her head on Bra's shoulder and started to cry. "It's okay, you can just tell him tomorrow." Bra said patting Wren's back. "NO, I'm marrying Josh." Wren said in an assertive way and stomped to her car. "Why can't you just grasp your mind around the idea that you love Trunks?" Thyme was walking over to Wren's car. "I don't, I just got my the names mixed up." Wren said wiping her tears. "Okay but when you're at your wedding and you've already said 'I do' and figure out you really love Trunks, it'll be too late." Bra said then walked away. "Guys" Wren said looking back at her friends. "Yeah" They both said hoping she'd come to her senses. "I'm your ride." Wren said smiling. "Oh" Thyme said then walked back over to Wren's car.

A/N: Will Trunks and Wren get back together or will they be in an endless marriage with the one they don't love find out next time when they get married.