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Chapter 1:

The dreams were now settling into reality and tonight I would see if they could reach a peak. Ever since my opening night everything has been a whirlwind, I am a role model, my friends from Iowa see me on magazines more than in real life and it's all with the same person by my side. Over the last year and a half I have gone from just a plain Jane from Iowa with a hunger for the stage and in a relationship with a mild manner/temperamental guy, to a Broadway star living my dream and of course that one other thing…Derek.

Once we passed the one year mark of our relationship I got a feeling we could make it. However I am still scared about the big "M" word being brought up because it was at the wrong point with Dev and I really don't want that to be the same way with Derek. I finally realized that I love this man, I want to grow old with this man and I want to see him hold the life we have created all with him and only him. As Belles father quotes "I knew your mother was the one because she changed me" and he changed me.

Bombshell has been great especially with tonight. One morning Derek and I were awoken by our phones shrieking telling us that we were nominated along with Tom, Julia, Eileen, Michael and every crew member for a Tony award. I couldn't be more ecstatic and I feel honored to just be nominated but in my heart this night is going to belong to Derek and all the hard work he has done. Plus I am going up against season veterans so I have no chance at winning. I awaken from a restless sleep to turn to an empty space instead of Derek. My legs swing over, I get up from the bed and I make my way downstairs. Where on the table were just the pictures of his sister, mother and himself are mixed with my family, the two of us at an event and one intimae picture of just the two of us at Central Park in the fall with all the colors bordering around us and leaves encircling us. Every morning I pass them and smile at the turbulence I have confronted and yet I am standing on my own two feet ready to face it once again. No more naive/green Karen.

"I never get tired of waking up and seeing you pass that table love." I hear form that familiar accent and I turn around and see him come closer with two mugs of coffee which he hands one to me and I respond with a kiss.

"How are you feeling?" I ask

"I don't know excited, nervous and anxious."

"Derek Wills nervous?" I tease

"Yes and it will all be worth it when I see you walk up to that stage and you have that Tony in your hands." He says as he kisses my forehead.

I smile and reply "Well all my hard work will be paid off when you walk up there and get that award and since I perform right after that award I will be the first one you see you in the glory and to leap into your arms."

"How did I ever deserve to have you in my life darling?" he says as we set down our mugs and his arms encircle my waist while mine encircle his neck.

"I don't know how I deserved you so that's something we will have to find out together." I say as we kiss. I don't know what it is but every time I'm near him I feel time freeze and it's just us never have I felt that with Dev.

"I love you." I say

"I love you to." He replies as we break apart

"Karen what time do we have to be there?"

"7:30 broadcast starts at 8 so we have all the time in the world right now."

"Good" he says and within seconds I'm hurled over his shoulders just like that time we baked.


"Love we need to save your energy for tonight I'd never forgive myself if you hurt yourself on live television."

"Well I have been in Bombshell for a year and Ivy or Jessica didn't have to fill in for me once."

I say as he lies me down on the couch then he comes, resumes a position and we just enjoy each other's company.

By the time its 6:30 we decide to get ready and off we go. My category isn't announced until the end of the show before Best Musical so I will have to wait a long time for that. This time around I am wearing a red cross front mermaid tube long dress from that same boutique I got my other dress from and Wanda was there along with my friends to help me once again because they had such fun last time. I'm not ready for the big names even with the increase in my paycheck. Plus a silver bracelet, necklace and a little something for Derek I'll give him later.

I primp my curls one last time and smile. I remember Marilyn coming in the apartment that one time plus when she almost interrupted my shower but I only see her at the theatre I think she said she'd rather stick there and I just went along with it. After adding a few touches of makeup I see a movement behind me and flinch in fear. Then a warm hand brings my hair behind my ear and I see in my reflection a rose clip being put into my hair and I just gasp in awe then break into laughter when it falls out.

"Bloody hell I can't do these things." He says as I take the clip from him.

"Well I think it's beautiful and I still love you for trying and I have something for you to." I say as I find his present and give it to him.

"Karen this is really un-necessary."

"Just open it!" I say as he gives in and opens the box. Inside is a watch which is silver and aquamarine (our birth stones both of our birthdays are in March) and he just looks at it.

"Karen it's…it's…outstanding." He says as he hugs me.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it. Mostly because of the woman who gave it to me."

"Have I ever told you how romantic you are?"

"Every day and have I told you how beautiful you are?"

"Every day. Now come on lets go add another Tony to your collection."

I lead him out into the night life, into the car and off we go. Once we finally arrive at theatre we are surrounded by flashing lights at the window and before long it's opened. Derek grabs my hand helps me out and whispers in my ear.

"You ready to start your collection love?"

Before I can answer we are arm and arm (more so arm around my hip and me looking up at him then at cameras) in front of more flashing cameras and ready for the sky rocket my career will probably take tonight.

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